Tonight I finally got to hang out with this dude that I’ve been talking to for a while and he’s adorable. We held the most interesting conversation I’ve had in forever and he’s also bisexual and has a septum and I feel like I’m chatting up another version of me, which I dig. He also has a bridge piercing which is beyond wonderful and a full, glorious beard. Swoon. I’ve NEVER liked someone so fast and this is really dumb. 

Oh no. 

And the fact that he worked a 12 hour shift and came by just to talk and shoot the shit was beyond flattering. Also, bonus points, there’s a homeless lady named Lisa that always hangs outside of Fork and I love her. Everyone loves her. This dude, swoon guy, busted his ass all night and helped close up the bar at his work for an extra craptastic $11 and gave it all to Lisa when she passed by.