youll come back

Happy New Year!♥

I couldn’t really post in the past few months, but still I would like to leave this here for my lovely mutuals.

@instantheartattackicantevenmove I’m so so happy we started talking, you’re the kindest and nicest person I know, and I know that I can always count on you. You were always here for me and gave really great advice, I’m really thankful!

@wings-mp3 It makes me really happy that you always think of me and ask about me from time to time, I really hope that in the future we can talk even more. You are a really caring person and I appreciate that

@crunchycatbread You’re so adorable, I’m really happy that I got to know you. You always support me and think of me, and you’re so cute. I really love your humor, stay as you are, cause you’re really precious!

@minvoongs I know we haven’t talked for a while, but I’m so happy I can call you my friend. I really hope your semester went well, you always come to my mind when I see Yoongi!

@evil-maknaex And lastly, Ella! You’re so fun to talk to, and I miss talking to you so much. I hope this year we can talk as much as we used to, you made me laugh so many times, and I can’t thank you enough for always sending me those hot Kyungil pictures!! You’re a really good friend and I hope everything goes well for you this year.

Also, Happy New Year to all my followers♥