You Know You’re British When: Spineless Simon

An update on what is happening in Britain:

There is fish called Spineless Simon on Springwatch (pictured here playing with a twig - thats the excellent banter you expect from Spineless Simon) :

He has no spine, looks a bit dull and isn’t very good with the ladies…what can I say we brits relate to that. 

He has his own twitter page with 1,633 followers

And a legion of fans - one who even embroidered him

But tonight something terrible happened (please sit down and grab some tissues before you read on) - he’s gone missing D: 

The whole nation is distraught, we’re anxiously hoping for spineless simons safe return.

Come home safe Spineless Simon we love you and hope you are happy and safe where ever you are

# Pray4SpinelessSimon2k15