{ooc} ✿ Happy birthday, Tomoe-mun or Yu. As you prefer. I apologize for editing … im not perfect in them and also make edits without being at the own computer it’s a little hard. But, anyway …

It does not actually know much what to say, we’re not “best friends forever”. We not talking too much, but, I know ─ I see that you are a wonderful person, Yu. And really I am … happy to be doing an RP with you, even my English is a sucks. It’s good to know that you are still here, trying to understand my English. Heh …. I will not say that “God help you” because, first, I don’t believe in God. And who should help you are your friends, family and especially your willpower. But, I think that’s … Just wanted to do something to not go blank.

Happy birthday, stalker, Yu~. Hmph.