You, as a Cat

I needed to get Twitter famous. Or just mildly influential. I needed to create some kind of content that would get shouted out by RTs, reblogs, or shared at least twenty times. (class assignment, I swear)

My early hopes were that it would just kind of happen, a by result of being awesome or something. But it was foolish to think internet fame is acquired so easily by just existing. Next step was to tag the shit out every tumblr post. This worked marginally. I definetly got more likes and reblogs on my photos, but still not close to the twenty mark.

I love my friends, and sometimes they say funny, little esoteric things in one hundred and forty characters or less. I decided I would draw one of their tweets, and that this would be a daily thing. I got some feedback when I presented this idea in class. What I was proposing still wasn’t quite participatory. It was me doing something, directed at people I already had a connection with. My friend Tom suggested I draw people’s avatars. Gary suggested I post a tweet along the lines of “First 20 RT’s….” and aha! An idea was soon born.

Later that evening, mostly on a whim before going to bed, I tweeted: “First twenty retweets and I will draw you as a cat.” I got a few (probably sympathetic) retweets from classmates, but also from a few more from people i had no idea who they were. The next day the retweets had trickled to a stop, at just below half of what I needed. None the less, I dutifully drew out cats (promises had been made after all!). This dedication was good, my sketches invited more people to retweet and shout out the drawings, which in turn brought a few more retweets. One twitter influential friend retweeted me, and i had an instant surge of RTs. I ended up surpassing my original twenty goal, and most were strangers. I felt proud, I had only pressured two people to retweet me. The following days were filled with cat drawing and cat posting. People seemed to be pretty delighted. I gained quite a few more followers, and nearly everyone receiving a cat favorited, commented back, or retweeted the sketch.

I brought a little bit of joy to the internet, and for that I felt pretty happy. Although I feel like I put perhaps too much work into this. There were probably too many hours spent drawing cats for grad school. In the end, it was fantastic seeing my activity in twitter bustle about.