Bi-weekly Loot Post pt. 2

As usual, I’ve been collecting an absurd amount of Sailor Moon goods. I still have several more backlog of loot from last year…lll 

The earbuds I find are B-quality in terms of sound, so they’re good, but not great. The jewelry box is fantastic though. It’s charming and compact. I’ve also been doing my best to hunt for the Ichiban Kuji items at a decent price.

Non-SM goods include a custom sweater of my favourite dorks from Houshin Engi, a No Game no Life animation guide, and a Maoyu animation guide. The No Game no Life one is definitely a bang for my buck, it’s comprehensive and thorough (but at the moment, out of print). The Maoyu one…I wish included more colour illustration, but honestly right now I’m just happy to get my hands on Maoyu-anything. I’ve been reading the light novels sparingly. They go beyond the anime’s ending and though they’re a bit of a difficult read, so far it’s been immensely enjoyable.


I write cheesy things sometimes.

Okay, fangirl vision and exageration aside, while I don’t pin Youcchan as the possessive-jealous type, it is true that he is emotionally reliant on Bou where as Bou is mostly physically reliant on him.

While Fuu reads Bou’s feelings intuitively, Yoh is only able to read Bou’s strategic intentions clearly. The difference between their spiritual and surface relationship is tragic but the bittersweet contrast of it is terribly romantic to me.

By the end of the story, though, I think they did close the gap a little~

Today’s pre-bedtime doodle (I am self indulging between commissions ;^;)

I was thinking about what kind of jobs these guys would have if they integrated into the modern world. Bou would be maybe a travelling photographer or a florist who only works once a week—since he is a bum. Contrary, Youzen is the type who likes to do managerial work—since he is a workaholic XD.

Every now and then they go eat shabu shabu with the rest; and that’s my daydream.

Quick test doodle. I was messing around with something but it didn’t turn out quite how I wanted it. Well. Guess I’ll get back to it later…

Oh, yeah. I was serious, what I said last time. If you draw me these guys for Christmas, I will totally draw you something back<3