you. two


This is 

quite possibly 

the funniest thing they have ever done.

I can’t get over it.

This is what I live for.

Wait it got better.

I was right. I wasn’t supposed to live through this chapter.

It’s too much for me to deal with.

Hey, uh. Don’t demand stuff from me. Especially from my own au’s. Thanks.


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I bought a new type of tea and just made a cup tonight and it smells so good. I’ve been sitting here with it under my nose for about ten minutes because I love the smell so much and I want to take a drink but I don’t want to ruin the delicious appeal of the smell if it tastes horrible. 

I just wanna say I really love and appreciate @harrywavycurly and @rosequartzharry. I can’t even begin to explain how much you two have changed my life and become such a big part in my life. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SAC SHOW WITH YALL. Thank you for loving me and putting up with me. I love you my Niall and my Blunt BFF! 💕

When my sisters were in air cadets, one of them asked me to buy a ticket and come to this cadet fundraising dance.  It was in the middle of nowhere and I was working the night shift at the time but I bought one and said I would come even though it was really inconvenient for me.  I asked her not to ditch me when I got there because I didn’t know anyone there.

Both my sisters ignored me the entire night. 

I invited my other sister to the staff Christmas party at work a couple times before I knew quite when it was and she said yes both times.  When I was able to give her the date I asked again if she was coming and she ignored all my texts. 

Sometimes your family will ask you to do something for you, and you’ll do it, but when you ask them for something all you’ll get is nothing.  Don’t feel obligated to keep giving to them because they are never going to give back.  They are just going to keep asking and they are going to conveniently forget all the times you did as they asked while they ignored you.

The bookstore I took my books to does promotions for local authors, so my books are gonna be one of the first books people see when they walk through the doors :D I r excited


“The moment we sat down and talked to each other, we had like a natural connection right away. He said to me afterwards that the most important thing for him was to feel comfortable. He had to be comfortable with me and I had to be comfortable with him to do all the stuff that we did this season. I think we just clicked and he felt as much as I did.” (x)


“love looks not with the eye but with the mind.”

- [Act I, scene i]

@shelliihe and I were talking about the new official art and this came to mind!

extra (plot twist):

we also talked about that lmao

in all seriousness, the new official art is too beautiful and so is shelli //both art and personality <3 ;A;;;


Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus (Dress Rehearsal Clip)

  • Miura Ryosuke as Joker
  • Tamaki Yuki as Snake

(nothing special just really like the 2 of them /w\)