bulbabum-deactivated20150710  asked:

I'm super jealous of your cartoony style. It flows so well and your colors are so awesome. :>



I don’t really think my drawings are anything to be jealous of and I’m not even sure if I really have a style?

B-but ahhh thank you so much Malinda! I’ve been trying to put more movement into my doodles lately because I’m worried that they’re too stiff sometimes so your use of the word “flow” makes me really really happy! I’m not sure if you meant it in a movement kind of sense but it makes me happy regardless! c: 

And like I replied to that last anon, I still like I have a long way to go with my coloring jhbdgjdh but I’m glad that people seem to like how I’m doing so far!

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thankyousomuchbfhbsdjhfb ;w;