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anonymous asked:

Hey!! I really love your art and i just wanted to ask a question... I'm a young aspiring artist and I really want to post my art online, but i'm rly scared of reposters and art thieves ;-; I really love the aspect of posting my art online and sharing it but everyone else i've spoken to says "If you dont want it stolen then don't post it online1!1!!" but thats really not helpful - i guess what i need is encouragement or something but idk where to start aaa

ok first off, fuck all those people that say “If you dont want it stolen then don’t post it online1!1!!” because those are the most selfish, entitled kinds of idiots and shouldn’t ruin your art-sharing expereince.

second, watermarks. If you’re really worried, make it a habit to put a watermark on your art, a name that’s short but unique and can easily be traced back to you. I should follow my own advice and do this because I have a horrible habit of not putting my name on things lol oops

also, any potential feedback you could get on your art is really worth any other risk. Being able to get your art noticed and appreciated is, in my opinion, one of the greatest forms of validation.

 I’m not gonna lie - It’s really hard first starting out. Like, really hard. It’s hard to not want to give up when your drawing doesn’t get as many notes as you hoped it would. I get it. I’ve been on tumblr for about four years and have only just recently gotten mildly popular. And I had already been drawing for six years when I joined. It’s taken me a total of 10 years of drawing to get a frankly very modest amount of recognition. And honestly? My art is rarely stolen (that I’m aware of at least). 

Like, I still feel like my art isn’t “good enough” to steal. Which sounds really dumb because why tf would you want your art to be stolen

But really, utilize tumblr! Follow artists! Look for styles you like! Do some experimenting! Post a variety of things and take note of what people respond to and what they don’t. Become mutuals with other artists! Ask for critiques!! Dear god ask for critiques!!! I’ve grown as an artist so much because of tumblr, so please don’t let some selfish kids on the internet ruin your potential growth.