In Greek mythology the phoenix is cyclically regenerated or reborn. The phoenix rises from the ashes of its former self and obtains new life. No matter what life throws your way BE THE PHOENIX. Always rise from the ashes of your former self: stronger, wiser and better. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH. #LegendOfThePhoenix #BeThePhoenix #GreekMythology #MyThoughtOfTheDay #Inspiration #YouCanDoIt #YouAreStrongEnough #Phoenix

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I see all these depressed people on my dash, suicidal and anorexic and broken and struggling with life, and my heart just breaks.
I want to reach out and gather them all up and tell them they’re not alone, that someone cares, that they’re strong and as cliche as it is life does get better. There will always be days where the urge to let go and drown is stronger than the urge to swim, but that sea of sadness can only stretch so far - I know you can’t see the end yet, but I promise there is dry land ahead - occasionally you’ll get swept out again with the tide, you there will always be land, always be safety and love and support if you want it.
I’m here and I care. Even though we’ve never met and even though we’ve probably never spoken, and you most likely have no idea who I am, trust me I care.
I want to hold you while you cry and listen to you tell me stories of terrible things even as your voice breaks and shakes. I can’t make the pain go away, no one can, no one can stop those urges or that voice in your head - you’re the only one who can do that - but I’ll be here, silently cheering you through your struggles and I just want you to know that.
I literally want to cry every time you post something about harming or hating yourself. I’ve been there, sometimes I’m still there, but I don’t know - I want to keep everyone else from it. If you ever need anything, to talk or vent or anything at all I’m here. Don’t be afraid to reach out, if you feel alone and lost just know that you’re not. If no one else, you have me, a random on a website who sits and cheers you on.
I don’t even know if that made sense, I just feel so strongly about this, I can’t explain.