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Note: Do I even have to add this anymore? It`ll be done in 3 parts. This is part 1, the BTS version! :) Keep in mind that this is based around a healthy dose of jealousness. Being overly jealous is rather toxic for a relationship.

Rap Monster

If you were a little jealous I think he`d quite like that actually. Boy would he be giddy. He`d be a sweety and reasure you that you don`t have anything to be jealous about as he only has eyes for you. He`d be more attentive to you after, sending you little texts making sure you know that his attention is on you and no other girl or boy. 

“Don`t worry baby, you`re the only one who can catch my attention.”


I think he`d be the giggly type. Like he`d notice you were jealous and he`d start giggling and hug you tightly because he just can`t deal anymore. He`d find it extremely cute. Your jealousness and doubt would just completely vanish as he`d be a lot more touchy after. Holding your hands often and tons of hugs. You wouldn`t be able to escape.

“Aaaah y/n, you`re so cute! Come here!”


He`d notice your jealousness and wouldn`t be able to hold back a cheeky grin. He`d actually be quite into it. It would after all mean that you care about him that you don`t want to lose him to someone else. He`d probably put his arm around your shoulder or hold your hand acting all cool about it while inside he`d screaming.

“Aish y/n, are you seriously jealous? All these girls/boys have nothing on you.”


Doesn`t comprehend it. Confused. Like, why are you jealous? Did he do something? He wouldn`t get it because he thought you knew he only had eyes for you. He`d kinda like it though and would find it cute. Expect a lot of hugs and kisses from this boy after.

“Are you jealous? Why? You know I only love you, right?”


A mix of Hobi and Jin. He`d be confused as to why you would be jealous but would be all giddy about it. He`d ask you about it and when you told him why you were jealous he`d assure you that you don`t need to worry about anyone else. He`d probably end up suggesting a cute date so he could show you.

“Really y/n, there`s no need to worry. How about we go out tonight?”


Oh my he`d love it. He`d be confused of your weird behaviour for like 2 seconds before noticing you`re jealous and from then on he`d tease you about it. Of course only in a playful matter. After he`d done teasing he`d be the cuddlies little shit ever, making sure you know there`s no need to worry.

“Wait, are you jealous? Really? Oh my, I never knew you`d be this clingy y/n.”


Chill but like not really. I think he`d try to act chill infront of you but once you`re out of the room he`d be a puddle of OMG. He`d find it super cute but he wouldn`t want you to worry about him leaving you for someone else so he`d probably be a classy cutie and buy you some stuff you liked like flowers or something and add a sweet note every now and then so you`d be reminded that you`re the only one for him.

“Why would you be jealous? The only girl/boy I can see in this room is you.”

Reaction; SNSD ~ Aegyo

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Reaction:  Hi 💃 SNSD reacting to reader doing aegyo to get their attention?? So happy you’re back on track!💚

A|n: Now that I know my girls will have comeback soon, my Soshi feels are through the roof! Hope you enjoy, anonie. And thank you so much, I´m happy too, believe me.^^ [gifs not mine, credits to the owners] xoxo ~ G

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She´d probably laugh at your attempt at aegyo, pointing out how bad it was. When she´d notice you were pouting, thinking she didn´t like it, Tae would reassure you.

“No, keep going. It´s ridiculous but I love it.”

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Your cute faces and voice would definitely tear her away from whatever she was doing before. She´d watch you for a while and laugh in delight before blowing you a kiss.

“Baby, I love you but I have to finish this. But I promise you´ll get all the cuddles later.”

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“You want my attention? Here, get all of it!”

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She´d absolutely love it and would completely forget about the task she was doing before-hand. Even if your aegyo would be horrible, she wouldn´t care and would instead ask you for more.

“What was that? Do it again!”

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At first she would completely disregard you presence, as she would be in the middle of the shoot. However, when everything stopped so she could get her hair fixed, you´d start pulling different faces and shoot hearts at her. She´d laugh at you and watch you the whole time, shooting you a heart back whenever she could.

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Just like other girls, she´d stop whatever she was doing and would pay all her attention to you (if she could, of course). Yuri would stare at you lovingly as you continued in your antics, bringing a smile to her face.

“Ah, you´re so cute, jagiya. What am I gonna do with you?”

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“Could you get even cuter?”

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Obviously, our aegyo master wouldn´t let any mistakes slide. She´d watch your little performance ´till the end, then would point out any mistakes and correct you. 

“Jagiya, that´s nice and all but you´re doing it wrong. Here, let me show you.”

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Juhyun would enjoy your aegyo a lot, and if you didn´t do it often, she´d encourage you to do it more. She´d probably errupt into a fit of giggles at your silliness, too!

BTS Reacts to Trying To Show Affection To Their S/O

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You were eating with your boyfriend when all of a sudden he tried to feed you from his chopsticks.

“Say ahh jagiya!” Jin smiled extending his arm over the table.

You were shocked and nervous. You tucked your hair behind your ear.

“Oh haha.” You giggled awkwardly, opening your mouth for him.

He took a bite of his food and smiled at you while he chewed so cutely.

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You were sitting backstage at one of their venues when all of a sudden your boyfriend came up to you and started doing ageyo.

“Y/n-ah awwww mhmhmm.” He screamed in a high pitch voice.

 You smiled shly and J pinched your cheeks. “ You’’re so cute jagiya!”

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V ran up to you and cupped your cheeks before placing a kiss on your nose. 

Your cheeks began to heat up as the rest of BTS aww’d and coo’ed.

You looked away shyly and cleared your throat. 

“Aish why are you so adorable jagiya?” 

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He knew that you were shy but he couldn’t help want to kiss you. 

So he did.

He kissed you and then ran back to his seat and started smiling uncontrollably. 

“Sorry jagiya, you’re just too tempting.”

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He was shy too so there was never any public affection but he would often give this looks that would make you melt and also cringe. 

You were sitting across from him when you looked up to see him staring at you.

You moved around in your seat to avoid his gaze but when you looked back he was still looking at you. 

When he saw you start to blush he nodded his head before turning away. 

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He knew that you were uncomfortable with affection so he’d always let you lead. 

He’d tease you though. 

Like when he’d puff out his cheeks and tap them, wanting a kiss on the cheek from you. 

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Rap Monster:

He’d be like Suga but he’d still kiss you around the members. 

He gave you a quick kiss and started smiling when he saw you look around to see if anyone had noticed what had occur.

“Ah jagiya. You are too damn cute.”

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Hey hey~! After you wrote this marvelous scenario I asked for I felt very tempted to ask for more (if that's okay). And this may be an idea you started..~ so.. Can you write about Nevra purposefully making Ez jelly over Guardienne~? *puppy eyes you*

A/N: Hi there, once again~ Why did I start such an idea? -just kidding hehe- We all know we want to see this, right? Well, here it is!! I hope you like it :D

Ezarel was pissed off and everyone knew it just by looking at him. If looks could kill, Nevra would be dead a long time ago. The reason? That flirty vampire was all over guardienne!!

“Ezarel, you okay?” Alajéa asked and everyone that was in the room held their breaths. She had a big death wish.

“If I´m okay? YEAH, I´M FINE!! Now, leave me alone. Go do something besides bothering me. You can even have a bit of honey, now go!” 

“Did he just say…””…to take some of the honey?” People were looking at the elf with their mouths opened. Were they hearing right? Just how mad was he?

“If it´s bothering you so much, why don´t you go and do something about the situation?” Ewelein said to the blue haired man as she entered the room and saw what was going on.

“…” Not saying anything, Ezarel looked at Ewelien making the woman amused by how affected he was from Nevra´s usual behavior.

“You will lose her.” The elf woman said, irking Ezarel to finally take action and go to guardienne and Nevra´s side.

“Oh, Ez!” Guardienne exclaimed and gave him a smile, only to see him grab her wrist rather painfully and look really angrily at the black aired man.

“Don´t flirt with what´s mine!” Not letting Nevra say anyhting, Ezarel walked away from the room, bringing guardienne with him .

She was still surprised by the words that came out from the elf, but she didn´t miss the big blush that was on his face and was spreading to his pointy ears.

“Ez, you know that I love you, right?” This made the man stop walking.

“I know…I just don´t like when someone, mostly Nevra, comes and starts flirting with you…” He said as he finaly faced the woman, with a red face and a pout on the lips.

“You´re being so cute now.” She couldn´t stop herself from saying that, she really couldn´t.

“HEY!! I´m being serious here!!”

“I know, that´s why you deserve a reward~”

“Rewar-” Not letting him finish talking, guardienne grabbed him by the collar and brought him to her, kissing him gently on the lips and then bite his bottom one, making Ezarel groan.

“Hum…you´re even cuter now~ See you later blue princess~” Guardienne said as she let him go and walked away from him.

“She will be my death one of these days…” Ezarel said to himself as he passed his hand through his hair and tried to calm down his racing heart as he looked to her retreating figure.


“Y/N. What are you doing up there?” There was an obvious edge of concern in Cas’ deep voice. You glanced down to find him standing at the bottom of the ladder you were halfway up.

“I’ve got to replace this lightbulb. It probably hasn’t been changed since 1920, give or take a decade,” you said, smiling down at him.

His brow furrowed as he looked up at you. “Please be careful.”

You laughed. “Cas… I just got back from killing a werewolf yesterday. I think climbing a ladder will be a piece of cake. This is refreshingly domestic.”

The lines of anxiety on his face didn’t ease, but he could tell you thought he was being silly and he began to also feel a little awkward. “It’s–It’s a very tall ladder…”

You eyed him again, reading his expression easily. You leaned an elbow on a rung of the ladder. “Well what do you propose? Should I just let this bulb stay burnt out?”

Cas looked around a little awkwardly. “Perhaps I could–? Instead of you…” he trailed off.

You gave him a small smile. “Alright. Fair enough,” you said, giving into his sweet concern and starting to climb back down the ladder. He met you at the bottom and you surprised both of you when you stood on your tiptoes and planted a kiss on his cheek. “Thanks, Cas.”

He felt like his heart was glowing. “Of course,” he replied, knowing his voice sounded a little dreamy… and with good reason.

Request: itsmeghanlove & miss-weeaboo73

Omg thank you so so much guys QAQ this means a lot to me I say this everytime but iT MOTIVATES ME SO MUCH AND AAAH I COULD SCREAM 24/7 WHEN I READ SUCH CUTE THINGS THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! 

I think I haven’t done it yet 8)) So get here some Fordy~!

- loves the “reads-while-you’re-lying-on-his-lap” thing
- also reversed: he reads and lays on your lap
- you often have to get him away from work and make him take a break (why he’s also thankful for having you)
- is the early morning person
- but also the night owl, he doesn’t need much sleep
- if he does, when he falls asleep at places like: the table, the armchair, your lap
- takes you with him on adventures without any worries because he trusts you like he did with Dipper
- is a careful listener and waits until you finished before he starts to talk
- when you’re alone, you either talk or stay silent, but it’s a comfortable relaxing silence
- got really well reflexes what means evertime something seems to threat you, you immediatley see one arm or Ford himself infront of you or you being pulled next to him, depending on the danger
- your personal google
- easily blushes 
- very ticklish

- first time very careful, later more daring
- passionate in a smooth way
- often top, lets you be top if you want
- lets you do almost everything
- prefers you under him
- smooth kisses/hickeys
- prefers face to face
- secretly likes it at his working space
- not found of new things all the time
- sometimes the one position, sometimes the other one
- not wild, more calm and smooth
- no dirty talk, more complimenting you

I’ll add some things if I get some new ideas!

Note: I hope I understood this the right way haha :)


You had been tickling eachother on the bed when you suddenly fell between the small space between the bed and the wall. Starting to help you out from there Shownu would ask you if you were okey while having a small laughing fit at how adorable this whole situation is. He`d then envelope you in a big hug still lightly laughing.

“Oh y/n, are you okey there?”


You had casually been sitting on top of the couch when you tried to sit differently, in the process shoving the couch a bit away and falling behind it. Minhyuk would look up from where he was putting a game into the console because you two were about to play some games when he saw you were gone. He`d call for you and when your head popped up from behind the couch he couldn`t hold back his laugh.

“OMG did you just fall behind the couch? That is hilarious!”


You were currently trying to get to the top of the shelf in the kitchen, standing on the kitchen counter, which Kihyun had ssaid many times not to do as you could fall, but you were stubborn. Your hand grabbed the sugar you were reaching for when your foot slipped and you fell into the small space that was between the fridge and the counter. Kihyun would run into the room, alerted by the sugar bag hitting the floor quite loudly and seeing you stuck. He`d only shake his head at you.

“Seriously Y/n. How many times have I told you not to stand on top of the counter?”


You and Changkyun were playing a game of hide and seek and it was your turn to hide. Wanting to get the perfect hiding spot you decided to hide in the garden on top of the shed. Watching changkyun searching for you from the top of the roof you forgot how old the shed actually is and by the time you did it was too late as small part of the roof broke and you fell into it getting slightly stuck between the old wood. Changkyun would turn around to look at you and the only thing he could do was laugh as he tried to help you out of there.

“How stupid does one have to be to climb onto such an old shed and think it`s a good idea?”


You walked into the bathroom where Wonho was styling his hair infront of the mirror. You decided to watch him, taking a seat on top of the laundry bin and about to start a conversation when the thing lid broke and you fell right into it. Wonho turned around quickly looking at you with shock before a huge grin would wash over his face followed by hysterical laughing.

“I can`t believe you y/n. You`re so cute!”


Seeing Jooheon on the bed scrolling through his phone you thought it would be a good idea to jump onto the bed and start a cuddle war. So running towards the bed you made for a jump and hit the matress but you didn`t stay there. You bounced back of the bed and right inbetween the space of bed and the wall. Jooheon turned to look at, shock and confusion written all over his face.

“What were you thinking? You can`t just do stuff like this. Are you alright?”


The weather was nice and sunny as you and Hyungwon were taking a small walk through the park. You decided it was becoming to boring so in an attempt to lighten the mood you hit him lightly yelling “you`re it” before running away. You jumped on top of one of the park benches wanting to run over it and jump from one to the other when you tripped and instead fell right inbetween them. You looked up at Hyungwon who was now standing infront of you holding out a hand, seeing the bad try on holding back a laugh on his face.

“Did you hurt yourself?”

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Hey hey!!! Can u do another reaction like the one before ?? The passionate thing ??? For got7 ? (Love tae's) ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Im Jae Bum/JB:

It was a pretty normal night, you two staying in and watching a drama. It was your favorite drama, so much romance and a good story too and how could you forget about the handsome male lead who does anything in his power to protect the woman he loves. This drama was your guilty pleasure and you mostly watched it for the handsome actors, but you couldn’t let Jaebum know that or else he would become jealous.

He was very tense this night, he didn’t talk or do anything. You tried to hold his hand be he refused it. You felt bad, did you do something to make him this mad or was it something else. Some time went by and you got tired of his attitude, you had tried to speak with him but he would just lift his shoulders. You sighed and then you could feel his soft lips sneaking on your skin getting closer to your lips as his hands roamed your body.

When his lips parted from yours, you could feel a longing for his lips to return and stay forever on yours. Your eyes were big as he kept staring at you with his lips slightly parted “so I can make you blush” he chuckled “what?” you said confused, “And you said I cant be romantic” you hit him playfully, his arms wrapped around you and kissed you deeply once more.

Mark Tuan/Mark:

Mark was very tense tonight, he didn’t talk or do anything. You tried to hold his hand be he refused it. You felt bad, did you do something to make him this mad or was it something else. Some time went by and you got tired of his attitude, you wanted to raise your voice and ask him why on earth he was so mean. You sighed and stood up, you were tired and just wanted to get some sleep “where are you going?” you heard him say “to bed” you said.

He held your hand and before you knew it his lips was on yours, his hands feeling your body and his tongue finding a way with yours, being dominant with it but yet gentle. He had never kissed you like this, he usually would just give you a small peck but this time it was different, you let yourself melt into the kiss and even tried to make it more deeper and let him just roam your body for dominance.

“Im sorry” he said, your face was red and you were a bit confused and still a little mesmerized by the kiss he had just stolen. You were breathing heavily as he rested his forehead on yours. “I love you y/n, please don’t think anything else. I know I have been a jerk but, things have been though. Please forgive me” he kissed you again “I forgive you” you said with a smile.

Jackson Wang/Jackson:

Jackson had taken you out dancing for date night as he would take any opportunity to put his hands on your hips and well being a Casanova so your heart would flutter. He loved making your face red as he found it adorable and extremely funny also it made him feel good since it meant that he was doing his job as your bf correctly. This time he was a little different a little extra that usual, he was more sensual in his movements and his was locked on your lips.

In the heat of the moment his lips met yours, it felt like magic with the music and the dimmed lights all around you. He was like prince charming waking up his one true love with a true love`s kiss. His lips moved softly on yours, his tongue moving with the music and you loving every second of you in his arms, lips on lips. The night couldn’t become more magical that what it was in this one moment you two shared out of love.

He looked at you with a smile from ear to ear “I love you y/n” you felt your cheeks turn red, as you stared back into his sparkling eyes “I love you too” he moved in closer once again to steal another kiss from yours lips. You both smiled at each other and you two continued the night dancing underneath the stars.

Park Jin Young/Jinyoung:

It was a cold night, the stars was shining and the streets lights lit. This is where he took you on your first date, the first kiss. You were so mesmerized by the stars as they shined beautifully on this night “what is he planning” you thought, he had taken you here for a reason. You felt your heart beat faster as he held your hand and looked at you with such love and admiration. “What is it?” you asked, “nothing” he said as he shrugged his shoulders.

His hand lifted your chin up as he slowly put his lips on yours, his hand carefully placed on each side of your face as his tongue danced with yours, your eyes closed and him was all you needed. He had never kissed you like this before but, you didn’t mind it as your heart was beating fast and your body pressed tight to his. His hands smoothly felt its way down your back to find your hips and hold you even tighter.

The kiss was so tender that your heart fluttered so much that your cheeks turned red. “You`re so cute y/n and also I knew I could make your heart flutter. As a man and your bf that`s my job” you hit him lightly “really? Make my heart flutter, my heart was not fluttering. Im just a little bit tired after all those stairs we walked” he chuckled and embraced you in his arms “Don`t ever change y/n” you smiled “I promise”.

Choi Young Jae/Youngjae:

It was early morning and Youngjae was already dressed and ready to go for dance rehearsal. You felt sad and reached for his hand “Do you have to go already” you pouted, he smiled at your silliness “you know I have to, not that I want too”. You smiled at him, he was such a good bf. He was never late or made excuses, you really loved him. He sat down on the bed and you rested your head on his lap  “y/n?” he said softly “yes” you answered curiously.

He leaned down, his lips meeting yours. His tongue exploring yours as you melted into the kiss. Your hands around his neck, his lips moving on yours, his breath smelt like strawberry, both had heavy breaths as you continued letting him get complete dominance over the kiss. You gasped when he removed his soft lips from yours, he kissed you softly again before stroking your cheek with his thumb.

You sat up, blushing of his action “I really need to go now, your lips are just too distracting for me” he said with a big grin, you giggled at his red cheeks “ah oppa you`re so cute when you blush” he smiled and kissed the top of your head “see you later y/n, now don`t miss me too much” you nodded in agreement. You felt your cheeks “burning” they were burning, because of him, the one you loved. You laid on your back, giggling to yourself about how lucky you were.

Kunpimook Bhuwakul/Bambam:

“How many shoes do you really need?” you questioned his shoe collection, he chuckled “what do you mean? Shoes are essentials and makes the outfit work” you rolled your eyes. He walked closer to you with a pair of black and white shoes “what do you think of these” you chuckled “I think that your lips are way more interesting than a pair of shoes”. All you wanted was a kiss but, his mind were somewhere else.

His hands carefully placed on your butt as his tongue found a way to take charge of yours and become dominant. Your hands roamed his hair as you pressed your body tighter to his making you gasp. He kissed you neck and you felt your blood pumping as he continued. His lips roamed your neck and slowly but steady found a way back into your mouth and once again take dominance. His lips parted from yours, and you felt yourself resisting the action of doing it more.

“So this pair it is then” you turned away from him “yes, those shoes will do just fine” you said still blushing from the deep kiss, you knew he could be a little dirty sometimes and his hands had been on your body before. But this kiss was something new and you liked it “was I that good y/n” you turned around “no, I just…maybe” you said as he chuckled at your response. “I love you silly” he kissed you once again “love you too”.

Kim Yu Gyeom/Yugyeom:

He had asked you out to watch a movie, it had been so long since the two of you were together and could finally spend some time just enjoying each others company. He was late today. You kept making quick glances at your clock “ten minutes later…..twenty fives minutes late” your happiness began slowly to fade as the minutes went by and he was nowhere to be seen, you send him texts and tried to call him, nothing. You sighed, and walked with sad steps towards the bus stop. “Y/N! WAIT!!!” you turned around to see Yugyeom running, his face was red as he was out of breath after running so much. 

“I`m so sorry, I ran as as fast I could but something kept coming up and…” you sighed “save it” you said in a sad voice “how can I make it up to you?” you looked at him “Yugyeom I don`t think…” before you could finish your sentence his arms held you, his lips locked on yours and his kiss making you weak in your knees. His lips was so sweet and his grip held you tight as if you were going to slip away any second. You melted in his arms. He gently stopped the kiss “Am I forgiven” you stared into his eyes “I…I…” he kissed you again and you could feel your cheeks turning red.

“You`re forgiven” you said with a blush, he smiled at you and caressed your cheek “y/n?” he said “yes” you carefully said “are you blushing because I kissed you?” you turned around holding your cheeks “NO! I JUST, IV BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG AND IT WAS COLD” he chuckled and kissed your cheek “whatever you say”.

Disney movies and best friends in love

Summary: Dean and Cas are best friends. But what happens if one of them if bullied, falls asleep on the others lap and kisses a girl? The other one might just realize his true feelings because of those things, that´s what happens!

Warnings: Bullying, jealousy, underage drinking, language, kissing, Sam and Gabriel ship Destiel


Sometimes school could be exciting but usually it was plain right boring.

Right now it was boring, a boring classroom without any posters or anything else worth looking at, about twenty desks and chairs and of course bored students listening to the teacher talking about WW1.

Mrs Brown’s lessons really were ordinary and boring.

And Dean was bored. He didn’t really like history and none of his friends were in that class. Not even his best friend Cas, who was in almost all of his classes.

At least the lesson was almost over, only one more minute.

“You can go now, I have to talk to Mr Winchester for a minute”, Mrs Brown announced.

That was unusual. She never let her students leave early and never, ever, asked to talk to one of them.

But apparently no one else wondered why the teacher let them off the hook and a few seconds later Dean and Mrs Brown were alone in the classroom.

So Dean went up to her and leaned against her desk.

“What’s up?”, he asked.

Mrs Brown didn’t answer at first, she was busy putting away a few worksheets and pencils.

“I noticed you weren’t paying attention today, or at all, actually. I just wanted to warn you, if you won’t start listening and taking part in the lesson I have no choice but to fail you. And none of us wants that to happen”, she finally told him.

Dean nodded. He’d thought she’d say something like that, since he knew history was probably his worst subject.

Yet he assured Mrs Brown he’d do better and hurried out of the classroom.

Just when he turned around a corner to get to his locker he saw the worst thing he could imagine: Castiel.

Actually it was a good thing for Dean to see his dorky best friend but not in a situation like this.

“Just let me go”, Cas pleaded.
Everyone else would have let go of him and apologize, especially since he had his puppy eyes, but not the guy who had just shoved Cas against the lockers.

“Hey! Didn’t you hear what he said? Let go of him!”, Dean shouted, being the only one in the crowd to say anything.

Actually he had thought the bully wouldn’t listen to him but he really did let Cas and turned towards Dean.

“You think you can just tell me what to do? You think you’re Mr Perfect, the one to save damsels in distress?”, the guy asked.
Now Dean was shaking from anger. Who did that son of a Bitch think he was? At least he’d let go of Cas.

Just when Dean was about to go up and punch the bully, the bell rang and the guy, and everyone else, walked away.
But he didn’t leave without showing Dean and Cas his middle finger.

“You okay?”, Dean asked his best friend while checking his face for injuries.
Cas grinned and nodded.

“I’m fine. But we have to get to math class, we’re running late already”, he reminded Dean.

Dean shook his head. No way he´d let Cas just sit there, listening to a teacher telling him stupid math stuff. Not after what had just happened.

“Fuck math”, he growled and grabbed his best friend´s arm to drag hum out of the building.

Lucky for the the two boys no one was outside, maybe because most of the students were in a classroom and because it was February it was too cold for the rest to go outside.

Anyway, Dean was glad the school yard was empty because that way they could actually find a place on one of the few benches the seniors usually sat on.

“Who was that guy? Why did he hurt you? Did something like that ever happen before? Should I drive you home or to my place? Or maybe a hospital?”, Dean asked as soon as he and Cas were seated on a bench behind a bush, so no one could see them.

“No, Dean. It´s okay, I´m not hurt. And the guy´s name was Alistair. He´s in my history and science class. He has been calling me names and stuff for a while, I never really cared. But today he wouldn´t leave me alone, so I told him to “Fuck off”, you saw the rest, I think”; Cas explained.

Dean looked at his best friend, the guy he knew better than he knew himself.

How could anyone hurt someone like that? Cas was sweet and  innocent, always trying to help others. Dean loved him with all his heart, in a friendly way, of course.

“I just don´t want you to make a big deal out of what happened, Dean”, Cas told his best friend and pulled him out of his thoughts with that.

Dean looked him in the eyes, pleading, full of hope and …love? No; he had to be imagining that! Because maybe, just maybe, his love wasn´t all that friendly. Something Dean would never admit to himself, much less to others.

“I won´t talk about it ever again. At least not as long as Alistair´ll leave you alone from on and you will come home with me now. I want you to lay low at the moment”, he promised Cas, who smiled and nodded in agreement.

Together they made their way towards Dean´s Impala and drove away from Lawrence High.


Later that day Cas and Dean were laying on the couch in the Winchester´s living room and watching TV.

That´s how Sam found them when he opened the door. At first he wondered why his brother was home already, then he asked himself why he and Cas were lying on the giant couch watching some crappy reality show and after that he realized what scene he had walked into.

His brother wasn´t watching TV and neither was Cas.

The brown haired boy was fast asleep, his head comfortably on a pillow in Dean´s lap.

And Dean? He was´t paying attention to the show at all, all he did was watch he boy in his lap, smiling softly. Sometimes he he even went to his hair, gently.

“What do you think you´re doing?”, Sam asked while laughing his ass off.

All of the sudden Dean stopped stroking his friend´s hair and turned around to look at his brother. Dean didn´t know what to say and Sam took that rare opportunity to tease him.

“I know you´re into Cas but I also know he isn´t a a cat you can just place in your lap and cuddle with. If you guys are together, great. But if you aren´t Cas might find it a little creepy to wake up to you looking at him in that love struck way”, the younger Winchester grinned.

Dean didn´t say anything. Yet he did sent his brother a look that would´ve killed every other human being.

Unfortunately for Dean his brother didn´t shut up and just started laughing again. This time loud enough to wake Cas up.

The boy slowly opened bis eyes. Apparently it took him a few seconds to realize where and in what position he was. Because he suddenly sat up straight and blushed in a deep crimson red.

“Sleeping Beauty´s finally awake. I´ll leave you and your prince alone then”, Sam informed the older boys and walked towards the kitchen.

Cas waited until Sam was in the other room, only then he turned around and looked at Dean.

“Sorry for falling sleep on you”, he apologized and blushed again.

Dean, of course, didn´t realize what his friend had said. All he could think about was how adorable Cas´ flushed cheeks were. Maybe he should have paid attention to Cas´ apologize,because that way he wouldn´t have said, what he said.

“You´re so cute when you blush and your hair´s incredibly soft”, Dean rambled.

Well, now it was his turn to blush while his friend´s face went completely pale.

“I don´t mean it like that! It´s just…I…you…”, the older Winchester tried to explain.

The only problem was that he really didn´t know how to explain your best friend why you just called him adorable.

“It´s okay…I just…I should probably go. Micheal´s coming over for dinner and…yeah…”, Cas stuttered.

Dean wanted to reply something, or at least nod, but he was frozen. All he could think about was the chance that Cas was weirded out by what he had said and just wanted to leave the Winchester´s house. To leave Dean.

Just when he about to say something to Cas like “Can´t you stay for one more movie?” he heard the front door closing.

“Guess Cinderella had to leave. And he didn´t even leave you a shoe to find her again”, Sam, who suddenly was sitting next to his brother on the couch, grinned.


Usually Dean and Cas were iinseparable, there was no day they didn´t see each other. And even when they weren´t together for a while they would always text. Dean thought his weekend would be no different and yet it was, on so many levels.

Cas didn´t come over on Saturday morning, he didn´t answer Dean´s texts or calls either.

On Sunday Dean usually went over to Cas´ house and they´d watch a movie, do homework or just talk and enjoy each other´s company.

 On that very Sunday Dean wanted to see his friend more than usual, he was worried, because Cas and he didn´t have any contact the day before. And maybe, just maybe, there was a thought in the back of Dean´s head that Cas didn´t want anything to do with him anymore because of what had happened at Dean´s house on Friday.

But he ignored all those thoughts and knocked on the door of the huge house Cas and his family lived in.

Gabriel, Cas´ brother, opened the door.

“Hey, Dean-o! Didn´t know you´d be coming over too”, he greeted the boy.

“Too?”, Dean asked,”Is there someone with Cas?”

Gabriel grinned. Sometimes the older boy was cool and good company but right now all Dean wanted to do was beat him until the stopped grinning.

“Go upstairs to Cassie´s room and see it yourself. Though you might want to knock before you enter”, Gabriel advised him.

Dean didn´t reply but shoved him away and made his way through the impressive foyer, up the stairs and to his best friend´s bedroom.

Like everything else in the house the door to said room was impressive and sure as hell expensive. Cas´ dad, Chuck Shurley, was a pretty famous, and because of that rich, writer.

Without knocking, even though Gabriel´s told him to do so, he opened the door.

But Dean wasn´t prepared for the scene in front of him.

Cas was on the huge couch in his bedroom, which was about as big as the Winchester´s living room.

But he wasn´t alone. Next to him, her hands in his hair, the same her Dea had been caressing a few days ago, and her lips on his jawline, was Meg Masters. Cas´ neighbor.

Dean took a deep breath to keep himself from hurting the girl.

“Dean? What are you doing here?”, Cas asked innocently.

Meg just glared at him. She was probably mad at him for interrupting t


“I…It´s Sunday…I always come over on Sunday…And…s-sorry…”, Dean stuttered.

He felt… not jealous, that would mean he had feelings for his best friend, but betrayed. Because Cas had forgotten him, and their Sunday.

“Well, now I´´m here. Clarence is busy, aren´t you, unicorn?”, Meg smiled and looked at Cas.

But he just stared at Dean with an unreadable expression in his blue eyes.

“Yeah…”, he finally said,”Meg´s helping me with my…homework?”

It sounded more like a question then a statement. But Dean didn´t pay attention to that. All he could think about was Meg touching Cas, kissing him and doing things only Dean should be allowed to do to him.

That thought made Dean go pale and blush at the same time, because just then he realized something he should have realized years ago.

He was jealous. And he did have feelings for Cas. But his best fired didn´t feel the same way, that was pretty obvious to Dean.

“I´ll just go…See you at school, Cas”, he announced.

Dean didn´t remember running down the stairs or seeing Gabriel´s apologizing look, not even getting into his Baby and driving off.

All he remembered was sitting on the Impala´s hood on a field, a beer, he´d bought with his fake ID, in his hand and tears in his eyes.

“Fuck…”, he whispered and took a sip out of the bottle. And finally a tear rolled down his cheek.

“Fuck!!”, he yelled this time and threw the bottle against a nearby rock.


On Monday Dean really didn´t want to go to school.

It´s not like he usually enjoyed school but seeing Cas and Meg together again was even worse then the boredom in class.

Unfortunately he had to go and a while later, after he had dropped Sam off at his middle school, he made his way towards his English class.

Of course the first thing he saw was Cas leaning against his desk right next to Dean´s.

At least Meg´s not with him, Dean thought.

That´s when he noticed the phone in Cas´ hand and the hurt look on his friend´s face. 

“Hey Cas”, Dean greeted him and set own on his desk.

“Hello Dean”, Cas replied.

After that he looked down at his phone again. Dean studied his face, still hurt. Like any good friend, whether he was in love with Cas or not, he glanced at the phone and saw a text message. 

You don´t want me? Great! But I will tell Dean everything! Every little detail, it read.

Dean knew the text was from Meg, there was no one else who would send such a threat. What he didn´t know was what the second part meant. Did Cas like him too? Or was it a bad kind of secret, it had to be a secret Meg was talking about?

“Any news? What about you and Meg?”, Dean asked, ignoring the text he had just read.

“We never were a couple, not really. Probably because she knew I´m in love with someone else. And she hates me for that”; Cas explained.

Dean tried not to smile, he really did, and yet he couldn´t help but grin a little bit.

“Hey, wanna come over to my place after school? Might lighten up your mood a bit”, Dean suggested.

Cas looked him in the eyes. Ocean blue meeting apple green.

Dean couldn´t help but smile. He really did act like the love interest in a chick-flick.


Knowing Cas would spend the afternoon with him, Dean´s day flew by and before he knew he was sitting on the Impala´s hood, waiting for his friend.

“Hi”, Cas grinned and put a hand on Dean´s shoulder.

The touch sent sparks through his body and caused him to smile.

“Should we get going?”, Dean asked.

Cas nodded and got into the passenger seat. Dean followed him, starting the engine soon after.

“We have to pick up Sammy first”, he informed his friend.

Cas nodded and smiled. That was one of the things Dean loved about him. He wasn´t just nice to his little brother, he loved him like his own.

A minute alter Dean pulled over at Sam´s Middle School. And a while after hat the younger Winchester opened the back door and got into the car.

“Hey Dean. Hey Cas”, he greeted the older boys. Then he turned towards the blue eyed one:”How´s Gabe?”

Dean sighed. At first Sam hated Cas´ older brother but one summer he helped him flirt with Jess, a girl from his class, and ever since then he adored the guy. He even came up with a nickname for him.

“Gabriel´s fine. He´s leaving for college in summer. Or at least that´s what´s told our parents. I think he´s heading towards LA to become famous”; Cas laughed. Another thing Dean loved about Cas, his laugh always made the green eyed boy smile himself.

“We´re there”, Dean announced and stopped the Impala in front of the Winchester´s house. The three boys got out and walked inside.

“I´m hungry, what about you guys?”, Dean stated.

Cas nodded, while Sam shook his head.

“When will dad be home?”, he asked. 

Dean shrugged and made his way through he living room into the kitchen.

“Late. 10pm or something. Why?”, the older of the two brothers answered.

Sam frowned, put his backpack on a kitchen chair and got a piece of apper out of the giant bag.

“I need help with my math homework and dad´s way better in math than you are. Better than Cas too”, he explained.

Dean and Cas looked at each other and grinned. It was pretty unusual for Sam to need help with his homework.

“Why son´t you go over to me house? Gabriel´s home and he took math AP in High School, he should be able to help you”, Cas suggested.

Sam grinned and got his bag.

“Thanks, Tiana. Now help Naveen with dinner”, he told Cas and ran out of the kitchen. Probably out of the house too and towards Cas´ house a few blocks away.

“Tiana?”, the brown hared boy questioned.

Dean smiled. A few weeks ago he and Sam saw “Princess and the Frog”, officially because nothing else was on but in the end it turned out both of the boys had enjoyed it.

“He keeps calling you princess names. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and now Tiana. The guy watches too many Disney movies”, Dean tried to explain. Completely ignoring the fact that Sam always referred to him as the prince.

Cas just laughed.

“I can´t help you cook, though. I´m useless in the kitchen”, he told Dean.

But of course his best friend already knew that, because there already was a sandwich on the tale in front of Cas a few seconds after he had said that.

“Hey, Dean. Can we talk?”, he asked after both boys had finished their meals.

Dean wasn´t prepared for something like that and he was scared. What did Cas want to talk about? Sam´s princess name? Or did he want to talk about what had happened on Friday? Or about Meg and the person he was in love with? What if it wasn´t Dean?

But being the good friend he was, Dean didn´t say any of those things and just nodded.

“It´s about Meg…And last Friday…And I understand if you don´t ever want to see me again after hearing this but I have to get this off my chest”, Cas started.

Now all of Dean´s fears were replaced with hope. Was it possible that Cas was about to tell him he loved him?

“It all started, I don´t know, maybe it never started. Maybe it´s always been this way and I just never realized it. But on Friday when you protected me from Alistair, and then later when I woke up with my head in your lap, the light touch of your hand in my hair and that gorgeous smile of yours. I realized I was, am, in love with you. But I knew you´d never feel the same way. So I decided to try to forget about you, kissing Meg was my best option in doing so. Of course you decided to walk into my room. I just wanted you to know why Meg was there. And why we broke up so soon after that. 

And I´d love to be your male Disney princess, as long as you´ll be my prince.”

Dean didn´t know what to say. He really was totally speechless, something that usually never happened. But apparently his body knew exactly what to do because a second later Dean got up from his chair and walked over to Cas, who had walked over to the kitchen counter while giving his speech.

He just leaned in, without thinking about it. And suddenly his ability to speak as back.

“You love me?”, he whispered and leaned in even closer.

But Cas didn´t reply. So not knowing what else to do Dean pressed his lips to Cas´ carefully. 

Just a second later he broke the contact again.

“Would it be easier for you to answer my question if I told you that I love you too?”, Dean asked.

As an answer Cas brought his lips to Dean´s again.

Just when the sweet innocent kiss was about to turn more heated the kitchen door flew open and Sam and Gabriel entered.

“Told you they´d get together before Valentine´s day”, Cas´ brother grinned,

Sam nodded and the two of them high-fived.

“Looks like Beauty finally has his Beast”, he agreed.

Cas and Dean looked at them questioningly but their brothers just laughed and left the kitchen.

As soon as they were gone, Disney movies were forgotten and Dean and Cas were kissing each other again, not knowing they had a happily ever after ahead of them, even more beautiful then in every movie ever made.

Got7 Reaction when their crush uses their jacket as a blanket

i havenโ€™t done a gif reaction in what feels like months. honestly iโ€™m pretty sure itโ€™s been at least a month. anyways, i hope i donโ€™t completely suck at this now and hope you all enjoy! love you all <333

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Note: Here is the final part for this request. Seventeen version. Like the BTS, GOT7 and Seventeen PART A version I generalised this a bit to be a reaction on how they would be like when you are on your period, however I added the cuddling in there.

Part B


I can imagine Woozi being cool in some situations and confused in others. Like he`d be cool about the cuddling and you food cravings. He`d even be chill about going and buying you the stuff you need. But if you are a person who has really bad pains and/or moodswings he`d be a bit freaked out. Mainly because he`s worried. Obviously he wouldn`t like seeing you in pain. The moodswings where you go from laughing to crying to being mad in the course of 10 minutes would kinda wear him out a little and he`d be glad your oeriod only lasts a week. He`d try his best to work things out though because he knows it`s nothing you can control.

“Just a minute ago you were throwing pillows at me and now you want to cuddle? I really don`t understand you women.”


Seokmin is a sweetheart, therefor I can see him being very worried about you in this situation. Even if you`re the type to not have too bad pains, he`d still ask you every 5 minutes if you`re okey and if you need anything. If he wasn`t there with you directly he`d send messages and call to check in with you. He`d put up easily with everything, massages, cravings, moodwings and of course your need of cuddles. They type to get you extra stuff even if you didn`t ask for it.

“Cuddle? Sure, we can cuddle. I`ll just get you some tea first.”


Might be the moodiest of them all, however also impressed? Like as soon as you are asleep or aren`t around he`d question how the hell you can handle all of that every single month. He`d complain about it more than anything, of course not blaming you or anything. He`d just be saying stuff like: “Isn`t there some kind of medicine that stops it all?” or “I tell you if I had to put up with that every month I`d jump off a cliff.” Even though he complains he gets you whatever you need. You might have to put up an extra cute act for him to go buy tampons and stuff but if you really needed them he`d do it. Because of that cuddles wouldn`t even be any surprise for him and he`d just let you use him as a big teddybear.

“Honestly, your cuddliness is the only loveable thing about all of this.”


The first times you were on your period when he`s around he`d confused. You`d have to tell him what you need and explain a few things so he doesn`t freak out completely. After a while though I can see him getting used to it and learning your needs and behaviors during that time and would handle the situation calmly from then on. I can also see him researching things that might maybe help you on the internet. Then tries them out, which ends up either working well or just being a complete mess. All in all he`d be attentive to your needs and wouldn`t complain one bit. That includes cuddles.

“Are you laying comfortably or do you want me to switch positions?”


The guy who constantly tries to cheer you up. He`d be the one you either love or hate, depending on your personality in that moment. He can either get you to laugh so hard your stomach hurts and you almost forget about your period completely, or you want to push him out the window, there is no inbetween. A simle explanation that you`re not in the mood for his positiveness however would calm him down and he`d be more chill with you. All in all he`s there to help you through the time in every way he can. Probably brings home small surprises like cake and stuff to cheer you up. Also I see Seungkwan loving to cuddle on a day to day basis so he`d find your need of extra cuddle super cute.

“Aw y/n, you`re so cute like that. Come here and cuddle me!”


Cool and tough. Except he isn`t . Like outside he`d try to be mature and calm but inside he`d be so confused. You ask him to get you tampons and he`d be like “yeah, sure thing” and then he`d find himself infront of the isle in the store with no clue to what size you need. Doesn`t want you to know though so he buys one of each and hopes for the best. He`d be more comfortable with getting you your favorite snacks and stuff because there he is sure he buys the right thing. Finds random other items on the way that promise pain relief and nutritions for that time of the month and comes back with a bunch of stuff. Vernon might not be the type to usual cuddle a lot but in this setting he`d be reliefed you asked for it because 1. he needs a break from all this stress and 2. cuddling is a thing he knows how to do.

“Yeah, sure let`s cuddle” 

Inside: “Thank god she didn`t ask for anything complicated”


Poor thing would be worried and confused to no end. He wouldn`t be any less nice and attentive though but I just see him being a bit uncomfortable with the whole situation? WIth him it`s best to sit down and talk him through your usual behaviors. Warn him about any kind of moodswings cause he`d be pertified if you suddenly went from laughing to crying. Dino would step up and do everything he can to help though so don`t think he`d be liek a lost kid. In the end you`d have to explain things to him a little more but he`d never dissapoint in being a loveable and attentive boyfriend. Your cuddliness would be one of his favorite things then, especially if you`re not a very cuddle person on a day to day basis.

“Do you want to watch a movie while we cuddle?”

anonymous asked:

How about the RFA + Saeran finding out about MC having an identical twin sister? I love your writing btw

thank youuuu, honeybee!! and thx for the request!!! i think i got this wrong tho, lol forgive me pls. <3


-you had invited your sister over, while jumin was at work. it had been long since you two last spoke, and you definitely owed it to her, to fill her in these past few months-

-you asked her to sit down, and went to you and jumins shared bedroom, to get a cardigan

-it just so happened that jumin, came home while you were changing. 

-”mc, im home…i didn´t think that shirt would be your taste?..i thought i knew your taste pretty well” wtf jumin

-”yeah uhm, i´m not mc…i´m her twin sister..i guess she haven´t told you about me? haha i´m hUrt”

-well that was definitely not mc, you may look identical but your personalities and taste were not 

-when you emerge from your room you find your sister and jumin, discussing clothing for you?? wat?? are you doing?! 

-ok but they actually get along pretty well, and he´s 100 okay with you inviting her over regularly


-your sister had been dying to meet your infamous boyfriend, so you drag her to one of his shows..

-she is swooning whoah

-zen is so confused tho, there´s 2 of mc?? uhm?? is worried someone poisoned his water or somethig fucking dramaqueen wow

-until your sister introduces herself as “mc´s beloved other half, and a new fan of yours!” damn sis don´t boost his ego

-i mean after that he loves her! 

-”when are your sister coming on visit again??” omg zen staph


-you would have already told him that your sis was coming to visit

-but at that time he was playing lolol and in the middle of a boss fight, so he hadn´t really listened 

-he ended up going to bed at around 4 in the morning

-when he woke up, super groggy and with huge bags under his eyes

-walked into the living room in only boxers


-he hurries back to the bedroom..pinches himself, realizes it´s not a dream. quickly gets dressed and adventures back into the living room

-”uuhm sorry about that…i didn´t know we were having guests…are you two sisters??”

-”yup! twins actually! i heard about your gaming addiction, yoosung..but oh my! mc he´s even more adorable in person!!”

-blushy nervous mess


-you bring your sister to your cafe with you! 

-when you two walk in, jaehee takes her glasses off to clean them

-this isn´t double vision, right??

-she is quick to compose herself tho and gives you both a warm welcome

-your sister loves her! 

-”wow, you´re mcs girlfriend??? you´re so cute!! good job mc!”

-cute blushy jaehee is cute

-”i really think mc is the cute one in this relationship”


-your sis wanna visit all the time 


-ho boy

-he already knows everything

-he probably spent hours looking at pictures of you two together to teach himself to distinguish you two.

-he gets a little bit too into it tho

-which gets very obvious, when you bring her over for the first time, and seven is there in an instant 

-”hi kathy!!!! sup?” 

-he made sure to buy her favorite cake, and drink and omg chill

-he slips up, when your sister is telling a funny story about “her ex” and seven blurts out “peter or john the fuckbo-?” whoopsie doopsie

-your sister pauses for a moment, but then countinues unfrazzled, to both of your relief

-things goes pretty smooth from there


-when your sister introduces herself his response is just “yeah i know…hello” he did not know

-or did he?? you weren´t sure and if you ask him, he´d insist he knew no matter if it was true or not

-he´s really shy tbh, doesen´t talk much but smiles to you once in awhile over the table

-he´s clearly concentrating on eating with manners, and it´s the cutest thing ever

-your sister even comments on it like “you don´t have to act so formal, we´re family” 

-lil bby boy flushes red as a tomato