young & beautiful


young & beautiful by velvetoscar

“I should like to be the sky,” Harry breathes in plumes, lips slick and painfully red.

‘It’s got nothing on you,’ is what Louis wants to say.

Which. Is… Yeah.

“I should like to be the sun,” Louis replies, before finally ripping his gaze away from Harry and looking up. “And you can be the moon.”

“But then we’d never see each other,” Harry says, hurt, and Louis looks over to him. He’s staring at Louis with a kitten-like disappointment, a sweet pout on his lips.


“Not so, young one. The moon shines because of the sun, you know. Because the sun’s always there. Just like me,” Louis says happily. “And don’t even get me started on eclipses.”

He can feel Harry’s grin grow into a beam. A moonbeam.

“Okay. Then I don’t mind,” Harry hums, and when Louis looks back to him, his chest tightening and his throat dry, Harry’s already looking back up at the sky, his smile wide and unyielding.


fic mood board: young & beautiful | harry/louis

“You don’t know me,” Harry deadpans, straightening his back and smoothing out his features. 

“I think I do, Harry Styles,” Louis says, and allows his glare to fade, replacing it with pitying disapproval. “You drown yourself in pretty words and champagne and fuck knows what kind of drugs. You shag everything that walks. You only listen and care about yourself, and you feel nothing for the world. You watch people love you and you love nothing in return,” Louis says lowly, disgusted, the alcohol and fury gripping his bones and spurring his tongue.

Harry stares back beneath the flickering lights, shadows deep beneath his eyes, expression unreadable. “Love?” he asks with wry distaste. 

Louis merely stares in response, chest squared, adrenaline ebbing. 

Harry’s mouth twists into a sickly grin, eyes colder than he’s ever seen them—which is saying something. “Haven’t you heard, Louis Tomlinson? Each man kills the thing he loves.”

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