“Keep me focused” Spell

Now I know some of you will be on your summer break from school/college/university/etc., and when the time comes when you’ll be going back, you’ll be needing to get back into a routine! So, I’ve come up with a quick little spell which can help boost concentration and will get you back into that dreaded routine..

Unless you love that routine, in which case good on you! 

You will need;

  • A space to sit
  • Sandalwood Incense (or an incense that makes you feel focused)
  • A bayleaf/piece of paper and a pen
  • A heatproof dish
  • A lighter (be safe!)
  • A tealight (or candle; if you can find a yellow one, perfect, otherwise white is fine!)
  • Optional; a piece of jewellery or trinket you carry around with you

1.Make sure you are comfortable! If you have a pillow, sit on that because you need a comfy tush!

2.Light the incense and the tealight and then proceed to do some simple breathing exercises; in through the nose, out through the mouth. Do that until you feel relaxed.

3.On the paper/bayleaf, write the word (or draw a sigil representing) “concentration”. Place that on the dish. If you are using an object in this spell, place that in front of you, or if it is jewellery, wear it at this step.

4.Light the bayleaf/paper on fire, and watch it as it burns. Do not avert your gaze from it. If an object is involved, you will need to focus on this instead. imagine the spell transferring power to your object/piece of jewellery as you focus on it. If you have earrings, you can hold a mirror up to them.

5.Now is a great time to use an incantation, for example; “my gaze is unbroken, my mind aligned, I am focused, I am ready”

6. Once the paper/bayleaf has burned completely, you can then proceed to blow out the candle, but keep the incense going as this will cleanse the area. It is up to you how you dispose of the ashes!

You can repeat this process whenever you need to; the length of time differs for each person depending on your level of focus prior to the spell!

If you want to do a quick charge of your object, creating the same sigil you used in the spell, or writing the same word on paper or your skin and placing the object over the top for as long as you require will charge it. Otherwise wrapping it in yellow fabric will charge it. 

You can also add rosemary to this spell with the bay leaf to incorporate memory improvement for a really good combo!

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What's your most favorite wonhui moments xD??

ahh there’s heaps!!! but i’ll just list 10 for you

1. wonwoo’s need to bite junhui i swear it’s been like 8 times :’) but anyway my fave is when wonwoo holds onto jun when he does it, for eg this one (cr)

2. wonwoo holding onto jun’s arm during the little prince premiere

3. the way jun looks at wonwoo when he randomly starts slapping him, you can see a hint of amusement. and what’s cute is while wonwoo’s slapping jun’s arm and leg, he sang the words “don’t you dare let go of my hand” ಥ‿ಥ

also i love how jun refuses to hurt him and instead pokes his cheek (cr)

4. jun secretly grabbing wonwoo’s waist

5. during wonhui’s eye contact game, jun touched wonwoo’s face and their reaction afterwards was so cute - they kept holding onto each other’s hand/arms (which isn’t included in the gif)

6. wonwoo pushing hansol away so he can ‘kiss’ jun instead for the paper kissing game

bonus: when they nearly kissed and instead of flinching away wonwoo got closer (¬‿¬)

7. wonwoo wrapping his arms around junnie from behind

8. the fact that wonwoo’s first contact after the new year was with jun as they backhugged and swayed cutely. and the cutest part is he had his hands over jun’s as they swayed ;;

9. when it was wonwoo’s birthday and the 2 of them blew the candles out together

10. when the members themself shipped wonhui by singing the wedding march song and wonhui pretended to leave for their honeymoon <33333 (cr)

So im makint a 20-30 second animation maybe more

but i need at least 15sh characters for it (Furry/feral lmao) (ponies too ig)

reblog with a ref and ill message you if im interested in adding you

1: @butterscotchbird

BTS ask meme

Send me a number and I’ll tell you

1. My BTS bias
2. My favourite Weekly Idol moment
3. My favourite BTS song
4. My favourite BTS MV
5. How I got into BTS
6. A blog that reminds me of BTS
7. The last BTS photo in my phone
8. The last BTS song I listened to
9. Any special tags I have for BTS members
10. My favourite fandom joke
11. Favourite awards ceremony performance
12. My favourite BTS friendship (within the group)
13. My favourite rapmon quote
14. Favourite dance performance
15. Favourite BTS concept
16. Favourite War of Hormones halloween costume
17. My favourite picture of my BTS bias
18. Any ships I have within BTS
19. My favourite BTS post on tumblr
20. My favourite BTS blog

10 steps  about how you find your fave band member

Generally when you first start liking or obsessing over a band member you like all members the same but then slowly you start falling for a certain member which then is your favourite. Here are some steps of how your favourite member is unconsciously chosen by you

1.You will first start by thinking that the band member is kind of adorable

2. Even you if think all the other members are good looking one of them will start looking extra attractive (at this point you still like all members the same)

3. Their personality will seem really cool and it will make you want to talk to them

4. You start noticing all the small things about the member such as how their eyes light up when talking about a certain topic or their nervous habits

5.You will find your self day dreaming about how you would act if you were friends with them or personally knew them 

6. The band member will stay on your mind and you might feel upset, sad or jealous if they are seen with another girl who is not a fan

7. If you read preferences you will often skip the other members bits and only read the members ones

8. You will go search videos about the band and pay attention to the member and enjoy watching them even if they are doing nothing

9. Every picture of the band member will look so good that it will give you heart palpations (WARNING: ONCE YOU HAVE GOTTEN TO STEP 9 IT IS TOO LATE TO STOP OR DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT ANY MORE)

10. At this point the other members might not be that appealing even though they still look really attractive to you and you still love them.

And this is how you choose your favourite members

Sidenote: Once you have finished all 10 steps you can sit back, relax and see your grades and social life go down the drain as you stay awake at night reblogging pictures of your favourite member on tumblr

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( -tackles mun with hugs- omg you’re back!! I’ve missed you! ❤❤❤❤❤ How are you!?)

omgggg thank you, sweetie, this reception means a lot to me. ♡

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You’re No Good For Me // But Baby I Want You

1. Strange Love Halsey 2. Power and Control Marina and the Diamonds 
3. You Don’t Own Me Grace 4. Shameless The Weekend 
5. Under the Sheets Ellie Goulding 6. Settle Down The 1975
7. Diet Mountain Dew Lana Del Rey 8. Closer The Chainsmokers
9. Flaws Bastille 10. Sad Boy Laila

(A Warren x Reader playlist inspired by all of the wonderful fic writers and headcanons on tumblr. Specifically those by kurtwxgners, pagemaximoff, and shayara. I’m not a Warren girl but they create such great things with him. Enjoy!)


Heaven Is A Place On Earth With You

1. Video Games - Lana Del Ray // 2. Caught - Florence + The Machine // 3. Cherry Wine - Hozier // 4. Northern Wind - City And Colour // 5. A Daydream Away - All Time Low // 6. Only Love - Mumford & Sons // 7. Stubborn Love - The Lumineers // 8. I Of The Storm - Of Monsters And Men // 9. You’ve Got The Love - Florence + The Machine // 10. Follow You Down - Shinedown // 11. Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros // 12. From Eden - Hozier // 13. Can’t Help Falling In Love - Twenty One Pilots // 14. Laughter Lines - Bastille // 15. White Blank Page - Mumford & Sons // 16. I Can’t Make You Love Me - Bon Iver // 17. Cancer - My Chemical Romance // 18. Already Home - A Great Big World 

me and my korean mutual were going through the boueibu fanbook again and took notice of some surprising stuff (mainly regarding enatsu lmao) that official boueibu has stated about the ship we hadnt took notice of before. and as you may already know official boueibu is fucking crazy when it comes to contents regarding enatsu so here they are

if you dont like enatsu. just a warning dont read it if you dont want to and dislike the ship ! thank you

1.  本命の余裕

ok so this is the page in which they talk about the scene in episode 12 where atsushi and kinshirou reconcile. if you look down at the bottom photo with en and wombat, the text above states “この顔。。。まさか 本命の余裕!?” 

which literally just states “this expression… is the 本命 calm about this?”
ok i apologise for leaving the word 本命 in bold but i would like to go in description with the meaning of this word because i cant really translate that sentence directly into english without the sentence making 0 sense. 本命 (honmei) to describe in english means, well to simply put it, “the current favourite person”“one’s heart’s desire” or “number 1″ kind of thing. which in this case the noun is indicating en. thus meaning “atsushi’s favourite = en” 

and mind you the term “本命の余裕” is an obvious derivative of the phrase “彼氏の余裕”  (or “현남친의 여유” in the korean fandom) which was a phrase used among the japanese fandom to talk about en’s face when the episode was released. they obviously changed the 彼氏 part because it literally means boyfriend and as you know, official boueibu cant do that thus changing it to 本命 which is a more generalised term. the phrase means “the calm composure of a boyfriend” as seen in the photo where en is looking at atsushi and kinshirous reconciliation from a distance. 

2. 愛が深すぎる3年組

i dont even need to talk much about this it says 
third years that are deep in love ok 公式boueibu staff 


do i even need to say anything

Tips for Interviewing and Resumes for Technical Theatre Jobs


First things first: Before you go into an interview know that it goes both ways. You’re not the only one in the hot spot or being interviewed but you are also interviewing the company. The company is getting to know you as much as you are getting to know the company so ask questions about the daily work environment or about the season of the theatre.

The 4 things the interviewer wants to know about you

1. Can you do this job?

2. Do you have the skills for this job or are you a quick enough learner for this job?

3. Do you want this job? 

4. Are you going to drive your potential co-workers crazy?

 It helps to think about what would you want to hear if you were interviewing.

If you have a phone interview: have your resume out in front of you, still dress up you will act differently in pj’s than in slacks and a blazer, go somewhere quiet so the interviewer is able to hear you clearly, and lastly think of the words you want the interviewer to take away from you because in a phone interview words are your greatest weapon, because you can’t shake the interviewer’s hand and the interviewer can’t see your body language or expressions.

How to prepare for an interview:

-Research the company, know about their mission statement and history 

-Practice answering questions out loud with someone

-Before you go into the room to interview step into the restroom and stretch out your arms and legs and hold it for 10 seconds. Sounds crazy but it gets you pumped up and ready.

After an interview send the interviewer(s) a nice thank you note either through mail or email no matter how the interview went.


An interviewer will only take a few seconds to look over your resume so here are some tips to make an impression

  • Resumes should have who you are (your name and contact info), what you do (stage manager, designer, etc.) and headings (experience). 
  • Resumes should be clean and neat 
  • Your resume should have plenty of margin space and have readable font (stay away from industrial font). 
  • Remember to have your business cards match your resume. 
  • When you go into an interview have multiple copies of your resume to hand out interviews
Ten Songs for Hannibal

I was tagged by PALS @awritersrejections [songs] and @soundingonlyatnightasyousleep [songs], for this! The game where we share pieces of our secret Hannibal playlists that fit each category!

Frankly I’m surprised this list did not end up crackier, given my history. Warning: Earnest Emotions.

Rules are: Tag a friend and use the tag #10 Songs for Hannibal so everyone can scroll through the posts and find new music.

@theglintoftherail and @omnisexualhanniballecter — buddies I’m tagging you

1) Will Graham’s theme song
The Big Ship, Brian Eno
Because it’s this fiercely beautiful thing that builds and sorrows and reaches and you didn’t realize Brian Reitzell had used electric guitar in his texture for Will so much until whoops, you’re crying. Anyway instrumentals aren’t cheating, on the contrary…. they are leveling up. I SAY.

2) Hannibal Lecter’s theme song
7:00 PM, Yann Tiersen
Yeah I’m doing it once again. This is heart-piercing and soaring and that feels right to me, for Hannibal’s operatic soul. There are church bells in the beginning and the ending is kinda breathless? Idk. Maybe I can just picture him listening to this with nice speakers and weeping like I… totally haven’t….

3) Random Character theme song
for Bedelia du Maurier: The Water Jet Cilice, Andrew Bird [lyrics]
It’s so eery and exquisitely calculating, I love it. “So casually, all our tender ears would bend”, aahhhh *shivers* (this one would probably start of the S3 portion of this mix, if I were to ever gather myself together and complete it)

4) Show theme song
Various Storms & Saints, Our Lady Florence of The Machine [lyrics]
It killed me that this one wasn’t on Howl, truly. Anyway just, heaps of imagery, everyone’s half-holy and doomed, that usual Florence/Hannibal deal. (@confusedkayt made a “no Florence” rule for her list which is hilarious)

5) Marlana theme song
You Are the Best Thing, Ray LaMontagne [lyrics]
I adore this song, its whole loving, steady, finally-found-something-good vibe, and I’m giving it to my girls. Imagine them dancing to it together in pajamas. “Baby, we’ve come a long way, baby…”

6) For Abigail & Will
When I Grow Up, First Aid Kit (covering Fever Ray) [lyrics]
Wow I already felt really sorry about this just from the title, and then “It goes way bad, I never liked that sad look / From someone who wants to be loved by you.” :(

7) Hannigram sex song
Every Other Freckle, Alt-J (∆) [lyrics]
Anything worth doing is worth doing properly, in this case with 100% pure-grade wall-to-wall weird visceral erotic metaphors, no filler. The opening words are literally “I want to share your mouthful.” C’mon.

8) Hannigram realistic song
Pistols At Dawn, Seinabo Sey [lyrics]
Lbr they do spend the majority of the series unable to tear themselves away from their duel. Also this song is just BOSS.

9) Hannigram fluff song
Born To Die, Lana Del Rey [lyrics]
This is what fluff means, right? Drowny reckless romance in the face of impending death? Anyway this one’s for you, omni <3

10) Season 4 theme song
Alpha Swallows, Laura Marling [lyrics]
You all are gonna kill me when you get a load of these hopeless helpless lyrics. HA HA, ENJOY MY SAD HEADCANONS.

Ancient Estonian Buzzfeed
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