A small poem I wrote. Share it with anyone who seems to be down or feeling a little blue.


This Valentine’s Day, make sure you love the person closest to your heart: you. Take a moment to give yourself praise, acceptance, and love; take a moment to thank yourself for how far you have come. You are loved.

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I wish you knew how beautiful you are. Every curve, every freckle, every wrinkle, every dimple. Your beauty is not measured in size. Your beauty cannot be recorded on a scale. Your beauty is not a number count. I wish I could show you how beautiful you are. In all of the little details of your figure, how the sun traces every line of your skin, and how your body dances in your walk. You are beautiful beyond measure. I wish for every woman to know this. To feel it. And see it. Within and in others. #youarebeautiful

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skin without make-up, photo without filter. I know my skin isn’t perfect and will never be, i accept that. I know what i look like and my flaws mean that i’m real: my eyebrows aren’t symmetrical, but i can write essays that make my teachers cry. I have dark circles under my eyes, but i can jump from high cliffs into the sea without hesitating. My forehead is too big, but when i laugh my eyes tear up and it will make you smile. Love yourself. Your flaws complete you, your flaws make you perfect.

Keep things in perspective - instagram is curated and filtered to show people/things at their best and most radiant. It’s the in-between, everyday moments that define our beauty and who we really are. Don’t be phased by how other people intentionally ‘look’ in framed technology.

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Rather than focusing on my accent in that video, here are the words I want you to read instead. …. 💛 I love me for me and you should love YOU for who you are. You are beautiful. People don’t see you everyday. They don’t know what you are like. They don’t see when you stand up for the old person on the bus, they don’t see you smile every day, the don’t see you help your little sister with her homework or help your mum read the labels that are too small, they don’t see you help the old lady across the road …they don’t see how truly beautiful, smart and amazing you are. They only see a photo. One side. One angle. One SINGLE photo and you feel upset because THEY don’t like it?. No, you are gorgeous and you keep your head high. There is so much more to you than a photo. #youarebeautiful

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The forces that unite us are greater than the sum of any that seek to divide us. The Beautiful Struggle. Courage is Beautiful In Every Shade™ | Walter Scott’s mother, Judy Scott, thanked Santana for coming forward.
“He was there. God planned that. He’s the ram in the bush – I truly believe that,” Judy Scott said. Santana agreed. “I think she was right,” he said. “God put me there for a reason.” #beautifulineveryshade#walterscott #feidinsantana #raminthebush #solidarity#youarebeautiful #wearebeautiful #wearefamily#50shadesoflatino #dominican #blacklivesmatter

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This is just sad. Heart breaking. 

My sister, look at you, you are so beautiful, yet you let the society bribe you. Wake up! Straighten up.  

You are so beautiful no title in this world can fathom your beauty. Did you even know that?

You know actually, you are too beautiful for the world to see because Islam made you so.

Maan, you’re damn beautiful. So what makes you adhere to the calling of this world?


I have come to talk about this issue because there’s another thing that has been viral again, this pageant about Muslim women. 

I know a lot of you might bombard me with a lot of hate or so, but I need to address this, and Allah Azza Wa Jall knows best what my intentions are. 

Are you this deluded by media?

Has the psychological results of advertisements of fair and lovely is “in” not enough, this mindset has placed such drastic effect on how our brothers and sisters see our fellow muslims from Africa, and do you know how much this breaks the hearts of these Muslims? How this contradicts the last words of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam? Is this not enough? 

Do you really think that creating such pageant where Muslim women, our beautiful chaste muslim women, walking on the isle, seen and thoroughly being judged & “officially” criticized like that, as a woman empowerment?

Look, they walk and they are being judged by those people who will determine who will wear the crown! That is the truth! Astagfirullah!

What makes you think that comments and praises of mere people are key to women empowerment, what else can bring such empowerment to you other than Islam?

Because this brings honor? Really? 

Have we ever heard the Sahabiah Radiyallahu Anhum walked in such way, with heels, embellished and beaded gowns, shining shimmering hijabs? 

These women, they didn’t even had to wear a title for beauty for thousands of Muslim women to remember them, because Allah Azza Wa Jall talked about them in the Qur'an and has raised these women their statuses because they adhered to the commandments of Allah Azza Wa Jall, Indeed, such were the women that were described in Azhab.

Have you ever realized how wonderful it is to see such beautiful young ladies in hijab, simple and not attention-grabbing hijab. There’s so much peace on seeing that, wallahi. 

I am not by any reason telling Muslim women to stop beautifying themselves, I’m just pointing out that you have to be moderate on it, do it in right places, in accordance to your belief. 

O Queen, never try to fit in for you are made to reign. So be not a keen victim of your lusts and whims!

Did you know that putting a “fashion” and “standard” on hijab also discourages as much as it encourages Muslim women to wear hijab?

Yes, they wear it and they go want to understand it more, and they see these tutorials out with all these things on hijab and then depression comes because they can’t be like how they see these women online.

Sad. This is the sad reality. 

If we really honor the hijab then we have to understand that the concept of hijab is to cover, conceal and protect, it was never to flaunt nor to showcase your beauty in the eyes of this world. 

We are very keen on making ourselves beautiful for this world to praise and comment about us, but have we thought about Allah? 

How He would address us on the day we would be standing in front of Him?

Are we this attached to this world, that we forget that indeed all these beauty titles, praises and compliments will come to an end and all that will matter will be his judgement?

So think about it, you do good and are fine in the eyes of this world, but how about Allah!? ASTAGFIRULLAH! 

A lot of us advise and speak of istighfar when very few bring their worlds to life and do istighfar. - This is the reality.

Please before you go out or after you have read this, set aside the anger or hatred (for me) that my words might have brought you and just ask yourself,

Why do you need to put so much make up on when you go out?
Why do I have the need to put such bright colors on your lips?

Why do you put so many layers that sometimes the hijab looks like a flower vase already on top of your head? Is this the hijab?

Is this how you carry the ayah of hijab?

Please, let us all renew our intentions on why we are wearing the hijab. 

Whenever we clothe ourselves, let us be guided with the fear of Allah.

My beautiful sister, do not try to fit in because its a trend nowadays to have butterfly or flower vase hijabs, you are a stranger to this world, and indeed glad tidings await you. 

You know when you wear the hijab, you carry a verse from the Qur'an, so honor that, properly, cover accordingly. 

Never try to fit in, because by Allah Azza Wa Jall, you will never fit in a world that you aren’t made for, Jannah awaits you, you were born to stand out, 

so stand out embodying the wisdom and beauty of Islam!


And I pray that Allah Azza Wa Jall gives us proper guidance to live accordingly to His commandments.

Please forgive me if I have cause anger and hatred in your hearts, but in a world like this, let love amongst the sisterhood of Islam flourish for indeed that is the only thing that will keep us on the path to Allah Azza Wa Jall, everyone needs a reminder, so please take the good and leave the bad on this, and at the end we pray that Allah Azza Wa Jall forgives us all.