Big Bang Reaction: Having a clingy/cuddly girlfriend

anon said: Can you do BigBang reaction to having a clingy cuddly gf/wife

Of course dear! please enjoy! ~Em

Jiyong: *Cute Ji* “Jagi~! How did I get so lucky???”

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T.O.P: *Constantly teases you about it*

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Taeyang: *squishy baby loves that you always want to be next to him* (honestly I chose this gif because it’s fricking hilarious xD)

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Daesung: *celebrates* “YES! My jagi is just as cuddly as I am!!!”

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Seungri: “I know you don’t ever want to let me go and all, but I have to pee now.” *teases you but really loves it*

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My favourite thing about Daesung is when BIGBANG are doing those fan messages and he just kind of zones out whilst the others talk; his eyes go slightly cross eyed, he blinks loads, his mouth slips into a pout, he holds his hands together and rocks a little on the spot, and then when he suddenly remembers where he is, he either raises his eyebrows and looks to whoever is talking with an ‘i definitely heard every word you were saying it was so interesting’ expression, or he just starts grinning at the camera and smirking to himself and then comes out with some kind of joke to make everyone laugh because he is done for the day and wants to go home and is secretly hoping no-one noticed that he wasn’t listening and fell asleep with his eyes open. 

And I just think that is really beautiful.

Big Bang Reaction: He comes home to see you and another member have destroyed the living room

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Jiyong (GD): He would try to act surprised and angry, but when you looked up at him cutely and apologized he couldn’t help but smile at how ridiculous the situation was.

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Seunghyun (T.O.P): “You…you…how? How did you destroy the living room in 20 minutes???”

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Taeyang: “You know you two are the only ones cleaning this up right? I’m not helping with this.”

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Daesung: “What made you deside to have all this fun without me?? Well I guess you two will just have to clean it up yourselves then~”

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Seungri: “Um…Well I guess I kind of expected this when I left your hyper ass alone.”

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  • Q:You fell from the stage, are you okay?
  • GD:How did you know? I didn't want to talk about it because it's embarrassing [laughs] It hurt that day, it hurt the whole concert.
  • YB:For a singer to fall on stage is the same thing as a monkey falling from a tree [laughs]
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Source : Big Bang Talk About Their Musical Inspirations In GQ Magazine


During the interview, G-Dragon discussed how he keeps himself inspired and finds new sounds to explore in each album. He stated, “It’s not that I’m sick of music, but I need new stimulation. When you meet people of your unfamiliar field, you start talking about a lot of things. At first, I needed the experience itself but then I realized that I can achieve something more than that.”

The star continued, “I’m not looking for a super famous name or anything. I think that everyone that has pride in their work should be called artists. Wherever you go, there are infinitely many experts like the stars. I learn from them and become humbled. Above all, my judgment on what is good becomes more solid.”

Meanwhile, Taeyang revealed what new artists have caught his attention. He said, “I actually listen to a lot of non-mainstream music. I enjoy watching those songs go mainstream as well. Also, I was kind of surprised when I saw FKA Twigs’s visual work.”

Recently, the Big Bang members tried bohemian combinations in the July issue of Vogue.