can i just talk about how i’m so proud of the boys , regardless whether is it nct dream , 127 or u , i’m so proud of every single one of them ( hansol and kun too !! ) all the awards and wins they have been getting lately really shows us how much they worked and tried their best to make their group and songs successful , and i’m glad to say that they deserve every single one of the awards . i haven’t been with them during/since their smrookies period but looking back at all their old videos and seeing how far they’ve come , it’s really heartwarming to see and i just want to thank all of you for supporting them throughout and loving them for who they are . not to forget , all of their friendships and bonds with each other are so admirable and cute at the same , i’m also glad that they’re like each other’s family , seeing them always teasing one another be it on shows or on stage , it’s really so wonderful ? i’m proud of them and always will be !!




I decided to post a bunch of requests at once cus’… why not? It keeps me focused on the goal! What goal? Well to finish the requests ofc!

Just a little side-note to what Gabe and Jesse are cookin’: It is something called chocolate buns.. I think. It’s made of puffed rice and chocolate… and basically only that… :| they are super good tho!