ABCs of your OCs

a list of oc questions in alphabetical categories - i made each category based on the first word I could think of in alphabetical order, so enjoy!

A: Aptitude
1. what are your oc’s natural abilities, things they’ve been doing since young?
2. what activities have they participated in?
3. what abilities do they have that they’ve worked for?
4. what things are they bad at?
5. what is their most impressive talent?

B: Basics
1. what is their hair color?
2. what is their eye color?
3. how tall are they?
4. how old are they?
5. how much do they weigh?

C: Comfort
1. how do they sit in a chair?
2. in what position do they sleep?
3. what is their ideal comfort day?
4. what is their major comfort food? why?
5. who is the best at comforting them when down?

D: Decoration
1. how would they decorate a house if they had one under their name?
2. how would they decorate their child’s room?
3. how do they decorate their own room?
4. what type of clothes and accessories do they wear?
5. do they like makeup/nail/beauty trends?

E: External Personality
1. does the way they do things portray their internal personality?
2. do they do things that conform to the norm?
3. do they follow trends or do their own thing?
4. are they up-to-date on the internet fads?
5. do they portray their personality intentionally or let people figure it out on their own?

F: Fun
1. what do they do for fun?
2. what is their ideal party?
3. who would they have the most fun with?
4. can they have fun while conforming to rules?
5. do they go out a lot?

G: Gorgeous
1. what is their most attractive external feature?
2. what is the most attractive part of their personality?
3. what benefits come with being their friend?
4. what parts of them do they like and dislike?
5. what parts of others do they envy?

H: Heat
1. do they rather a hot or cold room?
2. do they prefer summer or winter?
3. do they like the snow?
4. do they have a favorite summer activity?
5. do they have a favorite winter activity?

I: In-the-closet
1. what is their sexuality?
2. have they ever questioned their sexuality?
3. have they ever questioned their gender?
4. would/was their family be okay with them being LGBT?
5. how long would/did it take for them to come out?

J: Joy
1. what makes them happy?
2. who makes them happy?
3. are there any songs that bring them joy?
4. are they happy often?
5. what brings them the most joy in the world?

K: Kill
1. have they ever thought about suicide?
2. have they ever thought about homicide?
3. if they could kill anyone without punishment, would they? who?
4. who would miss them if they died?
5. who would be happy they died, anyone?

L: Lemons
1. what is their favorite fruit?
2. what is their least favorite fruit?
3. are there any foods they hate?
4. do they have any food intolerances?
5. what is their favorite food?

M: Maternal
1. would they want a daughter or a son?
2. how many children do they want?
3. would they be a good parent?
4. what would they name a son? what would they name a daughter?
5. would they adopt?

N: Never Have I Ever
1. what would they never do?
2. what have they never done that they want to do?
3. is there anything they absolutely can’t believe people do?
4. what is the most embarrassing thing they’ve done?
5. have they done anything they thought they’d never do?

O: Optimism
1. are they optimistic or pessimistic?
2. are they openly optimistic, throwing it on others?
3. are they good at giving advice?
4. is there anyone in their life that throws optimism on them?
5. were they always optimistic?

P: Personality
1. what is their best personality trait?
2. what is their worst personality trait?
3. what of their personality do others love?
4. what of their personality do others envy?
5. do they hate anything about their personality/about other’s personalities?

Q: Questions
1. do they ask for help?
2. do they ask questions in class?
3. do they answer questions that make them a little uncomfortable?
4. do they ask weird questions?
5. are they curious?

R: Rules
1. do they follow rules?
2. would they be a strict or laid-back parent?
3. have they ever been consequenced for breaking a rule?
4. have they broken any rules they now regret breaking?
5. do they find any rules they/others follow absolutely ridiculous?

S: Streets
1. are they street-smart?
2. would they give money to someone on the streets?
3. have they ever gotten in a fight on the streets?
4. has anything happened to them on the streets?
5. are they cautious when out?

T: Truth
1. are they honest?
2. can they tell if someone is lying?
3. is it obvious when they’re lying?
4. have they lied about anything they regret lying about?
5. have they told truths that have been spread against their will?

U: Underdog
1. have they been bullied?
2. have they bullied anyone?
3. have they been physically attacked by a bully?
4. have they ever been doubted?
5. have they surprised people with being good at something?

V: Vomit
1. do they vomit often?
2. do they get lots of stomach aches?
3. are they good at comforting someone ill?
4. what do they like as far as comfort goes?
5. do they burp, cough, or hiccup most when nauseous? when vomiting?

W: Water
1. do they drink enough water?
2. have they learned to swim?
3. do they like to swim?
4. can they dive?
5. can they swim without holding their nose?

X: Xylophone
1. what is their favorite genre of music?
2. do they have a favorite song?
3. do they have a favorite band/artist/singer?
4. can they sing well?
5. can they rap?

Y: You
1. how old were you when you created them?
2. what inspired you to create them?
3. were they different when they were first created?
4. do you enjoy writing them more than other characters?
5. what’s your favorite thing about them?

Z: Zebra
1. what’s their favorite animal?
2. do they like animals?
3. cats or dogs?
4. what’s their dream pet?
5. do they have any pets at the moment?

5 Times When

Peter Parker x Reader~Masterlist



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5 Times When Peter Parker had a completely obvious crush on you

1) He anonymously sent you a copy of your favorite book

Peter overheard you talking to one of your friends in the hallway of school. “I just cannot believe,” you were saying, “that A Tale of Two Cities is my favorite book and I don’t own a copy of it!”

Gwen, the friend by your side, shrugged. “Buy it.”

“Ugh, but that’s so much work,” you sighed. “I’d have to go all the way to the store and talk to someone to purchase it.” 

Peter closed his locker, eyeing you from the side. You had moved on from the topic, slinging your red and black checkered bag over your shoulder and walking away. 

He waved to you nervously and was delighted when you smiled to him. “Hi, Peter,” you say before continuing on. 

The following morning shocked you because there was a package inside your locker. Well, more of a present. 

It was wrapped neatly in gold paper with a ribbon on top and a note card with your name on it. 

You looked around the hallway-it was still just morning time, students still filing into the school. You supposed it couldn’t have been hard for someone to break into your locker seeing as you spend every minute you can spare by sleeping in. Who, exactly, thought it would be a good idea to start high school at seven in the damn morning? 

Either way, you hesitantly unwrapped the paper. 

You couldn’t help but squeal in delight when you saw the contents; a book! Not just any book, but your favorite book! 

You’d been talking to your friend, Gwen, about how you had yet to own a copy of it just the day before now. Perhaps she had something to do with it? 

You grinned while you held the book to your chest, retreating to class. 

Peter waved to you from his locker and you waved back. 

2) You were gushing about your crush on Spider-Man

Michelle laughed at you from her side of the table. “You’re utterly insane, [Nickname], you know that?” 

You pouted. “I’m not. I’m just saying that Spider-Man and I will probably ended up making out at some point. It’s bound it happen. I’ve read the fan-fiction on tumblr, Michelle, and I know at least one third of it was written by you.” 

She rolled her eyes when you pointed at her with a plastic spork. “Hey, so on a totally different-and normal- note, can one of my friends sit with us today?” 

You put her hand over your chest in mock terror. “You have friends other than me? That’s bull,” you laughed. 

Michelle leaned back on her cafeteria seat. “Nah, he’s a little and helpless puppy-nerd. Yo, Peter!” 

You looked back and smiled when Peter Parker made his way over. He set his bag beside yours and you pulled a seat out for him. “[Y/n], you know Parker, right?” Michelle asked, gesturing between you both. 

“Yeah, sort of,” you replied happily. “You were in my biology Freshmen year! And we have lockers close together,” you told Peter, as though he didn’t remember it himself. Trust me, he did. 

“So Peter, enlighten us both with your ever so smart nonsense,” Michelle purred, resting her chin in her elbow. “Do you think [Y/n] has a chance with Spider-Man?” 

Your eyes widened and you promptly kicked your friend underneath the table. “Why?” you hissed. 

Michelle laughed over her wince of pain. 

“Uhm. W-why would you want a…chance…with Spider-Man?” Peter asked, looking at you. “Because,” you replied slowly. “He’s-well he’s the type of guy who just-”

“Because [Y/n] has a huge crush on him,” Michelle answered for you. 

The rest of the day, Peter imagined what it’d be like for him to swoop you up in his arms while wearing his suit. 

3) He offered to be your date when yours stood you up 

The Midtown High School committee always held a party right smack in the middle of the year. It acted as a fundraiser and a survey for student interests at the same time. 

This year, the theme is super heros! Everyone that would show up was meant to be dressed as a super hero, whether real or fictional. You would get to take pictures with little kids who showed up and what not. Plus, when the photography portion is over, there would be a marathon of hero movies in the theatre of the school-food and drinks provided. 

Someone had ended up asking you out to this school event. You supposed he was cute enough. The plan was that you’d buy the tickets and he’d pay you back at the end of the night. You guys even decided to go as a super hero couple! 

So you now stood in line at your school, handing money to Gwen. Gwen is the type of girl who is in ever single club at the school so it didn’t surprise you that she is also apart of the committee. “So,” she grinned, “I hear you’re going with Dreamy Danny?” 

You blushed, looking away from her as she counted the money and tickets. “Yes, I guess.” 

“You guess?! [Y/n],” Gwen said, all serious now, “Dreamy Danny has been the number one wet dream boat for everyone ever since he transferred. I’m going to be the sister-in-law of Dreamy Danny!” 

You took the tickets from her hands. “You are not because we aren’t getting married. And Dreamy Danny isn’t all that, you know,” you grumble back. 

Gwen nodded. “Oh, yeah. I’m sorry, I forgot you were only into nerds like Spider-Man and Peter Parker.”

You wanted to scream at her to shut up. “I don’t like like Peter, okay! All I said is that he happened to be really cute and I’m happy we are starting to be friends…and Spider-Man isn’t a nerd!” you added before walking off. Gwen called out to you, something along the lines of “Nerds are so your type!” 

You tried to forget Gwen’s comment on Peter-especially since you are headed to the library to spend free period with him. 


He greeted you with a cute smile, as usual. He had the seat pulled out for you and you happily took it. 

“Ooh, you’re going to the fundraiser?” he asked, spotting the tickets in your hands. 

“Yep! Maybe Spider-Man will be there,” you joked. Your crush on Spider-Man became an inside joke between you guys now, since it was the first thing you two had actually talked about. 

Peter had quickly become a good friend. You enjoyed his company. 

“Are you going with Gwen?” he asked, biting into an apple. “No, Danny Rand.” 

Peter stopped in the middle of his bite. Danny Rand?! As in the guy everyone in school thought was really hot? Hell, his nickname is Dreamy Danny!

“I thought the same thing when he asked,” you admitted. “It’s all very weird. I actually thought he liked that girl, Colleen. But whatever, right? Peter, you said you’re going to the fundraiser tomorrow?”  

He opened his mouth to answer but noticed your phone light up. The number hadn’t yet been saved. 

“Oh. That’s Drea-Danny,” you say, unlocking the phone to read what he had sent. “Oh…” 

Peter leaned in towards you. “Wait, what’s wrong?” 

Your face had fallen, just a bit, and you wrinkled your nose with discomfort. “I’m getting stood up,” you announced, putting your phone face down. “And I already bought his ticket…do you want to come with me to return this?” you asked, waving the other one in your hand. 

It didn’t totally bother you; Dreamy Danny isn’t your boyfriend, anyways, and you hardly knew him, so why should it bother you? But on the other hand, you’d gotten a bit excited. Maybe the idea of having a date was why you’d been excited.

But now you’re going alone. It made you a little sad. 

“Uh, no,” Peter said, clearing his throat. “You don’t have to return it. I’ll go with you to the fundraiser,” he said, a small smile drawing the corner of his mouth up. 

You raised your eyebrows. “Don’t you already have plans?” 

He shook his head, leaning down on the table. Peter tapped his fingers on a textbook rhythmically. “No, I was going alone too. And besides, I didn’t buy my ticket yet. I’ll just pay you right now for it.” 

You held the extra ticket close to your chest. “I don’t want your money, though. I’d feel bad!” 

“Why?” Peter asked. “Wasn’t Danny Rand going to pay you back?” 

You slowly nodded your head. “Well, yes, but isn’t his family super well off? Not that you’re poor!” you quickly apologized. Peter only laughed at that. “Hey-think of it like this! I bought my own ticket, you just picked it up for me. Okay? Say ‘Okay, Peter,’” he coaxed as he switched the spare ticket in your hand for a five dollar bill. 

“Okay, Peter,” you nodded. 

4) You showed up as his superhero S/O 

Peter insisted that he should have picked you up for the fundraiser, but you told him no and he’d already been enough of a big help. Peter, you texted him, you don’t have to go out of your way to do that! I’ll meet you there, don’t worry! :)

So he waited, bouncing on the balls of his feet while playing on his phone. His costume was a Nightwing one, black and blue with his hair slicked out of his face. 

A taxi eventually rolled up and he watched curiously to see who would get out of the car. 

He almost screamed out loud when he saw your costume. 

You had decided to come to this thing as Starfire. 


Since the event was a school function, you’d opted for a more modest take of the alien’s outfit, seeing as the comic version involved as little cloth as possible. But your hair was curled the way Starfire’s was and you looked absolutely gorgeous. 

You happily skipped over to Peter and admired his costume. “Hey! We match! You know, Nightwing and Starfire are da-”

“Yeah, I know,” Peter quickly interrupted before you could say it. Dating. 

After some chatting, you guys decided to head into the school. All Peter could think about was the fact neither of you planned this. 

What a coincidence. 

5) He saw you in an unexpected place

Summer had finally come for New York. The school year ended with Peter romantically confessing his feelings for you then giving you a hard, passionate kiss. 

Haha. Not. It’s what he would have liked to have happened, but instead you guys went back to his apartment and ate ice cream with his Aunt May. 

The intense July heat gave Peter much more of a reason to ask Mr. Stark to help him train and learn more at the facility. The air conditioning there was so cold and perfect. Not perfect for winter, anyways, but it would be just fine for this time of year. 

Tony escorted him around the place again for good measure. “Hey, so when can I meet the other Avengers?” Peter asked eagerly. “I mean, you know, officially meet them.” Peter wouldn’t call getting his ass kicked by Steven Rogers a ‘proper introduction.’ 

Tony hesitated. He wasn’t completely over the incidents with Steve-i.e the time when everyone on the Avengers split into side and tried to beat each other up-   but gave in. “I guess you can meet some of them now. Come on, kid, follow me.” 

Peter cheered to himself and followed after Tony. “You can meet a few of the softies first. You know, to ease your way into it. Let’s start with Banner.” 

Peter paled. “How is he a softie?! He-he could kill me,” Peter said quietly, as though if he said it louder he would actually die. 

“A lot of people could kill you, kiddo, but Banner won’t. You can also meet his kid. She’s about the same age as you and has some weird powers. Probably something to do with Bruce’s bio~hazardous sperm.” 

Peter wanted to point out that if Bruce did sleep with someone without a condom, his ‘bio~hazardous sperm’ would most likely kill the poor woman. 

There was a wide set of tinted glass doors, a few words of warning printed onto them. “This is our playground,” Tony explained. “The science lab. If the Big Guy is anywhere, he’s here. You wouldn’t have seen him yet, but his kid, you have. She was at the airport.” 

How could Peter forget? She pummeled him into small Spider-Boy pulp. And all because he said her mask was a bit unreasonable( his exact words were “I mean seriously, how do you breathe with that? And purple? Not a good color on you.”).

Tony pressed a few buttons and then pushed the door open. “After you,” he grinned to Peter. 

Peter stepped in, cautiously, and looked around. There wasn’t anything absolutely crazy like he’d expected. In one corner of the room there was a couch with a new looking book on the armrest and a knit blanket sprawled over the cushions. 

In another corner, a cabinet of glass beakers and other items; beside that, a door that led to a storage room-Peter thought to himself that it probably held chemicals. 

In the very center of a room was a wide table. Expensive looking computers and the same hologram screens Tony used were littered about it. Behind the table was a man with scruffy dark, graying hair. He has thin glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, buried deep into his work.

Although that wasn’t what made Peter gasp in utter shock. 

There was a girl standing on the ceiling. 

Standing. On. The ceiling. Her hair didn’t fall out around her head, and her clothes weren’t slipping off of her that way it should have when someone is hanging upside down. She was humming to herself, occasionally doing flips and spins. She even landed perfectly back onto the surface! 

“Kiddo, Big Guy, why don’t you stop being weirdos and say hello to the guest,” Tony says. 

The girl didn’t bother to look at Tony and huffed. “Yeah, yeah,” she mumbled. Peter watched in awe at how she got down from the ceiling. She simply walked down the wall and to the floor. 

But Bruce had already moved over and blocked Peter’s view of the girl’s face. “Tony, who have you kidnapped now? He’s only a teenager.” 

“Maybe Tony should be kidnapping teenagers if you guys intend on locking me up here and raising me hidden away from society.” That voice-

And then she pushed past her dad. Her [e/c] eyes widened in complete surprise. “Peter?!” Bruce’s eyes narrowed at Peter, then. “You know [Y/n]?”

“Wait,” Tony interrupted. “You know Peter?” he asks you. “Well duh, I know Peter,” you say, though your eyes don’t stray off of your friend. “Why do you know him?” The question was directed at Peter now. He realized you had meant ‘Why do you know Mr. Stark?’

Tony proudly pat Peter’s shoulders. “Kiddo here is Spider-Man!” 

It was then that you realized not only have you once beat up your favorite hero-but also your crush.

Jealous Texts

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Anon requests: Can you do one where the reader is dating Jughead but they’re trying to keep their relationship low-key. Reggie flirts with the reader and bby juggie just gets a little insecure and it ends in fluff and cuddles and fluff did I mention fluff?

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Texts exchanged between Jughead and (Y/N) over the course of a week

Warnings: none

Word count: 311

A/N: I’ve never written in this format before, so let me know if you like it!

Wednesday, October 12

2:14 pm

To: (Y/N)

Still on for Pop’s tonight?

2:15 pm

To: Jughead

Of course Jug

Friday, October 14

6:34 pm

To: (Y/N)

Why was Reggie talking to you?

7:12 pm

To: Jughead

Why does it matter?

7:13 pm

To: (Y/N)

Because I worry

8:01 pm

To: Jughead


8:02 pm

To: (Y/N)

But I do

He wasn’t flirting with you, was he?

8:49 pm

To: (Y/N)


9:07 pm

To: (Y/N)

Are you mad at me?

9:36 pm

To: (Y/N)

(Y/N) please

9:48 pm

To: (Y/N)

(Y/N) I’m sorry

10:14 pm

To: Jughead

Not mad.  Just a bit frustrated

Talk to you tomorrow

10:15 pm

To: (Y/N)

I’m sorry. I love you

10:18 pm

To: Jughead

Love you too

Saturday, October 15

9:56 am

To: (Y/N)


10:04 am

To: Jughead

Yes. Noon.

10:05 am

To: (Y/N)


1:47 pm

To: (Y/N)

I miss you and I love you

1:50 pm

To: Jughead

I just left silly.  I love you too

Monday, October 17

8:03 am

To: Jughead

Just a reminder that I love you :)

8:05 am

To: (Y/N)


Tuesday, October 18

10:13 am

To: (Y/N)

He’s doing it again

10:17 am

To: Jughead

Reggie’s just a friend, Jug

10:19 am

To: (Y/N)

Yeah but does he know that?

10:21 am

To: Jughead

I’ll make sure he does

10:30 am

To: (Y/N)


Wednesday, October 19

1:02 pm

To: Jughead

Are you mad at me?

1:14 pm

To: (Y/N)

Why would I be mad at you?

1:16 pm

To: Jughead

Because you’re not talking to me

1:19 pm

To: (Y/N)

I’m sorry

There’s a lot on my mind

1:22 pm

To: Jughead

My house.  


Be there

1:25 pm

To: (Y/N)


11:03 pm

To: (Y/N)

Thank you for that cuddle session

I love you 

11:04 pm

To: Jughead

I love you too 

ENTP Meme Lord
  • INFJ: You're a what now
  • ENTP: Meme lord
  • INFJ: ...not really
  • ENTP, ego bruised: haha idk lol
  • INFJ: I'd even say a normie. Or you like memes on SMS
  • INFJ: woah, ENTPS can get triggered? Oh, of course it's about memes
  • INFJ: damn
  • INFJ: and here I thought I was sensitive

“OW!” I yelled at Carbonated Beverage. We have the same looks, I guess. I have his beautiful, majestic shiny sun-kissed natural-highlighted sandy — not like Sandy, I hate her because she’s so horrible — blonde brown-ish long hair. “Did you really have to splash water on me? I was gettin’ up, anyways!”

“I’m sorry,” Carbonated Beverage sang in response. “I love you so much you’re such a good sister you should come to the dx today I miss you hahaha you’re so cool and the gang loves to be aaround you1!1”

“hahaha totally!” I pulled on my cowboy boots. They matched my skinny jeans and tank top perfectly. And my leather jacket — duh, I’m a greaser — looked oh-so prefect with it1!

I don’t put on much for makeup because I don’t need any I’m so pretty. I’m not like the other greaser girls who wear all that makeup. But somehow everyone in my brother’s gang loves me!

“Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Curtis!” Darry, my older brother called. “Come on and laugh and enjoy this breakfast I made or else I’ll hit you too because I’m so mean but when I’m not working 2,3493 hour shifts I find it in my heart to care about you!”

In the kitchen, I find Two-Bit, Johnny, and iwefisfsbbsuhf DALLAS. He’s this sexual magnet of a teenager that attracts me because he;s so aofdangerous and I’m soosdfj not! “H-Hi Dally.”

“Hey sweetheart dollface,” he said and I proceeded to blush so much. I’m really ugly in my opinion but everyone calls me pretty I hope Dally likes me.

Johnny is like my brother. He’s so little and fragile and I totally love friend-zoning him as my best friend!

But none of this matters, because my boyfriend is going to pick me up soon. And no — I didn’t change the tense of this story eight times!

“Bye friends and family! Two-Bit, you’re so funny! Steve, wash your face the cake I bake especially for you is all over youu!”

~O~o~“` time skip ” o~O~~

“What’s that, Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Dakota Elaine Pearl Sierra Lavendar Curtis?!” I knew it was bad because he used my middle names and my last name.

“What is it, Darry?” I said innocently and tried to cover my makeup-covered bruise. I knew it didn’t cover well!1!! He removed my hand and gasped so loud that Coca-Cola woke up!!.

“It was your horrible hood boyfriend I’ve never, ever met, right?” Darry was so angry I tried to calm him down but it wouldn’t work ! “THat little loser —”

“I’m motherfucking dfucking dicksucking-ass here!! I am ready to fucck shit up because I am DaLLAs Winston, the *ugly in books yikes but then again pony was unreliable narrator thank you fandom* unresistable bad boi that’s always  motherfucking there for your fucking motherfucking ass, dollface babycheeks!”;al

SUDDENLY DALLAS APPEARED. Where did he come from? I thought he was banging Sylvia that cheating slut who sleeps with everyone! Woah! They must be broken up again.

“OH DALLAS!” I, skinny beautiful long haired Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Dakota Elaine Pearl Sierra Lavendar — shit, I forgot Ros(i)e – Curtis, cried and leaped into his arms.

“Hey, baby –” he suddenly changed his personality for me — “I’m gonna beat the shit out of that guy! I knew he didn’t deserve you! nOT Like I do! let’s clean you up and possibly makeout, okay??”

Suddenly I so loved. More than I’ve ever felt in my lifetime!11!

A/N: hey guys so sorry I didn’t update for six and a half months but here it is! I hope you guys like it! Guess what happens next chapter? I’m gonna give a super big hint, okay? And if I don’t get 5464 reads or follows I won’t write anymore!! How do you feel about Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Dakota Pear Sierra Rosie Lavendar being assaulted — physically and/or sexually — and/or getting pregnant at sixteen?? dally would make a good father!! socs love jumping girls!! they’re so mean like Cherry!

Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge

I just reached 16,000 followers! Yay! 

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I have decided to host another writing challenge to celebrate.

I love me a good romantic comedy (aka the romcom). Love them. I also love some good fluff fics, the fluffier the better. I decided to combine the two and the end result is Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge!

Below, you will find a list of some of my favorite romantic comedies, along with quotes from those movies. Your challenge, should you accept it, is to write a fluffy fic including the quote from the movie.

The Rules and Regulations:

Female reader inserts with Sam, Dean, or John Winchester only. No ships (no hate meant, it’s just easier this way).

Your fic can be as many words as you want; I do ask that you please try to make it at least 500 words. Please add a “keep reading” for fics over 500 words. If it doesn’t have a “keep reading” I will not reblog it.

Please make it a one shot or the first part of a series. AU’s are also okay.

Please tag me, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog and use the hashtag #mimi’s romcom fluff challenge. Make sure the hashtag is in the first 5 tags. If I don’t like it within in 48 hours, I didn’t see it. If that happens, please send me a message.

Please mention somewhere in your author’s notes that it is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog RomCom Fluff Challenge and which prompt you had.

The most important rule, it MUST contain fluff. No angst (side-eyes a couple of my writer friends - you know who you are). I want the fluff. It can have smut, but it doesn’t have to. But, there must be fluff.

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Domino Divination

If you are like me and love the feel of runes but don’t have your own set, dominoes can be the next best thing!

How to
Put all the dominoes in a bag or flip them all over onto their fronts and mix them up. For a brief reading draw out three dominoes and turn them over. For a reading on the whole year draw out one dominoes and add up all the dots. Superstition says to never do a reading in a Monday or a Friday

The blank refers to trouble ahead. If it can go wrong, it probably will. Plans will be delayed, arguments will surface and disagreements will ensure. However, drawing the blank domino doesn’t mean you’re set for a life of doom and gloom. it is a warning which will prepare you to be on your guard 
Drawing a blank and the number one warns that an old enemy is about and forewarns you to watch out for someone who might suddenly come back into your life. They might be all sweetness and light to start with, but watch out because this person is not what he/she first seems 
Drawing a blank with the number two is telling you to watch what you spend at the moment. you may think you have more in the bank than you actually do, or an unexpected bill might land on the doorstep, so keep a little back just in case
The blank and a three tells of trouble in love. someone you care deeply about could be deceiving you or not telling you the whole truth, so it’s time to sit them down and have a heart to heart with them
Drawing a blank and a four domino signals that there could be some money problems ahead of you. Double check contracts before signing anything and make sure you dont leave your purse or bag lying around unattended anywhere. now would be a good time to go through your finances
Is your marriage in trouble? it could be if you draw a domino with a blank and a five on it. make some time to talk to your partner if you feel that things are not what they were. if you’re not married this domino tells of a lack of communication between two people 
Drawing a blank and a number six tells you that someone is talking about you. you may discover that someone you once thought was your friend is far from it and is only pretending to be your friend in order to get information out of you
This tile tells of a happy reunion ahead. someone you haven’t seen for ages is about to pop up in your life and you will look back on happy memories together. this also signals a happy time for friendship, so get on the phone and get in touch with old friends
This domino signals that you will soon receive a visit from an old friend. you may no have seen each other for some time, but that wont be a problem when you get together again because it will be just like old times
This tile signifies success in a business or a successful trip ahead of you. if you’re thinking of starting a business or looking for a new job then this domino is giving you the green light to go ahead and do it. you cant fail!
This domino is warning you to watch your pennies right now and dont take on any new debts at the moment. if you have your heart set on something, ask yourself i you are prepared to wait and save up for it. getting into debt is easy, getting out of debt is harder
This tile shows the start of a love affair. watch out for someone who tries to catch your eye at a party or other social event. Cupid is firing his arrow in your direction right now and you will be very lucky in love
The one and the six domino tells of a very happy marriage ahead for you, so if you are about to get married, then this is telling you that he is The One and that you will be very happy. If you are not currently in  relationship , you will be soon.
The wishing domino! the two twos signal a wish comes true for you very soon. whatever you want can e yours if you remain positive and believe that it is yours. think about what you desire the most and then make a wish.   
expect an unexpected windfall soon. the two and three domino tells of money coming in, so you ca splash out a bit and buy yourself something nice. Now is the time to buy a lottery ticket or enter a competition because you might just win
This tile signifies deception or theft, so be on the look out for someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes. check references of people offering to do work for you and make sure you keep an eye on your purse or bag  
The two and five domino is telling you to watch out for someone who is out to cause trouble. This could be a friend or someone you barely know. keep your opinions to yourself at the moment because someone will try to twist your words and make you out to be the bad guy
Drawing a two and six til tells you that you will have good luck in business. if you are thinking of starting a business or are already in business for yourself then lady luck is shining on you now. network as much as possible because this will give you the opportunity to make new contacts 
the double three domino is a sign that a windfall is on its way to you. this could be in the form of a financial win, an unexpected inheritance or winning a competition. take chances now. you will find that it will be in your favor if you do
This domino shows that you will be happy in love. if you are in a relationship then it can only get better. if you are single then look out because someone i about to fall head over heals in love with you. your love life is blossoming now
This tile tells you that you will soon have visitors from abroad. an unexpected phone call, letter, or email with an announcement ill confirm details and you will soon be making up the guest bed. expect a time of fun catching up with an old friend
The three and six domino signal an unexpected gift coming to you. keep an eye out for the postman because this is a time for surprises coming your way. if you are thinking of signing a contract then this is the time to do it
A double four domino signals that a party or celebration is ahead for you, so get your best party frock and dancing shoes out and wait for the invitation to arrive. A double four can also signal a birth announcement 
this tile is telling you that a happy surprise is ahead for you. Pay rises, unexpected presents or gifts or just some happy news are all highlighted now and you will be feeling very happy and fulfilled
This domino signifies a happy marriage with children. if you are married then you can expect it to be a very happy one surrounded by happy children. If your are free and single then you wont be for long. Expect to find your soul mate very soon
A change in fortune
a new house
 Happiness ahead, say goodbye to any worries
Single tile draw 

1 Misfortune
2 Meeting someone new
3 Expect the unexpected
4 A new job where you will be the leader
5 Domestic problems ahead
6 Double check when thinking of investing your money
7 A visitor will have a big impact on you
8 Dont take the blame for someone else’s mistake
9 A change in fortune for the better
10 You will reach you goals this year
11 A new friendship 
12 A new hobby gives you hope and love


~Bullet Points~

  • Baek
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again
  • He’s a l i t t l e s h i t
  • He can be a total sweet heart as well though, when he wants to be
  • Much like Chen if you stutter in front of him, snort when you laugh, he won’t let it go
  • Chances are you won’t have dirt on him either because he’s smart and makes it his mission that he doesn’t mess up in front of you
  • 1) Cuz he has some dignity guys
  • 2) He’s lowkey scared of you as he knows you’re a savage
  • If you’re ill he’ll become your personal entertainer, comes over with painkillers and blankets
  • Wears a mask to be on the safe side though
  • He’ll do random aegyo performances, would start being a dumbass and doing goofy shit to get a laugh or few out of you, would literally do anything to see you smiling even though you must feel like utter poop
  • When you’re better and you thank him for being there for you and cheering you up he gets cocky though
  • ‘Yeah I know I should’ve become a comedian instead of an idol, you’re just lucky I love you and didn’t make you pay for my entertainments’
  • ‘You weren’t that funny Baek’
  • ‘I can’t hear you over my comedic genius mind.’
  • One downside of Baek is he doesn’t know when to be serious
  • You could try and have a 3am conversation with him but his mind doesn’t work like that and he’d automatically try to lighten the mood, even when it’s not wanted
  • Tbh that’s what yall probably argue about the most, he can’t take certain things seriously which can become quite irritant for you
  • You tend to get stressed at him when this happens and when he sees that you’re agitated he becomes defensive, claiming he’s done no wrong for you to be like that.
  • That pushed you over the edge and that’s how most arguments bloom
  • But it all gets sorted fairly quickly, he realises too late that you wanted to have a serious discussion but he had been to immature about it
  • He’s very quick to notice his mistakes and would apologise right away, however if he knew you were in the wrong he wouldn’t back down until you realise that
  • Would be the type of boyfriend to surprise you to takeaway food or take you out to eat at ridiculous times
  • You could message him at 11pm saying ‘Babe I may have forgotten to eat dinner, but it’s too late to cook anything.’
  • ‘I’m bringing Mcdonalds but you owe me… ;)’
  • He’d be lowkey kinky, you knew all too well what he wanted in return so you went and put on your sexy launderette
  • He’d walk into your apartment and sees you, plays coi like that wasn’t what he wanted
  • ‘I was going to say you owe me cookies but okay, this is much better.’
  • Licks his lips as he shamelessly looks you up and down, can’t hold himself back and picks you up, carrying you to the bedroom
  • ‘What about the Mcdonalds? I’m still hungry’
  • ‘You can eat it off of me if you’d like.’
  • Would  be the type of boyfriend to take you to internet cafes or arcades so you can play on the games together
  • Total nerd tbh
  • But you find it cute that he knows the names of every pokemon so it’s very hard to say no
  • Would always be touching you in some way so he knows you’re by his side
  • Even though he teases you near enough every second of the day you know he loves you
  • Just as you love him

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I hope you all enjoyed this scenario! Just two more members left then that’s it for this series!

Requests are open and our guidelines are in our bio so please request! Me and admin J-gull will try and be as fast as possible when it comes to answering requests plus it’ll be faster since there’s two of us now!

Until next time, byeeee~

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I was in the type of mood yesterday that required an angry girl playlist to go along with it. So I made one.

baby, I don’t hate men–maybe I just hate you

1. Bikini Kill - Feels Blind // 2. Emily’s Sassy Lime - Transistor No Way // 3. the ovens - i don’t owe anything to any dude. ever. // 4. Bratmobile - What’s Wrong With You? // 5. Bis - Kill Yr Boyfriend // 6. Lunachicks - Drop Dead // 7. 7 Year Bitch - Dead Men Don’t Rape // 8. Tribe 8 - Frat Pig // 9. G.L.O.S.S. - Lined Lips & Spiked Bats // 10. Team Dresch - Hate the Christian Right! // 11. L7 - Fuel My Fire // 12. Bjork - Army of Me // 13. PJ Harvey - 50 Ft Queenie // 14. Hole - Retard Girl // 15. The Distillers - Bullet and the Bullseye // 16. Vapid - Hate You // 17. Poison Girls - Revenge // 18. Priests - Suck // 19. Sleater-Kinney - #1 Must Have

Ancient Estonian Buzzfeed
  • 10 Ways to Beg Forgiveness from Ryebread After You Dropped It
  • 15 Times Koit and Hämarik Were Adorable Couple
  • 30 Ways to Burn Down Swedish Villages
  • The 3 Best Ways to Torture Teutonic Knights
  • 5 Cutest Ryebreads on the Earth
  • 15 Times Kalevipoeg Fucked Up
  • 6 Times Tarapita Was Just Screwing With You
  • 1 Time We Got Hit By Meteorite
  • 12 Tips on How to Not Get Invaded as Quickly told by Islanders

 Credits to the rightful and wonderful owners of all these used gifs.

                                 Reginald Reggie Mantle

Reginald X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 3.7K

                            Alexander Gideon Lightwood

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 400

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Slight smut.
Word count // 700

Silent treatment.
Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Slight smut.
Word count // 700

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 700

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Maxwell Lightwood Scenario.
Word count // 900

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 1K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Slight smut.
Word count // 1K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Maxwell Lightwood Scenario.
Word count // 1.1K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 1.1K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 1.1K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Angst.
Word count // 1.2K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 1.2K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Humor.
Word count // 1.5K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Angst.
Word count // 1.5K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Angst.
Word Count // 1.6K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Slight smut.
Word count // 1.9K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 2.2K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 2.5K

Alexander x Reader
Genre // Angst.
Word count // 2.6K

Alexander X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 3.1K

                              100 WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU

1) “Pull over.  Let me drive for awhile.”
2) “It reminded me of you.”
3) “No, no, it’s my treat.”
4) “Come here.  Let me fix it.”
5) “I’ll walk you home.”
6) “Have a good day at work.”
7) “I dreamt about you last night.”
8) “Take my seat.”
9) “I saved a piece for you.”
10) “I’m sorry for your loss.”
11) “You can have half.”
12) “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”
13) “Sorry I’m late.”
14) “Can I have this dance?”
15) “I made your favorite.”
16) “It’s okay.  I couldn’t sleep anyway.”
17) “Watch your step.”
18) “Here, drink this.  You’ll feel better.”
19) “Can I hold your hand?”
20) “You can borrow mine.”
21) “You might like this.”
22) “It’s not heavy.  I’m stronger than I look.”
23) “I’ll wait.”
24) “Just because.”
25) “Look both ways.”
26) “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to.”
27) “Try some.”
28) “Drive safely.”
29) “Well, what do you want to do?”
30) “One more chapter.”
31) “Don’t worry about me.”
32) “It looks good on you.”
33) “Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
34) “That’s okay, I bought two.”
35) “After you.”
36) “We’ll figure it out.”
37) “Can I kiss you?”
38) “I like your laugh.”
39) “Don’t cry.”
40) “I made this for you.”
41) “Go back to sleep.”
42) “Is this okay?”
43) “I picked these for you.”
44) “I’ll drive you to the hospital.”
45) “What do you want to watch?”
46) “You can go first.”
47) “Did you get my letter?”
48) “I’ll do it for you.”
49) “Call me when you get home.”
50) “I think you’re beautiful.”
51) “Are you sure?”
52) “Have fun.”
53) “Sit down, I’ll get it.”
54) “I made reservations.”
55) “I don’t mind.”
56) “It brings out your eyes.”
57) “There is enough room for both of us.”
58) “You don’t have to say anything.”
59) “Wow.”
60) “Happy birthday.”
61) “I’ll pick it up after work.”
62) “It can wait until tomorrow.”
63) “Cross my heart and hope to die.”
64) “It’s two sugars, right?”
65) “I’ll help you study.”
66) “Stay over.”
67) “I did the dishes.”
68) “You didn’t have to ask.”
69) “I bought you a ticket.”
70) “You’re warm.”
71) “No reason.”
72) “I’ll meet you halfway.”
73) “Take mine.”
74) “We can share.”
75) “I was just thinking about you.”
76) “I want you to have this.”
77) “Call me if you need anything.”
78) “Do you want to come too?”
79) “I’ll still be here when you’re ready.”
80) “Is your seat belt on?”
81) “Sweet dreams.”
82) “I was in the neighborhood.”
83) “Stay there.  I’m coming to get you.”
84) “The key is under the mat.”
85) “It doesn’t bother me.”
86) “You’re important too.”
87) “I saved you a seat.”
88) “I’ll see you later.”
89) “I noticed.”
90) “You can tell me anything.”
91) “I hope you like it.”
92) “I want you to be happy.”
93) “I believe in you.”
94) “You can do it.”
95) “Good luck.”
96) “I brought you an umbrella.”
97) “I’ll pick you up at the airport.”
98) “Take a deep breath.”
99) “Be careful.”
100) “I love you.” 

anonymous asked:

What's your most favorite wonhui moments xD??

ahh there’s heaps!!! but i’ll just list 10 for you

1. wonwoo’s need to bite junhui i swear it’s been like 8 times :’) but anyway my fave is when wonwoo holds onto jun when he does it, for eg this one (cr)

2. wonwoo holding onto jun’s arm during the little prince premiere

3. the way jun looks at wonwoo when he randomly starts slapping him, you can see a hint of amusement. and what’s cute is while wonwoo’s slapping jun’s arm and leg, he sang the words “don’t you dare let go of my hand” ಥ‿ಥ

also i love how jun refuses to hurt him and instead pokes his cheek (cr)

4. jun secretly grabbing wonwoo’s waist

5. during wonhui’s eye contact game, jun touched wonwoo’s face and their reaction afterwards was so cute - they kept holding onto each other’s hand/arms (which isn’t included in the gif)

6. wonwoo pushing hansol away so he can ‘kiss’ jun instead for the paper kissing game

bonus: when they nearly kissed and instead of flinching away wonwoo got closer (¬‿¬)

7. wonwoo wrapping his arms around junnie from behind

8. the fact that wonwoo’s first contact after the new year was with jun as they backhugged and swayed cutely. and the cutest part is he had his hands over jun’s as they swayed ;;

9. when it was wonwoo’s birthday and the 2 of them blew the candles out together

10. when the members themself shipped wonhui by singing the wedding march song and wonhui pretended to leave for their honeymoon <33333 (cr)

Ancient Greek Buzzfeed

(inspired by this post, by terrasigillata)

  • 21 Weird Things All ξένοι Do
  • 17 Times Achilles and Patroclus Were The Most Adorable Couple of All Time
  • 30 Tyrants Killing Us Right Now
  • The 3 Best Satyr Plays at This Year’s Dionysia
  • 4,501 of Xenophon’s Favorite Horses
  • 5 Cutest Kouroi of Alcibiades
  • 15 of The Deepest Phalanxes of All Time
  • 6 Times the Pythia Was Just Screwing With You
  • 1 Time Socrates Didn’t Actually Apologize
  • 12 Things Only Children of Zeus Will Understand
BTS ask meme

Send me a number and I’ll tell you

1. My BTS bias
2. My favourite Weekly Idol moment
3. My favourite BTS song
4. My favourite BTS MV
5. How I got into BTS
6. A blog that reminds me of BTS
7. The last BTS photo in my phone
8. The last BTS song I listened to
9. Any special tags I have for BTS members
10. My favourite fandom joke
11. Favourite awards ceremony performance
12. My favourite BTS friendship (within the group)
13. My favourite rapmon quote
14. Favourite dance performance
15. Favourite BTS concept
16. Favourite War of Hormones halloween costume
17. My favourite picture of my BTS bias
18. Any ships I have within BTS
19. My favourite BTS post on tumblr
20. My favourite BTS blog

who in svt hypes up joshua the most?

6. tie: verkwan bc first of all verkwan… second of all vernon’s always laughin ridiculously loudly at josh’s jokes (thanks vern)… third of all remember when jisoo was younghee?? that was thanks to seungkwan (thanks seungkwan)


anyways….. @ junhui stans … your man is great we love him

4. mingyu,,, always one of the only ones genuinely laughing at josh’s jokes, always *grits teeth* putting his arms around josh,,,, 2 TIMES IN 1 MV ISTG

3. soonyoung, the younger of the osh brothers,,, elaborate bro handshakes aside, hosh is always lowkey makin sure josh gets attention and it’s rlly sweet 

2. jeonghan, aka the subtle hypeman best friend who focuses the camera on josh during vlives (thanks jeonghan we appreciate it) or brings the attention to josh, or says josh’s voice is super sweet- jeonghan is just perfection baby we love you

1. seokmin, dokyeom, dk, us josh stans have an eternal debt to lsm aka joshua’s personal hype man !! lsm is the one to smile the widest at anyone’s jokes  and is just an all around Good Human Being 

on behalf of jisoo stans everywhere: ty seokmin we love you <3



  • Johnny loves you to bits
  • even if that meant dissing your sense of fashion lol Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation
  • “oh my god, you’re gonna wear that to your friend’s party????”
  • “why? what’s wrong with my outfit?”
  • Johnny stares at your attractive figure that’s obvious because of the tight fitting of your outfit
  • “you look like one of those rice-cakes sold in shops”
  • “it’s such a painful and pitiful sight. 0/10”
  • “change it”
  • “I hate it”
  • “But I’m your boyfriend and I’m evaluating your outfit right now. Now go change before I rip that dress off of you.” :>>>>>>>> Johnny,you naughty li’l rascal
  • but really, you look good in it
  • he’s just worried that some random guy might start to flirt with you at the party
  • so he would rather let you look like a potato than this bombshell chic
  • he’s overprotective of you
  • he always wants you to be safe that it would get to a point where he wouldn’t leave until he has seen with his own eyes that you have entered through the front door of your house
  • and no, that doesn’t only apply when he’s with you physically
  • it applies E V E R Y T I M E
  • even if he’s away, he’ll Facetime you right after your work/school
  • because he wants to make sure that you get home safely
  • you are his baby and he’s yours too
  • sometimes, the fact that you’re his baby gets a little bit overboard
  • “come home straight away”
  • “do not talk to strangers”
  • “even if it is your ex-boyfriend or your bias from another kpop boy group, do not talk to them”
  • “why not?”
  • “because I said so”
  • “anyway, please eat the food that I brought you today”
  • “I want you to be healthy”
  • “Oh you mean the food that TAEYONG cooked this morning?”
  • “shut up”
  • “oh my goodness! you just texted her 5 minutes ago!” *rolls his eyes like bitch why are u so clingy af?* - Jaehyun
  • And you kind of grew tired of it already
  • you felt like you’re being suffocated in your relationship with him
  • you love him but sometimes, you felt that he only loves himself because he always wants you to do what he says
  • he’s more like a dad/mom/older brother to you than a boyfriend
  • one time Johnny saw you bidding goodbye to one of your group study mates and the guy was pretty good-looking too but not as good-looking as Johnny
  • the guy suddenly hugged you
  • this infuriated Johnny
  • you saw Johnny’s face as if he’s about to rip the guy’s head off but good thing that the guy already left before he could do that
  • S I L E N T  C A R   R I D E    B A C K H O M E
  • “Did you have fun today?“
  • “I don’t know. I think I should be asking you that question.”
  • his face is just… oh god, I hope you get out of his car alive
  • “Did you have fun with him today?”
  • “Johnny, he was just my friend from our group study. Calm your shit!”
  • “Yeah sure! He even hugged you. Sure, he’s just a friend. Just a friend. Fuck no!”
  • “Johnny, you are my boyfriend!”
  • “Really? I’m your boyfriend? Then what the hell was that a while ago?”
  • bruuuuuhhhh….
  • “Istg, that was nothing!”
  • “Stop lying to me (y/n)!”
  • as much as you hate crying, you still cried because he thinks that you’re lying to him even though you’re not
  • you finally had enough so you face him
  • Johnny was stunned he expected that you guys would just argue but never thought that one of you would decide to break-up
  • He stepped on the brakes and the car halted to a stop
  • “Y-You’re joking, right? You can’t break up with me! You promised to love me as long as we live!”
  • “Baby… please don’t do this”
  • “I’m sorry if I have been too controlling”
  • “Just please don’t break up with me!”
  • you get out of his car while crying and just decided to walk home
  • on the other hand, Johnny just cried inside his car
  • he was too hurt to run after you
  • 1 week… 2 weeks… 1 month… 2 months… 3 months… 4 months have passed and both of you still can’t forget what happened
  • both of you still yearn for each other especially Johnny
  • he has tried so many times to reach out to you but he just can’t seem to do it because he’s too afraid that he might discover that it’s too late
  • sometimes, you regret loving someone like Seo Youngho (Johnny)
  • but then again your life would be colourless and lifeless without him in it
  • so you go back to loving him again
  • and it was the best thing that you’ve experienced in your entire life
  • You open the door and see Johnny outside
  • as soon as you walk towards him, he doesn’t mind bending to your height level and just wraps you in a tight hug
  • you can tell from his hug that he terribly misses you
  • it’s so tight that you can’t even breathe
  • “johnny, let me go i can’t breathe you’re hugging me way too tight”
  • “sorry” hehehe
  • he lets you go and goes down on his knees
  • “i’m sorry for being a bad boyfriend”
  • “i’m sorry for being too controlling… for being overprotective… for going overboard with things”
  • “i love you and I truly do that’s why i’m doing my best to protect you and give everything that i think is good for you”
  • “i didn’t mean to come off as a controlling boyfriend”
  • “i’m so sorry”
  • he looks at you with a hurt expression on his face as if he’s telling you that those 4 months have been a torture and it would be great if you guys get back together with each other
  • it’s the only thing he wants right now at 12:30 a.m.
  • “Stand up you doofus” and so he did
  • “First of all, I want you to trust me with my actions. Second, let me wear what I want.”
  • “But-!”
  • He blushes, “Deal.”
  • You tiptoed and locked lips with him
  • like his lips just melted on top of yours and it felt soooooOOOoooooOOOOOO goOOOOOOoooood and great
  • you’re never gonna let him go again
  • Johnny Seo is yours and you are his… always and forever.