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Imagine Thorin enjoying the fact he can still make the jaw drop on a pretty young thing like yourself

Thorin: * takes off his shirt to chop fire wood*
You: *stops midstep to gawk at him*
Thorin: hehe I still got it.
Dwalin: yeah yeah, get back te chopping, wood bitch.

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Can we please talk about the fact that Thorin was actually out hunting when Smaug attacked?

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I mean, for his character development this is much more powerful than the scene in the movie, can you imagine the desperation and the pain Thorin must have felt while looking at the inevitable and praying for his family? 

Can we please also address that he was only 24? In dwarves years he was basically a baby, probably not older than a 16 years old, and at this tender age he foresaw the end of the life as he knew it, feeling the guilt for not being there too to help. I mean, the moment before he was out hunting, having fun, carefree and brazen as he should have been, the moment after he looked up, saw smoke in the sky and heard shouts in the distance. Probably he ran towards the mountain.

Probably leaving his bow and everything behind.

Probably with his heart beating so fast he couldn’t breathe.

Probably already picturing the worst scenario ever.

Probably crying.

…what is my problem?

Dwarvish Council

Pairing: Thranduil x wife / Thranduil x reader 

Summary: You join your husband to see King Thror, as he wants you to read the mind of the dwarf. You get a little more than you bargained for.

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The woodland realm had begun to fall into darkness. Creatures of evil had begun residing in the woods, but the elves withheld their kingdom. Dwarves had moved into Erebor, taking with them their arrogance and dangerously greedy ways.

The elven king had decided to pay a visit to King Thror the second, his elven queen not far behind him. They brought with them a small group of guards, all dressed in the lavish elven amour.

You were to stay silent during the encounter. there to only observe, to listen to words which would go unspoken. They strode along the thin paths which stood over empty stone, and approached the dwarven king. He sat atop his throne, with his grandson standing below him.

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Thilbo: every time Thorin reincarnates he always finds Bilbo too late.

Their first life, Thorin always remembers. Sometimes not the others, but always that first one, with his darkening rage over a jewel he never should have coveted, and losing himself beneath dragon fire and destruction.

When Mahal greets him and sends him to wait out his afterlife, Thorin languishes for a long time, filled with sorrow and hatred. He doesn’t know how long Bilbo lived after Thorin died, that first time, but he can only hope he survived that foolish war. He hopes that Bilbo went home to his little home in his Shire and planted his tree, read his books and smoked his pipe, free from Thorin’s fury.

One day, Thorin realizes that he doesn’t want to sit around and suffer his memories. He wants to absolve himself of his guilt – and so he begs Mahal to send him back, however he wishes. He wants to work until the deaths on his hands no longer crush his fingers.

Mahal grants his wish, and so Thorin closes his eyes in the afterworld, and opens them as a child, alive and confused in a time of war.

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My One, My Princess... Mine

Pairing/s: Fili x reader

Setting/Timeline: The Quest to reclaim Erebor, Lake-town

Warning(s)/Genre(s):Angst, fluff, a little language, a very angry and possessive Fili (I think)

Word Count:1,314

The Hobbit, the Durins, Any of the Company, Bard, and the Master of Lake-town © J.R.R. Tolkien
The Hobbit films and Alfrid Lickspittle © Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and New Line Cinema
Context © me

Based on @deepestfirefun’s prompt.

A/N: This is my first Fili fanfic so I apologize if this is so crappy. And sorry in advance if I portrayed Fili badly. It took me a while to finish this because unlike Thorin, Fili is a little bit in an uncharted territory for me to write on. 

The Hobbit tag list: @fizzy-custard, @sdavid09, @life-is-righteous, @igotanaddixon, @fromthedeskoftheraven, @kittenwritesstuff, @deepestfirefun 

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“How come your eyes are beautiful?”

You whispered, but only to yourself, one evening when you accompanied Fili while scouting the perimeters of the forest that surrounds the camp.

“Did you say something, (Y/N)?

“Oh, nothing of the sorts Fili.” You gave him a smile, praying that he didn’t hear your words.

Ever since Fili and Kili took you under their wings and became the brothers that you never had, your adoration for the blonde prince got stronger. But no matter how hard you denied and how hard you degraded your worthiness, there’s no one else whom your heart belonged to.

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Sleep Well pt.1

Summary: Thorin goes looking for you. Part one of two.

Part Two

“Y/N!!!” Thorin’s booming voice echoed through the halls of Erebor.

“Oh dear,” muttered Bilbo. He and Balin shared a saddened, sympathetic look. Thorin’s mood had only worsened the longer they remained in the mountain, the Dragon Sickness seeping deeper into the young King’s soul.

Thorin swept from hall to hall, eyes set hard as he searched for you. You were meant to be searching for the Arkenstone with the others but you were nowhere to be found. “Y/N!” he shouted again and again. He was just drawing in a breath to shout again as he entered a room but stopped in his tracks. His eyes widened slightly before a gentle, tiny smile graced his face.

You had left the great hall a while ago and ventured off in search of some solitude from the gold and the others. You had found a bedroom in one of the upper halls and started a fire in the large, ornamental fireplace. Taking the blankets and furs from the bed and bundling them in a corner, you sat with your back against the wall, one leg drawn up, one outstretched, and you laid your arm upon your drawn knee. You watched the fire for a while before your eyes grew heavier than the gold you had been searching through for the last week and your head fell against the wall beside you.

Thorin watched the dying fire’s light dance across your peaceful face for a moment before he quietly stepped over to you. He knelt beside you and brushed a braid behind your ear, a braid he himself put there while in Laketown, and he pulled one of the pelts over your body. “Sleep well, Amralime,” he whispered. He watched you sleep for a while, all thoughts of the Arkenstone far from his mind, replaced only with memories of the two of you sat together fireside, laughing, sharing, being merry together. And for a short while, The King Under the Mountain was at peace.

Revelation (Imagine Fic Request)

As requested by @kategorically-challenged in response to my previous imagine where Thorin reveals his love to you when you are ill and thinks you are sleeping. This is a self insert for Kate which she specifically requested. I’m also tagging @fictionalquintessence as she requested to read this once it was completed. 

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Thorin sat at the head of his large council table, tapping his foot on the stone floor in high hopes that the discussions regarding sending more monetary aid to Esgaroth for re-builds would come to an end. All he could focus on was Kate lying amongst the many furs in her bed chamber, sweating and shaking with a high fever. She had been suffering now for the last three days, and each day he had gone to her around mid afternoon. In the midst of her sickness he had sat upon the edge of the bed, watching as Oin made sure that she was comfortable enough and was being given her medicine.

“Do you agree, my Lord?” a voice came, pulling Thorin from his thoughts.

“Mm?” Thorin asked, his eyes wide as he looked upon all the council members lined down each side of the table. “Oh, yes.” What he was agreeing to he had no idea. The last fifteen minutes or so had not reached his ears at all.

The white haired Dwarf who had been speaking got to his feet and pushed a piece of parchment up the table towards Thorin and held a black raven quill in his leather clad hand. “Very well,” he said gruffly. “We shall send five thousand pieces of gold to them immediately and look to choosing apprentices from their young men.”

“Five thousand?” Thorin barked.

“Well, my Lord, you have agreed to it.” The white haired Dwarf raised an eyebrow at Thorin and watched as he proceeded to sign the parchment reluctantly, sealing the agreement that the gold be sent down the river at first light the following morning.

Thorin got up from his seat at the head of the table, seeing that Dwalin and Balin who were sat about half way down the table on his left hand side, were smiling to themselves.

“And the apprentices?” the Dwarf asked again.

“What about them?” Thorin growled just as he was turning his back to exit the council chamber.

“I shall ask no more…”

Thorin disappeared out of the chamber as quickly as he could, rushing through the labyrinth of hallways and up the stone steps towards the main western bed chambers. There was the echoing of hammering in the air as the first shift of workers repaired columns and statues that had been damaged by Smaug the dragon during his sixty year hibernation beneath the gold hoard of King Thror.

Guards bowed their head in respect as Thorin rushed past, but he had no time to stop for pleasantries. He only had one thing on his mind. Until finally he got to her door.

Thorin took a deep breath and slipped inside the wooden door, seeing that Kate was asleep. He closed the door slowly and quietly behind him, not wanting to wake her. First he took the crown from his head and placed it down on the dresser but a few feet from Kate’s bed. The last thing that he ever wished for was for her to be intimidated by his position. He seated himself on the edge of the bed and reached over to place his hand against her forehead which was still damp, but did not feel as fiercely hot as the day before.

This woman before Thorin had travelled alongside him for months, risking her life to help him on the quest to re-claim Erebor. She had been chased by wargs, imprisoned by Wood Elves, entered Lake-town in a fish filled barrel, nearly been burned to death by a dragon, and most regrettably, almost cast from Thorin’s sight when he become over taken by his need for the Arkenstone and descended into madness through Dragon Sickness. But through it all she had still remained loyal to him, forging a new life in Erebor.

Thorin picked up her hand, cradling it between both of his and then kissed it, allowing it to linger against his lips. He had loved her now for so long, but had been overcome with his own fear of rejection that he had never dared broach the subject with her.

“My love,” Thorin whispered as he held Kate’s hand to his cheek, and brushed it against his skin. He closed his eyes and allowed the fierce feelings of wanting to cherish her and protect her always to overcome him. “I will love you always.” Even if she was taken by the young Dwarf guard whom she had been conversing with quite often, he would still love her. Of course the pain would always be present, knowing that she had not reciprocated in regards to her feelings towards Thorin. Most of the younger Dwarves had shown an interest in Kate due to her being an outsider of sorts and being one of the few females living within Erebor. Thorin’s opinion had always been that Kate would be better suited to one of them rather than him.

A whisper crept upon Thorin, pulling him from his present thoughts; his heart felt as though it jolted, and then it began to thunder, pounding in his ears. Kate’s eyes were open and she had uttered his name.

“I…I did not mean to wake you,” Thorin stuttered, placing Kate’s hand back by her side.

“No,” she muttered, picking her hand back up from the bed so it would stay inside his.

Dizziness hit Kate hard as she tried to pull herself up from the pillow, rising to sit before Thorin. He tried to stop her, but she resisted his protests and sat up. She looked into his eyes, those eyes that had always been saddened by his past pains and loneliness. A deep crimson had bloomed on Thorin’s cheeks and he had turned his head away in embarrassment upon his accidental revelation. “Thorin?” she asked.

Thorin looked back upon her. Even when she was suffering from illness her radiant beauty still shone bright. She was smiling at him now, her eyes having grown bright.

“I will always love you, too,” she said and moved closer to him, placing her lips upon his. She felt him respond instantly, his pent up need for her being set free. His hands cupped her cheeks as their kiss deepened. He smelled of earth and leather, such a beautiful scent that she had become so drawn in by.

As their kiss ended, Kate smiled to him, sensing questions in his eyes. Upon impulse she kissed the tip of his nose and heard him chuckle. However, that chuckle was soon no more and his face grew straight as the first question slipped past his lips.

“Will you be my Queen, Kate?”  

Trials and Tribulations

Overall Summary: Sometimes being a dwarven skin-changer was helpful especially if you could see up to a year into the future. Using your powers, you try to keep the Durins, yes, including Frerin, alive. Can you do it especially when feelings for the light haired prince come to surface?

Chapter Summary: Reminiscing about the past.

Pairings: Frerin x Reader

Word Count: 2184

Warnings: Swearing

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Next Chapter: Chapter 4

The company laughs as you prance around in your wolf form. You quite liked being in your wolf form. You felt stronger and more agile that way and you were quicker on your feet. You were pretty large in your wolf form. About the size of a pony. You knew you shouldn’t be changing forms but you couldn’t help it.

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Laketown and Lamentations

Chapter 8 of Mori/Thorin!

(Previous chapters: Cuddles, On the Road Again,In Rivendell, Splashes of Thought, Frustrations Peak, Reactions, Mirkwood Muddle)

“You do realise they heard our little conversation?” King Thranduil said, as you stood on a hidden balcony, watching the Company disappear. A silk-robed arm appeared over your shoulder, offering you a goblet of wine.

“I assumed that was the point of rehashing it in the Throne Room this morning,” you replied, “though I fail to guess your purpose.”

“I simply wanted your King to know what it is to leave your treasure in the hands of another,” Thranduil retorted, slightly snide. You cocked your head, turning to face him questioningly.

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