All of the “#YouMightBeRatchet” things I’ve seen on my Facebook newsfeed are pointed at ladies.

The most recent one being “If you go out in public to run errands with a headwrap and pajama bottoms on? #YouMightBeRatchet”

Like, I’m trying to understand, is the word gendered? Some people I know use it to only refer to women and things pertaining to women’s lives, but other people I know just use it to mean “ghetto, wild, out of control, etc”. Either way, I’m getting sick of the word and this particular meme ‘cause it’s just giving these dudes excuses to post dumbass commentary on Facebook about women just tryna go about their business. Like fuck you very much, I'ma keep my glorious headwrap on as I run to the corner store, sheesh. 

It’d be different if these folks at least acknowledged the gender imbalance of their commentary. And I know some of them aren’t always going out dressed to the nines. Like, you just played a pickup game, you’re still in your raggedy basketball shorts and sweat soaked tank top and you’re trying to holla at women at the corner store. How come there’s no meme pointing out that bullshit behavior? #YouMightBeRatchetAndAFuckingHypocrite