Presenting Nah’s. AKA: National Asinine Holiday

All these companies start making up fake holidays, so I thought I would do the same. Join me, whaddayasay? It’s gonna get real dumb, real fast. 


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o god that was cheesy^

Last year I went through a rough patch- it was hard- and crazy, considering that I am a lucky girl living in a first world country in a nice house with a good family. Except at that point- family weren’t ever home because my mum had to work full time and my dad had to care for my grandma. School wasn’t the nicest place- but everyday I’d come home to the smiling faces of people on YouTube waiting for me in the subscription box. They’d make me laugh, give me advice, keep me strong and just make me very happy. I owe these people, big time. They’re all amazing and I wrote this song for them. And for everyone who has ever benefited by their videos.

Keep smiling! :)

- Lucy


*in alphabetical order oh yeeeeeaahhh*

(If I missed anyone, please tell me xD)

Alex Day -

Alexis G Zall -

Alfie Deyes -

AmandasChronicles -

Ben Brown-

Bryarly Bishop -

Carrie Hope Fletcher -

Caspar Lee –

Cat Valdes -

Chris Kendall –

Connor Franta -

Dan Howell –

Dean Dobbs -

Grace Helbig -

Harry Crowder -

Jack and Dean -

Jack and Finn Harries –

Jack Howard -

JC Caylen -

Jim Chapman -

Joe Sugg -

Joey Graceffa -

John and Hank Green -

Kian Lawley -

Laina Walker –

Lilly Singh -

Lisa Schwartz -

Louis Cole –

Louise Pentland –

Marcus Butler -

Marmrie Hart -

Max Cantellow -

MirandaSings/Colleen Ballinger -

O2L -

Phil Lester –

PJ Liguori –

Ricky Dillon -

Sabrina Cruz –

Sam Portoff -

Sawyer Hartman -

Shane Dawson -

Tanya Burr -

Trevor Moran -

Troye Sivan –

Tyde Levi -

Tyler Oakely –

Will Darbyshire -

Zoe Sugg -

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