Well it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. Been working a more professional layout for this tumblr, among other things. Plus I’ve worked on the game and got a pretty nice look going for it.

These are just a few screen shots. Once we work out some more of the mechanics, we can get some more help with the game :D
Very excited!

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Oh Fionna! Cover (by YouDontNoah


Tried my best. Messed up a few times. But its such a good song I had to try.

So I use to have some old characters for a comic called “Not So Super” about 3 super hero failures who live together. But it’s been such a long time since I’ve drawn them or even tried to, but I’ve decided to revamp them and try to actually make this comic a reality.

This was the character I based off myself, Blaze Infernus. This is a redone version of him. He’s the cocky, stupid character who gets everyone in trouble. The joke character as it is.

Right now he looks more like the straightman in these pictures but I think it’s just up to the expressions and stuff to change that.

I love him and I miss him, I hope you guys like him too :D

Thank you guys so much for following me :D

Some of you may be saying

“What? That’s not that many at all, I have that many.”

Well for me it’s a big deal and I appreciate the people who follow me. So to me what you’re really saying is;

“I’m a douche.”

But then again if you see this then you’re a follower of mine…so you’re not. Sorry about that…

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