Type Of Pranks BTS Would Pull On Their S/O


  • pretends to have made your favourite white shirt pink while doing laundry
  • push you off the bed when you were sleeping claiming you were disrupting his beauty sleep
  • pretends to have eaten the cake you’d been saving for when you got home

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  •  he’d prank you all the time and you wouldn’t even know bc his poker facing is amazing
  • *after he falls* “omg yoongi are you okay” *straight face* “no. i’m dying call 911.”
  • asks his s/o to hold his hand when he put on too much hand cream

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  • pretends to be mad when he’s not
  • would wake you up by screaming
  • send you “ugly” pictures of yourself

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  • pretends to not be in the “mood”
  • sends you a fake email
  • pretends to get hurt 
  • switches your drinks when you’re not looking

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  • more teasing pranks than anything (he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you)
  • changes his contact name in your phone to “tallest man in the world”
  • if you were shorter than him he’d intentionally place items you regularly use a shelf higher
  • he’d photobomb a lot

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  • hides under their s/o’s blanket and gives them a jump scare
  • changes the names of all your contacts
  • hides a fake spider in your bag
  • texts you song lyrics

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  • pretends to break up with you
  • changes the names of all your contacts
  • shakes a bottle of coke before giving it to you
  • places his foot on the weight while his s/o is weighing herself
  • mockingly imitates you lolol
  • his pranks would be intricate af too bc he’s a pos lmao

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requested by anon and youchanged-me // my bullet journal layout

note: my way of using the bullet journal is pretty minimal, in the sense that I really don’t have much else in my journal apart from the “essentials” (ie. my tasks/ideas, etc.) i personally cannot just whip out v cute drawings/doodles, and i find that trying to do so often leads me to spend more time on my bullet journal instead of actually doing the things i wrote down! so it’s pretty bare in that sense - but if you can be v cute and creative then kudos to you and your talents that i am envious of. also, i’m sorry it took so long for me to get this up guys! these past few days have not been kind to me, but i hope this can help you guys at least a little bit ^-^ 


  • Although I never created a true “index” for myself when I first began (ie. writing it down at the front of my journal), I kind of just found a system that works for me along the way. But for the purpose of this post, I wrote it down for you guys on a post-it note to show what I use for entries etc.


  • Instead of drawing a monthly calendar for myself, I decided early on that I would rather print out a calendar online. Partially because I just like the look of some online printable better, and also because I would waste way too much time trying to sketch the calendar perfectly.
  • Having the paper calendar taped inside of my bullet journal is also a really nice, quick way for me to see how many pages I used each month!
  • Apart from this calendar, I also like to make a list of monthly goals I want to complete! (I forgot to take a picture of this sorry guys! but you can see a glimpse of what it looks like here) More details on how I structure my to-do list will be further down in the post~


  • After creating a monthly overview, I like to make a list of goals that I want to complete within that one week. I make sure that my goals correspond to the tasks I set out for myself for the month!


  • Okay so for daily entries, I’ve had multiple multiple layouts over the past three month - all of which are documented here on my tumblr heh. But recently, I’ve found a system that I think works the best for me when I crave structure and I think it could work during the school year as well!
  • Here is an example of what a daily entry would look like. This is the one I made for today! As you may or may not be able to tell, this one in particular begins at 11:30AM because I went running this morning.
  • The first thing I do is title each page.
  • Then I create a daily to-do list of the tasks that I want to get done today. I actually section off my tasks by subject/topic, and I list subtasks underneath each one. It helps my mind stay clear as well haha.
  • After that, I write out a schedule using specific times for when I want to start each project. This works the best for me when I feel like I need more structure in my day.
  • For this week, I’ve actually been using a colorful gel pen to write the date, headings, and time stamps. However, I have used just my basic blue & black ballpoint pens for the same layout in the past, and it works just as fine. I just wanted to switch things up a bit and introduce a little more color again!
  • Here is an example of an entry with only the schedule and no to-do list. This was from when I first started wanting that structure, and I just kind of wrote down whatever tasks I knew I really wanted to get done that day!
  • I actually wrote a little reflection/journaled a bit beneath the schedule because I had some space left over and it’s nice writing down things you’re grateful for! ^-^
  • And depending on whether or not I leave enough space on the left margin, sometimes I’ll make a check mark next to the time to indicate whether or not I worked on that task. Then at the end of the day, I’ll go back to the top of the page and fill in/cross-off/migrate the original list!

Annnnnd that’s pretty much it! These are the basics as to how I’ve been (recently) using my bullet journal during the summertime. I anticipate that the format will change slightly once school begins, due to the nature of having structured classes, but I’ll just adjust when I need to~ It really just takes a lot of experimentation to find a system that works best for you! GOOD LUCK FRIENDS (◡‿◡✿)

Dependability of a Gypsy

I swear

Your gypsy eyes are so enchanting

I don’t even hear the words you speak

I have ruined myself for you

Changed myself for you

Wanted you, carried you

To the ends of the earth

For you to just push me over the edge

Shows how dependable feelings really are

Just echoes of thoughts and wants

Everything blurring, so there’s no reality

Little did I know I had wings of my own

Funny thing, dependability

It can’t be there in something

You didn’t even believe was real in the first place

Human Again;Sherlock x Reader

Requested by two lovely Anons: 

-y/n is johns daughter, and she begins to learn from deduction and stuff from Sherlock. she gets pretty good at it and actually helps out with their cases, until it puts her I danger.

-Hi! This is my first time requesting/messaging anyone! I think that you are such an amazing writer, and whenever you have the time could you please write a Sherlock x reader one-shot where after a year of the reader being missing Sherlock finally finds her. She had been kidnap by Moriarty and for that year Moriarty would beat and torture her and now she as a form of PTSD, one night she has a particularly bad nightmare and when she wakes up sobbing Sherlock holds her and they get it on? Thank you

Changed each of the requests slightly, but this should all work out in the end

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Momma Sed
Momma Sed

Wake up son of mine
Momma got something to tell you

Changes come
Life will have its way
With your pride son
Take it like a man

Hang on son of mine
A storm is blowing up your horizon

Changes come
Keep your dignity
Take the high road
Take it like a man

Listen up son of mine
Momma got something to tell you

All about growing pains
Life will pound away
Where the light don’t shine son
Take it like a man

Suck it up son of mine
Thunder blowing up your horizon

Changes come
Keep your dignity
Take the high road
Take it like a man

Momma said life awaits
Like a kidney stone
It’s just a broken heart son
This pain will pass away

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Hi! I was just wondering if you had any bellarke fics where one or both of them lose their virginities to each other? Like sweet exploring or learning/teaching type stuff? Thanks!

Genderfluid people are valid.

You’re valid when you present as any gender, even the one you were assigned.

You’re valid before and after you
change pronouns,
change clothes,
change voices,
change hairstyles,
change names,
change mannerisms.

Your complex nature isn’t a phase, it isn’t confusion, it isn’t attention-seeking.

The people in your life should not be upset or confused by your range of expression but instead should celebrate its diversity.

You have a gift.

Be proud of your flexibility.

You exist and you matter.


run and the earth will rise to kiss the soles of your feet
cry and the shivering stars will burn your tears
be still and the breath of a thousand unlived futures will move you
change and the seasons will imitate you
move and time will chase after you
shine and the universe will shred your soul to gold
sleep and your dreams will wake the world

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Hiii could you do seungcheol boyfriend tag please :))

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups as your Boyfriend:

  • Congratulations, you just adopted a puppy straight from Seoul, South Korea
  • Okay but can we talk about how he never leaves without kissing you? He would have this cute smile on and he would cup your cheeks and place a soft kiss on your forehead
  • No seriously, that boy would run 4 blocks back when he realizes he forgot to kiss you
  • Is going to proudly buy couple shirts and sweaters
  • Is going to proudly wear it~
  • Seungcheol has this habit of winking at you whenever he’s doing something.
  • Talking with the guys? He’ll wink at you across the room
  • Washing dishes? He’ll wink at you
  • Changing his clothes? He will wink at you 
  • Loves to give you back hugs! Everywhere you go, he’ll give you a nice and warm back hug!
  • And from that backhug, he will give you kisses on your cheeks and temples
  • His hands would be placed comfortably around your waist and he would pull you in more to be closer to you.
  • Has an amazing singing voice!
  • Seungcheol is very cheesy, sometimes he would wake you up by singing to you and you’d see him looking at you so fondly! You’d ask him
  • “What are we? In a kdrama?”
  • “Yah, don’t ruin the mood.”
  • A very cuddly person, so you wouldn’t even get out of bed sooner than you think because he just woke you up so that he has someone to cuddle with and talk to.
  • He’ll tell you most of his problems even though sometimes he thinks that he’s burdening you when he shares his woes.
  • But you quickly reassure him that he doesn’t have to shoulder it on his own :)
  • Doesn’t trust the members enough so everytime you talk to another member, it has to be a one person apart radius.
  • Yes even the poor maknae Dino has to stay a foot apart from you
  • Will get jealous easily!!!! Seunghceol feels like he has to redeem himself whenever you compliment another person.
  • When eating out, he would ask to eat some of your food as well and he would ask you to feed him
  • Has a very cute smile on his face whenever you wear his sweaters to go out
  • Loves to trap you in his arms and legs and just have you all to himself
  • Most of the time, Seungcheol is stressed and very busy. But he would make sure to call you or send a message or two because he also worries about you.
  • Is strong, so he can easily keep you close with just a tug of your hand!
  • Piggyback rides whenever you are tired~
  • Likes to nestle his head on your shoulder!
  • Brings you everywhere, even during practice!
  • One time, he accidentally bumped your head with his elbow and he looked so distraught and apologetic, you had to remind him every 3 minutes that you are fine and it was just an accident and he doesn’t have to say sorry to your ancestors.
  • But Seungcheol laughs when he breaks a hard boiled egg on your forehead??? What is the truth Coups??
  •  He takes so much strength from you, he would just sit down by your side and hug you tightly without saying a word.
  • He loves to take in your scent because it relaxes him alot and it just makes him feel a little bit happier despite a tiring day
  • Will watch kdramas with you but will most likely try to one up the male lead because he saw the sparkle in your eyes when you watched the male lead do something sweet
  • Who needs a puppy when you got him?
  • One time, a fan gifted him with dog ears and you were never so thankful as much as you were when you saw him wearing it because he is hella adorable
  • One time you passed by a dog in the park and the both of you made friends with it
  • ……But then Cheol got jealous and took you away to buy some crepes instead
  • Is all giggly when he chats or texts you and the other members just roll their eyes because wtf is he really  the eldest of the group?
  • Gets really enthusiastic about everything
  • Grocery shopping? *enthusiasm intensifies*
  • Going down town to eat some fried chicken? *enthusiasm intensifies*
  • Accompanying you to buy some undies? *enthusiasm level over 99999*
  • Gets really giggly and shows his gums when his smiling whenever someone mentions your name
  • Okay but imagine waking up to see his long eyelashes bless 
  • Also waking up to see his slightly parted lips dear lawd 
  • The type to play around with flour when you attempt to do some baking and splash water when you’re doing the dishes
  • Seungcheol would take you camping!
  • Looking up the stars and making up stories about constellations and somehow he managed to pitch in the story of the two of you from those stars ;v;
  • Gets really cute and adorable when he tries to make it obvious that something is new about him
  • “Do I look different to you :”D ?” *hair flip*
  • “….You got your hair done for your next comeback?”
  • “Omo, so you did notice! :DDDDD”
  • Is happy when you’re happy! It doesn’t matter if the rain cancelled your plans together or that traffic was delaying your dinner, as long as he sees you happy, it’s fine with him.
  • Likes to remind you that you are so special to him, he either shows it verbally or through his actions
  • Seungcheol really really likes you, and despite his responsibilities as a leader and the hardships as an idol, he finds solitude with you! He is thankful he can be laid back with you :)
Like this post if you engage in habitual body monitoring

Im currently exploring the objectification of women within our society and have discovered the phenomenon called habitual body monitoring, which is basically where a woman is constantly thinking about how their bodies appear to the outside world and I want to a quick survey….

Examples include

Monitoring who’s looking at you

Changing the way you’re positioned IE not crossing legs because you feel it makes them look fatter

Positioning your hair to look nicer

Holding your stomach in etc 


send me a message if you want to learn more about it <3


I swear that I
Will treat you right
If you just
Tell me your lies
Give me your trust
And I won’t tell…

In life or death I will be by your side
I will give you my air
You will breathe when I command you to
Nothing in this world
Can make me give up on your love
Even if you don’t want to, I will make you
Change your mind and you will be…
Will be…