One Thousand Camp Counselors

DM: So you see these two boys playing with this horse, and you see them and - you’re a cleric, you’ve met all kinds of kids, you’ve met these kids in particular, and you’re very insightful, and for a moment you just know. You are channeling the insight of one thousand camp counselors, and you *know.*

Listen, if I met a dryad woman in a forest one day, I’d be interested in her, and I know you’re gonna bring up splinters when I say that, but consider that this hypothetical situation involves me going into a forest and hoping to find women there, which i think makes it safe to assume I’ve weighed up the pros and cons already,

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I know Kayleigh's deathdate isn't given but like either way Kevin day went to middle school and was 100% that kid who took gym way to serioulsy. Like imagine him playing capture the flag and treating it like war like that one kid always did.

  • Kevin Day is 100% the kid everyone hated in gym class
  • He will not pass
  • He is way too into it and trying super hard
  • He snaps at everyone on his team, even though the points in gym class do not matter at all and he’s already single-handedly winning for his team anyways???
  • Like you’re up ten points buddy, maybe give it a rest
  • Communication af in a class full of people who are playing but not talking at all or are talking but not playing at all
  • When teams are being made, he makes sure that people who don’t put effort in know that he is disappointed to have them on his team
  • If there was an award for most likely to injure themself and/or someone else, he would win it with his dangerous overplaying
  • He wishes there was an award so that he could win it
  • He takes winning very seriously
  • He’s the one that gets really pissy about whether goals counted or not
  • And will murder a bitch if they try to convince him the score isn’t what he knows it is
  • And good luck trying to convince him not to count points
  • He is the reason the gym teacher has to split the gym into two halves (competitive and non-competitive)
  • He points out to the gym teacher every time anyone breaks a single game rule (even if it is super minor and clearly unintentional and didn’t affect the outcome of the game at all) and everyone hates him for it
  • He plays intramurals at lunch and won’t let you on his team if you aren’t the absolute best option
  • He’s that kid that talks the staff into playing a teachers vs. students game and he is way too into it
  • He gives everyone unsolicited pointers that might actually be useful if he didn’t give them in such an arrogant and demeaning way

my precious brothers & sisters—

for those of you tonight who, like me, have a heavy heart & feel like the world is crashing down on you, please know things will get better. this heartache is temporary, and the sadness will soon turn to joy. God is with us. He loves us. He hears us. He counts each one of our tears in a bottle! you’re not alone in this. I’m lifting our hearts up to our Mighty God. we will be okay! love u. xox

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I understand ur discomfort with his hat (it is inappropriate) but I really don’t think he’s wearing it to be offensive. Coming from someone who has lived in china, they are not wary of the racial slurs etc in America. Also many of their clothes have weird English sayings that make no sense. The hat is ba but I don’t think it’s right that you’re giving him all this hate. Let’s all just be happy and enjoy his new song !!

no the fuck i’m not finna sit up here and ignore this shit either. yall love telling black folks how to feel in situations like this. ion care what yall experiences have been. you’re not black. don’t tell me to just be happy and enjoy the song. “he didn’t wear it to be offensive”. that’s not the POINT. the point is, HE GOT THE SHIT ON HIS HEAD.


Yeah, I’m sick of losing soulmates

Won’t be alone again

I can finally see, you’re as fucked up as me

So how do we win?

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Jack 'will leave hickeys in every possible place to make sure that everyone in New York knows you're his girl' Kelly. Jack 'lets out the lowest growl before shoving you against a wall to aggressively make it with you when he's jealous' Kelly

Blease more
I be a slut for this man

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hi i just followed you on my new account and i wanna say you aRE A CUTE AND I AM A GAY HELLO

You’re tearing me apaRT LISA-

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4 & 11! :D

4. how often do you draw?

god, everyday if not every other day (tfw when ur “job” is drawing but so is ur hobby so you’re in a constant art loop)

11. warm or cool colors?

oooo good question actually, i think i use more warm colors, even when shading. both are great though, it just depends on the mood and whatever the setting is

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So I finally got to a point I can pass for cis (facial hair, deep voice, learned to carry myself more "masculine") but the problem is I'm in an awkward state of still too gender ambiguous for cis people, and the local trans community on campus doesn't seem to want to talk to me because of my appearance, I assume it's because I'm currently in the inbetween stage of two communities. I dunno how to occupy both worlds without feeling ostracized for being where I'm at in my transition by either party

Jeez, I’m really sorry about that. I can see how that would be rough. But just because you’re in between doesn’t make you any less of a man. You’re completely valid and you are trans, you are a man, and that’s ok. I’m sorry again that those groups are making you feel that way

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I can 100 percent imagine being kind of friends with Peter Parker, like you aren't best friends but you say hi to each other and talk sometimes, and one time you mention you're really struggling in whatever language you take at school. He, taking Spanish, doesn't know anything about the language but he offers to help you study. So then he has to learn whatever language you take to help you out and you catch on eventually but think it's cute so you let him continue

oh yeah like yall are acquaintances and it’s part of the casual “hey how are you” greeting and one day you’re honest and you’re like “idk i’m kind of struggling in my language class” and peter has always secretly had a crush on you so immediately he offers to help and he doesn’t even consider that you’re not taking spanish so when you tell him the class and set up a meeting time he’s high key panicking!!! but he doesn’t want to cancel bc he’s finally getting to hang out with you???? so between then and your set up time at the end of the week he goes hard and studies the language so he can pick up as much as he can and he’s a genius so it works pretty well???? but eventually after a couple study sessions (peter calls them dates in his head but he doesn’t tell you that) you kinda catch on but. it’s high key adorable. so you let him continue “tutoring” you (bc talking things out has actually helped improve your grade) and at the end of the semester you thank him with a quick peck on his lips and an invite out to dinner

-sappy sunday-

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Didn’t you used to hate Josh?

I’ve actually kind of addressed this unprompted before. But basically I found him annoying at first, but Midway through the season I warmed up to him, but I’m still not a Stan, never have been a Stan, and probably never will be a Stan, however I respect him and I think people discredit him and his game a lot. So like you’re half wrong half right.

I never hated him though, I just disliked him a little bit in the beginning 😊