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Theodore, how big is your pe ... rsonal whiskey collection? And how much of it have you consumed recently?



Chapter 13 of ‘you give me something’ (”Mirror”) is now up. It gets dark, friends, fair warning (it’s chapter 13, I should maybe have known it would be a littler cursed). It also ran long, again, so now this story will be 15 chapters. 

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I feel like ever since the whole "penetration station" thing during the summer, so many writers have been on the receiving end of hate and judgement. That, and just the fact that so many blogs are going through changes and the like, and we end up with so many people gone and a good bit of those who stayed are so discouraged, and I just miss the times when the fandom was healthier and everyone was able to write and be happy.

Let’s chat.

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OMG MEL the album is so good I wanna cry Lee taemin did THAT

This album isn’t just good…it’s not even just great or amazing or groundbreaking….I feel very strongly when I say that this album is quite literally one of the best albums that will come out of this century [period] Not the best kpop album, or the best solo album or even the best Taemin album. With this album….’good’ doesn’t cut it. None of the adjectives in any language would be able to accurately describe this album down to its last beat. 

Listening to MOVE, I experienced feelings that I never knew possible while listening to an album. It was like having not just an out of body experience, but an out of this universe experience. I quite literally ascended to heaven, descended to hell, and then rose back on Earth multiple times while listening. I’m taking a break now, but I’m sure if i went back to listen to the album, i’d have the exact same feeling with the exact same intensity. 

Taemin didn’t just do that. He did it, and then he made sure that no one else would ever be able to do the same. This is something so uniquely Taemin, so complex with so many levels and twists and turns that it cannot be repeated. 

Taemin created something. He gave us a gift. And the world of music will never be the same.
Caeldori/Odin C-A Supports AKA Caeldori and Odin Dark are Dead

So today I’m going to teach you how to write a BioShock Infinite. What you do is start with Tom Stoppard’s postmodern classic, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, grind that down to it’s most basic absurdist elements so that the brilliance is nearly gone, and also repurpose the symbolism of the coin for your own means. It’s incredibly necessary though that you preserve the contemplations on repetitions and existence. You should also realize you aren’t as good a writer and not even try to reach Stoppard’s level of brilliant wordplay. Now I’m not a fan of it but traditionally one also includes a false equivalency regarding… Okay, I can’t keep that gag up. Here’s the Odin/Caeldori C-A I claimed.

Also, a thanks to JamesPepperSalt for editing this way more than I expected her to.

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that feeling when

TFW you read the dialogue in a story and it is so true to the characters that it nearly brings tears to your eyes and you are in that moment so thoroughly grateful to the person who took the characters and spun a whole new storyline around them. New chances given, new straits explored.

I’m reading fanfic again after a long while and it is so, so, so good.   


Fortune Teller AU because Lance is a hopeless romantic and would totally do something as cheesy as ask a fortune teller about his love life. You can fight me on this.

It’s a shame he was interrupted by his “rival” tho :3