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Steele Rose

Lonely Heart

Second Chances

- The series where you’re his ex-girlfriend and see his new girlfriend wearing one of your t-shirts

It’s Because I Love You

Not Worth It

He Needs You

- The series where you’re in love with him but he likes your best friend

Even When Your Demons Become Too Strong

I’m A Monster

Stay Away From Me

You Let Me Go

- The series where he’s dangerous, but not around you


Borrowed Time


- The series where Harry doesn’t talk but falls in love with you

Pretty In Pink 

- The one where Harry fake dates Kendall but is in love with you

I Think I Know Why

- The one where he disrespects you when you take care of him on tour even though he’s ill

I Know You Didn’t Come to Apologize 

- The one inspired by Love You Goodbye

Lips Of An Angel

- The one where you call too late

My Wonderful, Beautiful, Psychotic Girlfriend

- The one inspired by Stockholm Syndrome

I’m Sorry

Marry Me

- The series where Harry won’t have sex with you

5 Years


- The series where Harry misses Anne so you surprise him with plane tickets to visit her

As You Wish

- The one where you’re shy and he secretly draws you


- The one where you’re blind

Missed You

- The one inspired by Spaces 

All I Have

- The one where you’re anorexic *trigger warning*

I Can’t

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Fight

- The series where Gemma doesn’t like you

I Need You

- The one where Niall’s an overprotective older brother

Don’t Leave

- The one where the power goes out

The Way It Was

It Hurts

I’m Not Leaving You

Don’t Ever Let It Go

- The series where you’re divorced and Harry and your daughter spend Christmas without you

Do You Love Me?

- The one where you have paranoia disorder

I’ll Always Save You

- The one where he saves your life


- The one where you’re involved in a car accident

***** Some of these imagines are under construction. They are in the process of being edited due to grammatical/spelling errors and have been being written when I was a less experienced writer. The content will not change, and neither will the characters, however, there may be changes that vary from very slim to very extreme. These will be done shortly. *****

You’re His Sister and You’re Jealous Of Gemma 

He’s Getting Married, But Not To You  

There’s a Rumor Being Spread About You

You’re Sick

He Falls In Love With You On Tour

He Keeps Your Relationship A Secret  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

First “I Love You”

You’re Lonely 

You’re A MILF and He Gets Over-Possessive

Your Best Friend Talks Negatively About Your Relationship With Him and Harry Overhears 

You’re Best Friends But End up Kissing

Management Makes You Breakup    

He’s Going To Propose, But Not To You  Part 2 Part 3   

You’re Poor and He Doesn’t Know   

The Boys Tell Him To Breakup With You Part 2  

BSM: You’re In the Hospital For an Eating Disorder  

He Sends You Mixed Signals  


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100+ notes *

200+ notes **

400+ notes ^

Everything is listed from newest to oldest.


Holidays with Ashton would include

Getting drunk with Ashton would include *

Luke Hemmings blurb

You’re on your period

First kiss *

Wedding proposal

You’re sick


Hemmings & a bottle of rum **  (Part 2) *

Best friend ^

New beginnings

No eating in class (teacher) *

The stepbrother *

Stay down *

Reviving history *

I hate you, I love you

Beautiful (Clean)


Jealous **


The summer camp *

The manager *

Faster (teacher) **

I dare you

Missing school *


Best friend **

Fitness freak

Bad girl

Mornings *


I’ve got you




Strip game

the secret history pick-up lines
  • i love you more than homer
  • asparagus isn’t the only thing in season
  • let’s recite words of love in dead languages
  • and then kill a farmer in the moonlight
  • you look like my sister
  • i have a non-homosexual crush on you
  • hi is your name sublime because i’m about to enter you
  • beauty is terror but i love it when you terrorize me
  • shall we do something romantic, like, go looking for ferns and redistribute some matter
  • you make me wanna quit drinking for 35 minutes
  • this is a gun in my pants but i’m also happy to see you
  • talk latin to me
Bucky x Reader

Main Marvel Masterlist is here👈🏼

A Mother’s Day Delight

A Selfish Act

A Towel Is All You Need


Assumptions Assumptions

As You Wish ((smut))

Anything For You

Beautiful ((smut))


Casual Mornings



Darling, Epilogue

Day Off

Devil May Cry

Dream ((smut))

End Of Time

Feel Better

Fight For You


Fulfilment ((Sebastian x Reader))

Give Me Love

Hot Buns

I’ll Be There For You

I’m Yours, You’re Mine ((smut))



Karaoke & Cuddles

Kids & Food Poisoning?

Kill Me, Heal Me ((angst))

Love Sickness


Make You Feel My Love


Mr. Right

My Pleasure

No Regrets

Old Man Buck

One ((smut))


Princess ((smut))


Satisfaction ((smut))

Saving Grace

Second Chances

Silhouette ((angst))

Someone Like You


The Way To Your Heart

The Wedding

Third Wheels

Through Thick & Thin

Too Cheesy? ((Sebastian x Reader))

Yes Ma’am

You’re The One That I Want

You’re Welcome

Your Voice

Supernatural Masterlist

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In order from newest to oldest.

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Dean x Reader

Resolve (No Pairing)

Dear Dean

Your Fault

He Stopped Loving Her Today

Can’t Believe He’s Real

No Square Dancing

Despite His Tears

Jag älskar dig

Just as Much

Just a Number

Come On, Sweetheart

A Letter to Lost Love

Couldn’t Say Two Words (Series) — Discontinued

Make It to a Bed

Can’t Do It

Playing in the Rain

With You

I’m Mad at You

Ready as I’ll Ever Be

Red Haired Savior (Series) — Discontinued

Beautiful to Me

Thank You

All on Camera

Oh, My Jealous Boy

Girl’s Got Rhythm

In Love with Love

A Little Surprise Part I / Part II

Sam x Reader

The 12 Days of Christmas

A Cliche

Can You Keep a Secret?

I’d Like You to Stay

Nothing is Something

I Got an Idea

I Think I Love You

Beautiful Truths

Cas x Reader

Different Shoes

She Likes You Back

An Understatement

This Waterfall, Right?

Every Step of the Way

It’s About Damn Time

Winchesters x Reader

Rhymes and Riddles

What’d Ya Think? (Supergirl Crossover)

I Missed You

Not Too Many Fears

Not Your Fault

Alcohol to Drink, Boys to Kiss

Not a Chick Flick Moment, But…

Take a Break

In the Past

A Winchester Performance

Other x Reader

This is the One (Platonic!Charlie x Reader)

They Don’t Care (Benny x Male!Reader)

Maybe a Little (Gabriel x Reader)

Surprises at the Picnic (Benny x Reader)

Make Up Kiss (Lucifer x Reader)


Fallen Angel

Under the Mistletoe


Imagine Not Knowing How You Got Into a Situation

Imagine Texting Sam When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

Imagine Having a Baking Mishap

Imagine Dean Worrying When You Don’t Answer

Imagine Texting Sam Because Your Daughter Won’t Sleep

Imagine Texting Dean a Knock Knock Joke

Imagine Texting Dean When You’re High

Imagine Texting Your Brothers to Try and Get a Dog

Imagine Texting Dean Spice Girls Lyrics

Imagine Texting Dean Because You Cut Yourself Shaving

Imagine Sam Texting You Because He Can’t Find His Shirt

Imagine Texting Your Dad, Dean, When You Get Into Trouble

Imagine Texting Your Brothers Asking for a Favor

Imagine Texting Sam Because You Can’t Reach The Donuts

Imagine Telling Your Dad, Sam Winchester, You Got Into Stanford

Imagine Telling Sam and Dean, Your Brothers, You’re Gay


Valentine’s Day Preferences

How He Proposes

Snow Day Preferences

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good Minjoon fics where Jimin is sub? Or any Yoonmin or Kookmin? (Sorry, I just love sub!Jimin a lot...or like Jimin fics with mommy kink? Like the one you wrote are pure gold)

sub!jimin for Minjoon - all i gotta say for these is that minjoon is kinky as hell

Play house (put my favorite record on)

silk ties


when you say jump, i say how high daddy?

my little prince (sit in daddy’s lap)

Take you down another level (And get you dancing with the devil)

sub!jimin for Yoonmin

silk ties

perfect is the sound of you breaking 

it was my promise -but then that happened-

let me be your kitten

please touch me sir!

true love (or something like it)


dont go home without me

what happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom

secretary park

just not my luck



take anything you want (free of charge)

baby bun (gender switch so its fem dom!yoongi

love literally

sub!jimin for Kookmin

once again check out @placeyoursinshere for art nd hcs

something is yours, maybe it’s me

underdressed and oversexed

remember When I Was Your Age (Proud of You)

it’s ok, im a writer 

well done!

fitting rooms

officer please

royal lilies

i’ll never let you go


if i get in, i just might drown

it’s a bad idea to love you

beautiful liar

tying the knot

thigh highs

im the hyung

lmao as u can see i like these ships

anonymous asked:

what sort of petnames do the paladins use for their s/o


  • sweetheart is his favorite
  • occasionally sweetie or babe
  • likes to use pet names only when alone or somewhere people won’t pay attention to it


  • babe
  • a nickname born from an embarrassing incident only he knows and teases you about, like bubbles or something
  • very rarely uses any, they feel forced and weird to him


  • anything that compliments you
  • beautiful / handsome, angel face, sweet cheeks (complete with playful butt pat), etc.
  • makes up a lot on the spot, most are terrible


  • honey / hon
  • will jokingly call you sunshine when you’re grumpy
  • sometimes names of pastries like cupcake just so he can say, “wait no, sorry, you’re sweeter than that”


  • like Keith she’s not big on it
  • tried to call you sweetie once but just wound up reminding herself of her mom
  • might eventually use the name of a cute alien critter, very rare though

beauty is no competition // it smiles wide and uses chopsticks to imitate the walrus // it skips and trips and splits the knee, imploring soon scab // it stains denim with blushing green and tipsy red and hasty white // it makes no apologies

beauty is no blueprint // it sets aflutter any bystanderly heart, any inconvenienced stranger // it renders boring Tuesday to magnificent and opulent date night // it invites butterflies and murders sleep and steals data // it paints loneliness gold // it makes no mistakes

beauty is no soundtrack // it mutes raging news and deadens apocalypse // it desaturates all of history’s kings // it takes what you fear most and holds your hand, and makes you laugh until you think of dying happily // it surrenders you

beauty is no recovery // and still a road we learn to yearn for, occupying bad bedrooms and satiable conversation // when we want to be beautiful, we want to be free // as children, as a grin // as the way curfew bends and breaks // and for every worried mother, there’s another who feels beautiful // it burns down 

I am so in love with my hair. When you talk good care of your hair it will show you so much love back. My curls are popping. I love refreshing my curls and see my results I get. I use Cantu Shea butter leave in repair cream and water. Just one product and water is all you need. Enough with the 3-5 products at a time. That will just cause unwanted product build up which can hinder hair growth. Peace loves. ✌🏽💕

Divine Mother, Sacred Friend, I Love You.

Healer of the Broken, Giver of Life, I Love You

Beauty That Surpasses All, I Love You

Goddess of Women, Sister With the Sistrum, I Love You

You Who Holds the Sun Between Her Gorgeous Horns, I Love You

Great You Are oh Mistress of the Sycamore

Be With Me Always Het-Heru

Be With Us Always Hathor

Robe us in your Love

Fills us with Peace and Jubilation

Let our Works bring you Honor

Let our Actions Bring Your Glory

Even in the Darkest Depths May Your Light Find Me and the Menat Protect Me

I Love You Golden One

Forever and Always



Updated 6/24/16


Dean Winchester

A Little Surprise / Part 1 / Part 2

Girl’s Got Rhythm 

In Love With Love

Oh, My Jealous Boy

Thank You

Beautiful to Me

Red Haired Savior / Prologue / Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV / Part V / Part VI

Ready as I’ll Ever Be

Couldn’t Say Two Words / Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV

A Letter to Lost Love

Just as Much

Just a Number

Alcohol to Drink, Boys to Kiss

Jag älskar dig

Sam Winchester

Beautiful Truths

I Think I Love You

A Cliché

Can You Keep a Secret?

I’d Like You to Stay

Nothing is Something

I’ve Got an Idea


Every Step of the Way

It’s About Damn Time


Make Up Kiss

Benny Lafitte

Surprises at the Picnic

They Don’t Care

Winchester Brothers

In the Past

All On Camera

Take a Break

Winchester Sister

A Winchester Performance

Not a Chick Flick Moment, But…

Not Your Fault

Winchester Daughter

Despite His Tears


Imagine telling your dad, Sam Winchester, you got into Stanford

Imagine telling your Sam and Dean, your brothers, you’re gay

Imagine texting Sam because you can’t reach the donuts on the top shelf

Imagine texting your dad, Dean Winchester, to come pick you up from a party

Imagine texting your brothers asking for a favor

Imagine consuming brownies full of weed, getting high, and texting Dean

Imagine texting your brothers to try and keep a dog

Imagine quoting Spice Girls to Dean over text

Imagine texting Dean because you cut your leg shaving

Imagine Sam texting you because he can’t find his shirt, but you’re wearing it

Imagine Dean getting worried that something happened to you when you don’t answer his texts

Imagine texting Sam because your daughter won’t sleep

Imagine texting Dean with a knock knock joke

Imagine texting Sam when you find out you’re pregnant with his child

Imagine baking a pie without realizing your phone is in it and letting Dean know once you get your phone working again


How He Proposes

Snow Day Preferences

Valentine’s Day Preferences


#34 “If you keep looking at me that way, we won’t make it to a bed.” (Dean x Reader)

#14 “Hey, I’m with you. Always.” / #27 “I’m Pregnant” (Dean x Reader)

#21 “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?” / #40 “Did I just enter an alternate universe, or did you just crack a smile for me?” (Dean x Reader)

#14 “Hey, I’m with you. Always.” / #37 “Wanna dance?” (Dean x Reader)

#40 “Did I just enter an alternate universe, or did you just crack a smile for me?” / #41 “You did all this for me?” (Dean x Reader)

#15 “So I found this waterfall…” (Cas x Reader)

#1 “Come over here and make me.” / #25 “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” (Dean x Reader)

#29 “I thought you were dead.” / #33 “Please don’t do this.” (Cas x Reader)

#5 “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” / #49 “Well, this is awkward.” (Cas x Reader)

#5 “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” / #12 “I think we need to talk.” (Gabriel x Reader)


Under the Mistletoe

Fallen Angel


Steve Rogers / Captain America

A Moonlight Serenade

Something to Show You

Bucky Barnes / Winter Soilder

No Sarcastic Comments?

HYDRA in the Waves

You’re Distracting Me

I Almost Don’t Feel Bad

Bruce Banner / Hulk

A Bit of a Relief


#54 “Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?” (Steve x Reader) [Pregnant Reader]

#54 “Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?” (Steve x Reader) [Un-Pregnant Reader]

#94 “You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.” / #95 “I never liked it. I lied.” / #117 “She’s 6, how can she scare you?” (Bucky x Reader)

#149 “We started with one and now we have seven. You have no chill.” (Bucky x Reader

#48 “I bet you can’t go 24 hours without cussing.” / #73 “I like proving you wrong.” / #74 “Girls can’t drive. Plain and simple.”

#8 “The floor is lava.” / #13 “Get out of my way before I murder you.” / #24 “If I trip over one more of your shoes, I’m throwing them all away.”


Imagine quoting Green Day to Bucky and him not understanding your reference

Doctor Who

The Eleventh Doctor

Patient’s Orders

Harry Potter

Neville Longbottom

Do This Again


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