Nadine is incredible. I bumped into her on the internet because she runs a blog dedicated to a mutual inspiration, Charlavail, dealing with constant hate and nonsense from unknown (and as far as I’m concerned unimportant) sources. She puts up with a lot, but she continues to do her own thing which is where my respect and admiration really begins. And then there’s her photos which are genuine and so lovely that I always stop and look at them. The above is just a few of my favourites. She is just one of the few people in this world that can remind me what life and doing life is all about.

There are people who are so judgemental; they make jokes about art, about “taking photos”. Because it’s not hard, because anyone can do it. And that’s right. But why does that make it any less important to the person taking a photo? That, my friends, is the hard part. Making it important to yourself.

“I like doing exciting things and documenting them. Some people tell me that doesn’t make me a ‘photographer’ and you can think whatever you want, but I’ve never claimed to be a photographer. I take photos because it’s what I love to do. I started taking photos because I never wanted to forget anything. And today, that is still my main reason for photographing things.” - Sam DeSantis