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This is a tribute to @moonyhime and @sleepy-sly ‘s combined efforts to bring the “Art Nouveau” Sinbad cosplay to life, which you can check out here:

Here is the extra content for (Sinbad no Bouken chapter 152!)

It’s a “bromide style portrait” of young Sinbad! “Bromide”, for those of you who don’t know, refers to a type of commercial photographic portrait of Japanese celebrities, such as geishas and actors.

*** Disclaimer : The image is not mine and Sinbad no Bouken is not my work! I share this images on behalf of the SnB fandom here on tumblr. For access to the original art piece, please visit the MangaOne app and be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken every day

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Going through old photos and man oh man I had some serious Drakon feels all over again. This cosplay was one of the ones I worked the hardest on (having remade it 4 times and getting two different wigs aha) But the final result was better than I could have ever hoped for and honestly I’d love to wear him again, but this time with my dear friend who cosplays young Sinbad. 

There’s lots more photos, but I wanted to just share my favorites~

Cosplay: Me 

Photos: Watch Otaku Time 

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How would snb Sinbad, Koumei and Kouen say I love you to their s/o for the first time?


> Because of his energetic, open way of doing things, it’s no wonder that he puts all of his heart into the first “I love you”. It sounds more like a compliment in a way, admiration and enthusiasm packed into the three words, his lips curled up in a big smile and his eyes sparkling, full of happiness and confidence


> Even when he’s together with people he likes having around, he feels restless, but nevertheless his first “I love you” says so much more than just what he feels. It conveys Koumei’s deep fondness of his s/o’s closeness and it tells them in a comfortable way that he feels at peace when he’s near them


> Delivering his feelings was never a strong point of Kouen, but he wants to try for his s/o. So his first “I love you” might sound cut of, like he recited a book to them, and his mimic seems to be even stiffer than usual, but the warmth that comes from the honesty with which he tells it to his s/o, just cannot feel wrong

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“How would Snb Sinbad and Ja’far react to meeting their future self along with their future badass s/o and daughter?”

“This isn’t right. No way would I ever be SINBADS PERSONAL MAID!” Young Ja’far is certainly, at first glance, disappointed. From what he can gather, his future self does all of Sinbad’s work whilst he slacks off. It makes his blood boil and in a fit of anger he may lash out at his future self yelling profanities, only to get yelled back at. That’s when Ja’far realizes - he’s more scary in the future then he is now, and he will hold a large amount of respect for his older self. He is however, a lot more skeptical on having an s/o and child. He dosent feel like he deserves to have either of them two things because of his past and will stick his noes up. Ja’far will warm up to them after a while though, after finding out more about them. He can see why his future self fell in love with his s/o, as whenever he looks at his future s/o he cant help but blush deeply. Also, he could never picture himself with a daughter, and once confronting the young girl, found himself on the floor in pain after being flipped over her shoulder. Never the less young Ja’far smiled widely. He defiantly approves. And will need stitches.

Requested by : Anon xx

“How would Snb Sinbad and Ja’far react to meeting their future self along with their future badass s/o and daughter?”

“Wait so…I do grow old?” At first, it takes a while for young Sinbad to even register the idea of having wrinkles, and it will be left to his future s/o and daughter to pick up the crying violet haired males from the floor. As soon as hes feeling better, he’ll ask his older self a bunch of questions and ask if there is anything he can look out for in the future to prevent bad things from happening. Of course he’ll ask about fun stuff to, like - is he surrounded by a ton of cute girls 24/7? That is when young Sinbad is introduced to his future s/o. The young womanizer cant help but flirt whilst his older self is stood their wondering if this counts as cheating? It feels like its cheating but its his younger self so…When meeting his future daughter, Sinbad will be very happy he has a girl. He is even happier when he realizes his older self has named her Esra. It will make him want to cry but he refrains, and instead tells her to be careful of future lovers. All in all, Sinbad cant wait to grow up.