Meet Me in Ferguson
  • Meet Me in Ferguson
  • Derrick Rice

This is a song I wrote in solidarity with the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. 

Meet Me In Ferguson

Hands up don’t shoot stand your ground
we are strong and we are proud
grab my hand, let’s make a stand
we shall not be moved 

Black lives matter, yes they do
stand up proud and know it’s true
no matter what they might tell you
black lives matter, yes they do

So please won’t you
meet me in Ferguson
where we shall overcome

March with me take back our home
we won’t budge and we won’t moan
let freedom ring, sing it proud
we shall not be moved

Trayvon’s here and Michael Brown
Leelah Alcorn stuck around
don’t forget their suffering
we will not forget you

Trans lives matter, yes they do
no matter what they might tell you
you’re valid for just being you
trans lives matter yes they do

We will stand and we will fight
they won’t deny us of our rights
meet us there on the frontline
we shall not be moved

poem for the interstate

somewhere in ohio
a deer spools out her body
over yours 

so you call in the flies
wet, like you
black, like you 

full up with your hum
suckled on the drone-tar of your blood 

of your blood, many-colored
red, yes—but also blue, black
also silver, gold
and chrome 

all smeared down the creases
of your thighs: molten iron
a bruise-stroked vein
of liquid metal


           that i could have been a passenger
           that morning
           struck blind by the embers on your back
           invert roses smoking in my eyes 

           that i could have been a passenger
           stricken by the heat-dance
           of your body 

           that i could have been called in
           by your sirens
           called in to sleep
           beneath the heatwaves 

somewhere in ohio
in your procession of sound and color
the deer gets lost
or simply dissolves 

at night
the passengers all spill themselves
down your capillaries
leaving you bled dry 

at night
the desiccated body of a deer
is watching you 

& is watching her
come shaking through the cold 

you feel her shiver
but all the heat has fled your pavement
so you offer her nothing 

only feel her steps
like little stones beneath a stream
only hear the hum
of a trailer in the distance 

           & in a few moments
           you will only hear the metal

           & your banks become
           a sisterhood of broken necks 


mother, daughter, sister
these threads will spool out
down your body
smearing in the creases of your thighs 

i am sorry, interstate
if only i were there to see it
if only i were there to wrap
the thick black strap of your body
around my throat 

i promise you
this is not a lamentation
i promise you
i’m trying to celebrate it all

a. leylâ

moon stings on past us
how to be holy, you wonder
all at once i see you
black as a cold wind
moving through darkwoods

in the house
nothing on the stove
or in the cabinets

a hunter is someone who
listens a hunter you are not

impales himself over and over
on own tongue