Just in case you needed to hear this

(I know some of you did) so ignore my English and let’s get into this.

It’s OK to:

  • Get B’s and C’s
  • Fail your midterms
  • Argue with your family/friends
  • Feel uncomfortable in customary situations

And it’s fucking okay to fail the subject that you’ve been working your ass off for. It’s fucking normal. And it’s alright to fail subjects you were always excellent in.

There’s a thing called balance. You can’t always be perfect and get As. There’s no need to. It’s unhealthy.

You are normal if you keep on getting low grades since the beginning of the term, if you’re procrastinating, if you’re gaining weight.

And just one more important thing – if you think that you’re dumb - you’re fucking not. Remember about balance.


Eliza talks Clarke, Lexa & Clexa fanart at Comic Con 2015.
EJ was obviously sick, but still showed up for her CW Panel.

Lexar & Klock. So adorable.
David’s reaction, tho. Lol.

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Each step, each dream, each thought, each word brings us closer to our reality because they all create our reality. 

The question is are you creating the reality that you want to live?

You are the writer of this book called “Life.”

It is up to you whether you create a beautiful fairytale, a Stephen King-ish thriller, or a Wes Craven-ish nightmare. 


Something that annoys me is that I can’t talk to anyone around me about acne, because in my family or in my friends nobody has acne. I mean they have a few pimples once in a while like almost every teenager, but not REAL acne. And I think that even if you try to, you can’t understand how it feels to have acne if you’ve never had acne. Because to other people, they just see acne as PIMPLES. Like, acne = pimples.

But acne is not just pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts on someone’s body. It’s more than that. It’s a self-esteem destroyer.