youmacon bookings


Photos from Youmacon! I had a ton of fun today, and I’m glad my friend Sarah came with me lol she had fun too. It was actually her first year 83 Best art? Not only is it Halloween, but I also got a Sebastian body pillow mwuahahaha~

i’ve mentioned it a little on twitter, but im working on a sheith fanbook by myself over the next 6 weeks or so! I bought book binding equipment after otakon and it’s my first foray into making this extensive of a project. 

im planning roughly 40 pgs of accumulated sketches not posted online, full color illustrations n some short comics. I was working on the cover a little today n im…real excited..

I’ll be updating progress occasionally :^)

In the meantime I’m waiting on charms and lanyards to arrive to fufill preorders (the pre-order charms will be on the frosted acrylic after all!), and I’ll be posting up prints on my next day off from my real people job

I plan on having trust fall (working title for book) at youmacon in limited qty, that’s my next convention.