heimatmelodie asked:

3, 47, 26 (:

Yay, thanks :)

3 - Three fears:

Arachnophobia (spiders), the fear of gaining weight, the fear of losing loved ones.

47 - my favorite blogs:

I post some that I love the most. Mostly because I’ve talked to them before or something.


insonore allerdelavant yourebulimia n1ghtmare5 vergangenes babypocahontas sachc fragileminded starsandbullets i-am-ambivalent (No specific order, just the way they appeared in the blogs I follow) 26 - My closest tumblr friend: No idea. Probably one of those I mentioned above but please don’t make me pick one lol

anonymous asked:

11 & 29?

Favorite tumblr? I have so many favorites. When I’m online with this tumblr, it’s youknowyouregerman and when I’m online with my personal blog it’s mylifeinthegutterblack.

Opinion on gay rights? Well, you might have seen that in my side bar, there’s that thing which says LGBT friendly. I think that everywhere in the world, everyone should have exactly the same rights. So I support gay rights.