youkai ocs


Some Yokai Watch doodles of the past 3 days. And of course most of them are Gurerurins. But hey, don’t we all need a lil more pompadour ghost lizard in our life? Anyways, I felt like drawing some of my other favs too. So here you go. Have some Whisper, Darth USApyon and a Noko.
I also doodled some concepts of my Yokai Watch OC. She makes people experiencing extreme mood swings and so does she have them all the time.
(I hope a Yokai like this doesn’t already exsist… I don’t know them all…
there are so many!!)

I got her German name already (since I’m German) but deciding on the English and Japanese names will be difficult. And maybe her appereance wil change but we’ll see.
And the pigtails wearing lil dork you see here and there is me~
How the great Neko could look like in Yokai Watch! ☆*:.。. \ (*¯︶¯*) o .。.:*☆

New yokai watch oc!

Name: Buprentice
Tribe: Mysterious (Merican Yo-kai)
Rank: B
Inspirit: SPD up
Skill: Prediction- Decreases Foe Accuracy

A young yo-kai, Buprentice is a butler in training, with the dream of becoming one of the top yo-kai butlers in the world. They can’t afford a yo-kai pad and use many papers instead for information, but they can overflow and fall! This yo-kai will cause you to become unorganized and in a rush to do