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If you're "pro-equality," then why are all your "Blogs to Avoid" ONLY people who discriminate against white people, men, heterosexuals, cisgendered people, or a combination of those?

You didnt pay any attention did you? I have Onion princess on their who is an idiot “egalitarian” who slut shames and is rude to all feminists

youarenotfemale - a transphobic misandrist. In other words, a dumb bitch.

arguingwithmorons - This person is a sexist, homophobic, and I believe racist illiterate douche-bag

womenarentpeople - A sexist troll. I am almost positive they are also a feminist pretending to be an anti-feminist. Apply what I said to arguingwithmorons

yolo420swaglolweed - A fucking moron. A feminist in disguise.

Egalitarian-Princess - An extremely ignorant, childish, immature, and bratty egalitarian. She is a poor example of an Egalitarian and many people believe she is nothing more than a troll. Avoid her at all costs. She is childish and thinks she is spreading the truth.

Some of these are obvious feminists. Some of these are transphobic and homophobic. Some of these are racist towards PoC.


And I will tell you why: 

I totally get where they’re trying to go with this (though I don’t agree with it in any sense) but whoever is running this blog is going about it the most wrong way possible. Perhaps they could find another thing to talk about in the way of “gender appropriation”, but I firmly disagree with cross-dressing being a part of that, and quite frankly, I just don’t think this person has any idea what they’re saying. I mean, right here there is admitted ignorance followed by immediate judging based off of SAID ADMITTED IGNORANCE. “I don’t know much about trans-people” “If they live as a man they will have male privilege”. Based on “I guess” (such strong and grounded convictions). 

Okay, that is so ridiculously false. I’m not trans and I’m not claiming to know how it is first-hand, but I think we all know what transphobia is and that is is still very present. I’d venture to say that our society just recently really started working to wipe it out. Just because someone chooses to live as a man doesn’t mean they will automatically have male privilege, because we still live in a pretty judgmental place, when it comes to understanding transgender individuals. 

Furthermore, what exactly is wrong with dressing like a woman? You know who’s going to judge men for wearing woman’s clothes? Assholes. You know who’s going to judge women for wearing women’s clothes? Those same assholes. Like, I can’t really see the same pudding-brain that would say something like “you dress like a whore!” also saying “drag is a respected artform and these gentlemen, though they do not identify as female, should not be judged for dressing as such, whether it be for show or in every day life”. So, what I’m getting at is that it’s not the person in drag who is oppressing women by wearing their clothes, but the judgmental shit-stain who would say anything to either party for what they are wearing. 

Lastly, the creator openly states that they created this blog to shame men who want to wear women’s clothes. To shame them. SHAME THEM. That’s not cool. They don’t deserve it and there is nothing wrong with wearing women’s clothing. I myself want to do a photoshoot in drag and to crossplay (which by the way is a widely accepted form of cosplaying that the vast majority of even the mightiest of SJWs don’t frown upon) so if you want to yell at me and try to further “educate” me on why putting on female-gendered clothing is oppressive and wrong, you go for it.