youll get use to it

sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.

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who is the 2nd hwayoung?

theres a male one from flops24 and t-ara… who played the victim role so much acting like she got bullied by the members back in 2012 and thats the reason she ‘left’ lmfao BITCHH ASSSSSSSS….. just google hwayoung leaves t-ara and youll get a BUNCH of videos and articles. she just uses them to stay relevant thats why she talks about t-ara in a bad way everytime


I never knew the phrase “growing the beard”, a fandom term used to express when a show begins to improve markedly in story, character development, and overall style, originated from Star Trek Next Generation, in which the second in Command, William Riker, grows a beard around the same time the show started improving.

Hence the term. 

“growing the beard.”

you’ve learned something today from me. 

cherish it. 

  • us gov: lol sign this online petition and i will think about giving you the bare minimal higher education that basically every other country akin to the us includes in their general public curriculum.
  • us gov: but youll only get this minimal education im juggling if you meet these ridiculous criteria that dont matter at all
  • us gov: dont want 2 many of u poor ppl getting regular ol' educations
  • us gov: but if not enough internet signatures im just gonna drop it anyway

“Her decision shouldve been kept private.” Is an unrealistic opinion. Her family is under the public eye literally 24/7 nothing is private.

“Im still calling him Bruce” is diminishing, transphobic and triggering, youll get a foot up your ass. It wont kill you to use correct pronouns and names, it takes two milliseconds out of your lazy ignorant life.

What you can do: educate the ignorant. Use correct pronouns. Support her, support her, support her.

The prince, closed fori-think-i-win

Prince Jonathan got off his horse and walked round to the front as the horse got spooked by something “ hay girl .. what’s wrong, its just noise, just a small bang, youll get used to it “ it was the sound of a gun shot from his troups training.he was dresed in his usual blend in clothing . of course it was better fittitd and cleaner than the others around him but he blended in more unlike if he wore his royal clothing