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The Winchester boys {Chapter 4}

Summary: When secrets are revealed everyone is in the spotlight. The reader and Castiel take it into their own hands to patch things up {OR} How to suck at being a parent.

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Word count: 1,489

Chapter(s): 1  / 2  / 3

Author: @jadangelofthelord

A/N: This chapter kinda slipped from what i was planning to do, but in the best way. This one really sets up for the next chapter because…..well…youll find out later. sorry i posted so late btw, my computer hates me sometimes.

Before you could open your mouth to say anything, Dean was gone. Storming past you and Castiel to his room before slamming the door. You sighed and leaned against the wall ‘where did it all go wrong?’ 

“I assume it was when Sam told you Deans secret.” Castiel said beside you.  

“Get out of my head Cas.” You said weakly before pushing yourself off the wall. “What am I supposed to do?“ 

Castiel furrowed his brows and looked towards the hall that led to Deans room "I think talking to him would be most beneficial. Children his age are very sensitive to these types of things. Parents usually-”

You scoffed “I’m not a parent Castiel. I don’t have the experience! I didn’t want any of this!” Your breathing picked up as you thought about everything that’s happened “I wanted my own children! To grow with them and learn not” you motioned around you “this!" 

Castiel stepped forward "Y/N-" 

"You don’t want us?”

You turned around and saw Sam staring up at you. Tears falling freely and streaking his face. 

“Sammy.” You reached to pick him up but he shook his head and stepped back. “D-Don’t touch me." 

"I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-" 

A loud sob escaped his mouth "I WANT MY MOM!" 

You looked at your feet unsure what to say. So you just listened. 

"I-I didn’t mean to make Dean upset.” He wiped his face but more tears came “I just wanted him to be ha-happy and now he he he HATES ME!”

His cries increased and you crouched to your knees in front of him “Come here Sammy” You opened your arms and he ran to you, practically tackling you onto the floor. 

His arms wrapped around your neck and he sobbed into your shoulder. “Shh it’s okay Sammy.” You wrapped one arm around him and used your other to stroke his back “I’m here." 

"But y-you don’t want to be.” You pulled away from him and griped his shoulders. 

“Sam what I said earlier was wrong, but don’t think that I don’t want to be here with you.” You pushed a stray piece of hair behind his ear “I want my own children of course but I love you like you’re my own, well until you become a grown man again. But I was just mad because Dean was upset and I felt like I failed you both.”

Throughout your explanation Castiel flew away to look for Dean in hopes to talk to him like you were with Sam. 

You wiped his face and stood up with him in your arms “I know I’m not perfect, and I know I can never be your mom, but do you think you could forgive me? Can you give me another chance Sammy?”

He looked away “I don’t know……" 

"Please!” You tickled his sides and he squealed “please please please!" 

He laughed and tried to get out of your grasp but you only held him tighter before nuzzling into his cheek. 

"Okay!” He yelled between laughs. You stopped tickling him and placed a small kiss on his cheek. “Let’s go find your brother." 


Dean looked up from his spot on his bed at the angel. "What do you want Cas?" 

"To help.” Dean scoffed as Castiel walked towards him and awkwardly sat on his bed. 

“How?” Dean said “How are you gonna fix this? She knows how I feel now and everything is ruined!" 

Castiel tilted his head "ruined?" 

"Yes Cas. I had a big plan, I was gonna take her out and buy her flowers and then we could play with transformers…..” Dean shrugged “I haven’t thought it all the way through yet." 

"Would you like to know what I think?” Castiel offered. 

“No not really." 

"I think you should talk to Y/N, tell her how you feel yourself." 

Dean shook his head "You saw what happened Cas, she looked at me like I was a loser!" 

"Well I don’t think-" 

"It’s true.” Dean cut him off “She doesn’t like me at all….why do I even try?" 

Castiel rested his elbows on his knees and stared ahead "Do you remember when you took me to go see women the night before the apocalypse?" 

Dean thought for a second then nodded. "Remember how scared I was? Because it was all so new to me, and how you gave me money and pushed me to go with Chastity?" 

Again Dean nodded "remember how I screwed up big time and embarrassed myself?" 

"Cas this isn’t helping." 

"It’s getting there just wait.” Castiel said holding up his hand “you laughed and I thought I was a sorry excuse for an angel but you know what?" 

Dean shook his head. "I learned. And I kept learning from that and the pizza man and look what happened? I kissed Meg." 

"Sorry about her by the way." 

"I also had sex with-" 

"The girl that tried to kill you?”

“The point is that I didn’t stop.” Castiel said eyeing Dean “I kept going even through all my fails I never stopped. Same goes for my time in heaven and same goes for you." 

Dean looked up at the angel "You’re going to make mistakes, but the biggest mistake you can make is if you don’t learn and keep trying after them." 

Dean nodded after a moment and stood up before walking to the door. "Where are you going?” Castiel asked walking behind him. 

“To keep trying.” He opened the door and walked right into you. Your hand was up in a fist about to knock with a red eyed Sam on your hip. 

You both looked at each other for a second before Sam leaned close to your ear and cupped his hand around his mouth. “Put me down so I can give you alone time." 

You nodded and bent to put him down before he leaned in again "can I make a pie for Dean to say I’m sorry?" 

You nodded "ask Castiel to help." 

He reached his hand out to the angel who gladly took it and led him towards the kitchen. 

Leaving you alone with the eldest Winchester. 

"Can we talk?” You both said at the same time. You nodded and looked around “in here or?" 

Dean shook his head "no I have a better idea.”

You sat in the drivers seat of the impala while Dean climbed in the passenger seat. 

“So why did you want to talk in here?” You asked as you both closed your doors. 

“The first time we laughed together was right here.” He started “that was when we became friends right?" 

You nodded. 

"Well that’s where I want to say this then.” He turned towards you “I like you Y/N." 

You opened your mouth to say something but he cut you off "I know I’m a kid and you’re a beautiful goddess." 

"Well I wouldn’t say-" 

"But just hear me out. I didn’t want to be like this when I told you but I don’t want to keep it in anymore.” He looked at his hands “I’ve liked you since that first day, and I’ve grown close to you every day since. 

So even if I’m just a kid right now I still want to tell you." 

What was he-

"Y/N I love you!" 

You probably would’ve said something if this wasn’t coming from an eight year old. Of course you loved him too and you would tell him that everyday, but maybe you should wait until he was at least taller than you. It was only six more days right? 

He watched as your face changed from surprised to happy to confused.
"Dean I love you too b-" 

"Really?!” He smiled from ear to ear and his voice raised an octave. 

“Yes Dean but-" 

He cut you off by leaning towards you and crashing his lips against yours. You yelled surprised and pushed him away from you. 

His eyes were still closed and his lips were making kissy motions a while longer before he stopped and looked at you. 

"That probably wasn’t the best thing to do, was it?” He asked leaning back to his seat. 

“Mm-mm” You shook your head staring straight ahead out the window. 

“I’m just gonna.” He pointed towards his door and you nodded. He got out of the car and looked at you one more time “can we try that again later?" 

"Ask me when you’re older.” You said still not looking at him, but letting a small smile slip. 

He nodded and closed his door before walking towards the bunker. You watched as he jumped in the air and clicked his heels together. 

You rested your head against the steering wheel and sighed. 

“Six more days." 

Dean walked inside and closed the door behind him. A smile grew on his face and he sighed "Six more days.”

How the zodiacs are portrayed according to the tags:
  • Aries: hot headed and aggressive
  • Taurus: very sensual and stubborn
  • Gemini: bipolar and talk too much
  • Leo: conceited
  • Cancer: OHANA
  • Virgo: sassy, very organized
  • Libra: always flirting aLWAYS FLIRTING
  • Scorpio: evil but it's ok cause they're hot
  • Sagittarius: fun woW EXCITING YEAH!
  • Capricorn: dedicated their lives to their jobs and are extremely serious, like no joke here pal
  • Aquarius: really weird
  • Pisces: really nice and sweet, cutie pie