sheisliketx  asked:

annie, i'm the anon and I am now following. How long have yall been together? So you don't live near by each other and see each other daily? xoxo

i knew it was you! i’m following you too :)

but we’ve only been together for a month. actually it was a month yesterday ahah. but we used to go to the same school (xavier university) but i messed up there really bad and my parents wanted me to go somewhere a little closer to home. so now i’m in cleveland and he’s in cincinnati (that’s a 4 hour drive). we skype like everyday and once i get situated at cleveland state he’s gonna come visit me whenever he can and i’m gonna go visit him whenever i can. we really really wanna make it work. we’re both so crazy about each other. we talk all the time about how nuts we are for being this serious so fast but we don’t care. we’re happy. :))

seriously though, ask me anythingggg about this whole situation or about anything else really. i’m an open book and i love talking. especially about henry. :)