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okay but in your accidental age swap AU would Coran still have been an advisor type or would he have been put in a cryopod for some other reason? (ie like trying to force Prince Alfor into a cryopod but alfor turning the tables last minute and pushing him in bc he won't allow his Best Bro to die)?

Ok so in this AU I’m thinking of having Coran either being a young bodyguard or adviser apprentice, or both. Maybe after the war started he got prompted to legit adviser (cause the position was opened up, by someone dying in the war. Not the way he wanted to get the position.)

Also how I imagine Queen Allura getting put in the cyropod is that there was an assassination attempt of Prince Alfor. Zarkon is also younger, similar to Alfor, a young king, but over the 10,000 year period becomes the current looking Zarkon. Queen Allura was getting the upper hand in the war. So her weak point was targeted, which is Prince Alfor. She protected him and fell into a coma. As she was healing, they discovered that Zarkon was able to find her location. Afraid that Zarkon could find Allura in her vulnerable condition, they decide to put her in cyropod which would still heal her over time but also hide her signature.

When Allura fell into a coma. Prince Alfor is left to take her place in charge. Poor young Paladin Prince, leading an army to stop Zarkon from taking over the universe. Sends the lions away and his mother into hiding so they don’t fall into Zarkon’s hands.

Coran is either tasked to watch over her or maybe like you said Alfor puts him into a cyropod. (we still have no idea either in canon, so it could be anything~)

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