anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm Henry. I'm not really supposed to be on her so I'm not going to give you my information. At school someone said trans was a bad word. I'm in fourth grade. And after I learned what it means it feels like me. I was born with boy parts. But I wish I was born with girl parts. Is this trans? I don't know. Please help me.

Emery says:

Hi, baby. I’m so so glad you reached out to us. Welcome to the blog. Trans is absolutely not a bad word. It is short for transgender, a word which refers to someone who identifies with a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. Basically, this means that when you were born, the doctors and everyone said “it’s a ____!” (boy/girl) but you don’t feel like that. Saying you wish you were born with “girl parts” makes me think you identify as a girl, in which case yes, absolutely, you would be trans. Please don’t let people at your school make you think it’s wrong to be you. Please keep being brave and being yourself. If you need more advice, please send us another message, or if you want to be less obvious, you can talk to me at here. Good luck, darling.

Noah Baumbach, Kicking and Screaming Into Middle Age

Baumbach’s films and characters have often felt wistful; nobody particularly wants to grow up. In “While We’re Young,” Josh says that before he met Jamie he had only two moods: wistful and disdainful. Those two moods pervade many of Baumbach’s movies, and they’re symptoms of a romantic soul. 

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