YOI: Entwining Fates Drabble preview

Viktor’s eyes hadn’t stopped sparkling since they arrived at Mahoutokoro. Granted, the entrance to the palace did make for a majestic sight, its garbled and hipped roof towering high above the clouds, supported by four jade pillars. Gold adorned the edges of the roof, with delicate flower patterns carved into each structure. 


Yuuri soon found him near the school’s birdhouse, fervently patting a disgruntled looking sparrow caught in his grip. 

Viktor gently held up the small bird. “I found the poor thing among the petrals. Scooped him out so he wouldn’t get trampled.” 

Yuuri’s face drained of all color, and he covered his face with his hands. “Viktor, that’s a yosuzume, or a bird demon,” he said, muffled under his palms. “He’s also my Magic Linguistics teacher.” 

Viktor blinked. “Magic Linguistics teacher?” 

“I teach the study of language and writing systems used in magic, you imbecile,” said the sparrow in a deep, husky voice.

Japanese Ghost & Demons Art of the Supernatural Edited by Stephen Addiss

George Braziller Inc 1985

Scans courtesy of Mark Jiro Okui

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