This is the question.
Why you always come back?
I’m always here, waiting for you. And you came, you came like a dog. You always came for me.
Why do you do that?
Why disappear?
If you are already here, why you leave me?
I never wanted you back, but you came.
I never started the conversation, always was you, I never called you like you called me.
I never gave you anything to think, that I was in love with you.
The only thing that I did, was be worried for something that happened to you. That is it.
That was I do wrong? Take care of you?
Or maybe that made you feel that I still in love?
That is why you run? Because I was in love with someone who I will never have?
Or that was because you still loving me?
Do you love me? Did you do? Do you?
So, why disappear?
Why be an idiot?
Why remember our happy moments and then just leave?
Was my fault? Was your fault? Was our fault?
Who is guilty of it?
Am I? Are you? Are us?
—  AmyM