“Through most of human history, our ancestors had children shortly after puberty, just as the members of all nonhuman species do to this day. Whether we like the idea or not, our young ancestors must have been capable of providing for their offspring, defending their families from predators, cooperating with others, and in most other respects functioning fully as adults. If they couldn’t function as adults, their young could not have survived, which would have meant the swift demise of the human race. The fact that we’re still here suggests that most young people are probably far more capable than we think they are. Somewhere along the line, we lost sight of – and buried – the potential of our teens.” ― Robert Epstein



You need me to tell you a tale? A story grand and glorious. Begun like all adventures, with a bang, all space, all time, even this instant now, explodes from nought into forever, an exceptionally lucky diamond pool-break.

Against all odds, had this explosion happened differently, we have a cosmos capable of forming solar systems, planets, life. Of forming us, to witness everything.

This is the strong anthropic principle: sentient life seems to be what all existence is contrived to engineer. The point of all these atoms, nebulae and conflagrations.

A midnight snow-globe flecked with novas, happening all at once in four dimensions. All time, even time’s end, caught within this glittering, endless, hyper-moment.

Our consciousness, a startling outgrowth of the universes is possibly its most important part. The fraction of existence that can think, feel, marvel at itself.

We are all space time’s sensory organs, space time’s mind, our thoughts, and lives naught but the three dimensional material expression of its blazing and immortal soul.

This jewel of being, Big Bang flared at one end, Big Crunch at the other, simultaneous, all going on right now. A perfect, frozen fire.

The world is young, our most remote ancestors not yet born. The world is old, and we have all been dead for decades, centuries.

Don’t you remember?

Alan Moore, Promethea, Book Five

A day spent with a branch of my family that I haven’t seen since I was young; talking about our ancestors and how we all have the same eyes, passing around a photograph of my great grandfather, reminiscing childhood memories and time spent in Italy, eating fruits, playing guitar and singing, bonding over a mutual love of Devendra Banhart


Agbogho mmuo (maiden spirit) masks from the northern Igbo area in Nigeria, early to mid 20th century. The masks represent the spirits of young girls and female ancestors, their white faces represent supernatural and spiritual beauty, as the spirit world is a mirror image of the mortal world, and moral purity. Their hairstyles are exaggerated and embellished representations of Igbo women’s traditional hairstyles and their features are idealised. Photo: Zemanek Münster / Rand African Art

I like the idea of an AC movie franchise with a new main character every movie just like in the games. A backstory with the same character that is in every movie like Desmond. The idea in short: A figure like Desmond Miles played by the same character but every main storyline will be with someone else. Every time period will have their own hero played by another actor. Every movie will be around 2,5 hours and would have a beginning, middle and end. The only storyline that continuous in the franchise is the story about the Desmond Miles figure. It is exactly the same as the game franchise.

Example: Michael Fassbender as the current age hero that will have different ancestors. Young actors and acting veterans can take the form of an ancestor. An unknown actor around the age of 20 in a breakthrough role in the form of some Ezio character, while a persona as Chris Hemsworth or Orlando Bloom could take an older character like Edward Kenway. This way you could have something like the Marvel universe: different hero’s, different storylines in a different world but with one main storyline in the background.

Damn, if only Ubisoft would give me the ability to make them some movies…