the raw powerful concept…. of magnus and lucretia having a brother sister bond….. they were both around the same age when they joined the ipre altho lucretia was probably a little bit older, maybe 20 to magnus’ 18… magnus in a bar in yr 40 being like ‘and a glass of wine for my sister’…lucretia in yr 83 cheering ‘thats my brother!!’ when magnus does something cool in a fight….inside jokes..its a human thing taako you wouldnt understand (theyre taking about stuffing marshmellows into ur mouth until you run out of space)…lucretia loving how safe she feels with magnus around… magnus loving lucretia’s strategic mind esp in fights bc it controls his impulsiveness…lucretia keeps the one free backrub coupon magnus gave her on candlenights bc it truly is the nightmare scenario since a backrub coupon used 2 be a gag gift between them on their birthdays and he doesnt even remember

sidlink roadtrip (modern au)

-sidon drives during the day bc link is borderline nocturnal and also is too Jittery to wanna sit in one spot and stare at the road for hours (@ least while the suns out). usually falls asleep 2 minutes after they leave the house and wakes up an hour and a half into the trip. picks the music (usually alternative / chill music w soft guitar and gentle singing that makes sidon sleepy)
-link drives @ night bc sidon is 👏 goddamn 👏 gone 👏 at 10pm exactly no amount of redbull or coffee will keep him coherent enough to drive, especially not on a dark monotonous highway going 70 miles an hour. sometimes wakes up the middle of the night either bc sleepin in a car aint very comfortable or the roads real bumpy and jars him awake or he quote “misses link” (which link always jst smiles and rolls hs eyes at bc why hs bf so fuckin cheesy. this is illegal). doesnt talk as much as usual when he does bc hes sleepy and usually just wants to enjoy links presence. usually they listen to podcasts. its chill. sleepi sidons real cute and link keeps trying to give him smooches bc hes so Fucking Cute (him groggily mumbling “eyes on the road” doesnt help)
-link has to pee every twelve minutes. sidon seemingly never does no matter how much he drinks in the car. truly an enigma
- “are we there yet” “no”
-sidons too careful a driver. will only go 5 miles over the speed limit “as if theres a cop under every single bridge,” link says. sidon ignores him
-link shouldnt be allowed to drive. constantly 15 miles over the speed limit. “as if he has Places To Go,” sidon says. will only sort of slow down if he can see a cop. luckily really only drives at night when there arent very many cars on the highway
-link Always put his feet on the dashboard. “stinky,” sidon says. he would smack him in the face if his legs could reach (they cant hes very small)
- “are we there yet” “no”
- “stop drinking so much water, link im not stopping til we get to the next state over”
- “can we go back and pick up that dead thing” “no”
-every single cheesy roadside attraction is visited. every single gift shop is milled over. every possible “greetings from ___” postcard is purchased. they dont even send people postcards. neither has ever used a postcard in their life.
- “are we there yet” “no”
-is link watching the road or watching his boyfriend sleep. the answer May Surprise You (its his boyfriend)
- “we need to stop so i can stretch my legs” “why” “its what you do when youre tall you wouldnt understand” “im breaking up with you”
- “are we there y–” “does it look like we are there yet

People wonder why I don’t tell them things.
People say “you can trust me” or “I won’t judge” but I’m not worried about that.
I don’t want to tell people because I don’t want anyone to know. Not in like a way where I just plain don’t want anyone to have the knowledge that I’m going through something, but just simply I don’t want anyone to know.
I want someone to understand.
I’m desperate for someone to understand.
But there’s no way anyone of my friends could.
That’s why I don’t tell them anything.

I am sick and tired of white people trying to claim black culture and benefiting off of it. I’ve recently run into this South African DJ (who is white) who literally claims that shes black. Then, when shes confronted about it she pulls the “I’m not claiming to be anything but myself” card. Literally one of her BLACK fans came at me telling me “Im barely African so you wouldnt understand”. So not only am I tired of white people trying to claim us, Im also tired of some South Africans catering to this garbage while simultaneously shitting on actual black people. Can someone please explain to me why some continental Africans pull this worship white people while shitting on black people (ESPECIALLY African Americans) bullshit. It makes me sick to my stomach. I am African no matter where in the disaspora I landed, and no white OR black person can take that away from me. Yall stay trifilin with this.

what the signs are doing right now
  • Aries: watching stydia videos
  • Taurus: looking for stydia related posts
  • Gemini: crying because of stydia
  • Cancer: trying to find a stydia icon
  • Leo: fangirling with their stydia friend over stydia
  • Virgo: screaming at jeff to make stydia endgame
  • Libra: is in the biggest stydia mood they've been in months
  • Scorpio: convincing antis that stydia is better
  • Sagittarius: listening to stydia songs
  • Capricorn: making up headcanons about stydia
  • Aquarius: rewatching teen wolf episodes to find every single little thing to prove stydia is real
  • Pisces: talking about stydia
Day6; call me, beep me (if you wanna reach me) Ch. II

Read Ch. I here on tumblr or here on ao3 (for better formatting) or you probably won’t understand anything.

sweg squad


bbyxD: hyung

daddykang: yeah?

bbyxD: other hyung

jaethebae: wats up

bbyxD: other other hyung

daddykang: dowoonie please
daddykang: you gotta be more specific next time

jaethebae: yeah like
jaethebae: how can u call wonpil hyung of all things

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Hi! Can I request a date with Minghao at the zoo for the date game(romantic but others can be there too)?I'm not sure what kind of description you want so I'm gonna be vague.I'm 5'3,very pale skin,pale blue eyes and light brown hair.I'm usually quiet but can go sarcastic and loud.I absolutely love animals(hence the zoo date)and I'm a really creative,open-minded and caring person.Thank you so much and congrats on having so many followers,you deserve it,your asks always make me smile :) ❤

A Date with Svt: Minghao at the Zoo

  • okay so you and Minghao have been friends for a very long time now
  • and Minghao has liked you for a very long time now
  • you felt the same
  • but neither of you made a move
  • but the both of you did tell someone, and that someone being Junhui
  • and we all know Minghao is close with Jun so theres no doubt he’ll let Jun know first
  • and like just imagine, when the three of you hangout, they would talk in chinese and Jun would deadass tell Minghao ways on how to make a move on you and just Minghao telling Jun that youre beautiful and you wouldnt understand a thing asdfghjkl
  • oh but you actually didnt tell Jun
  • you were just watching Minghao practice when he just went pulled you somewhere
  • “You like Minghao don’t you?”
  • you were honestly shocked, like since wen does Jun read minds
  • and you just casually realizing that your heart eyes for Minghao isnt as sly as you think
  • okay so how Minghao asked you out is honestly the most cutest and extra thing ever
  • he invited you over to their practice room
  • and to your surprise, nobody was inside the room except for a dog when you came
  • being the animal lover you are, you pet it
  • and Minghao just comes up behind you and taps your shoulder to get your attention
  • not saying anything, just holding up a sign that says
  • “I woof you. And I would woof it if you went out with me.”
  • you probably screaming yes
  • “I actually planned on asking you out the normal way but Jun made me do this because I lost.”
  • on the day of your date
  • you couldnt have been more happy to spend the whole day with him
  • when you arriving at the zoo
  • you both having a little fight on who’s gonna pay
  • “Im taking you out. I have to pay.” Minghao protests
  • “NOooo i want to pay for you and me” you pout
  • “Im the one who asked you out. You can just stay pretty and treat us on our next date” he winks
  • pale skin and blushing cheeks don’t mix okay
  • but he thought you looked gorgeous
  • sad to say that you lost and Minghao payed while you were screaming internally
  • you looking like a child as soon as you enter the zoo
  • and Minghao just looking at you fondly
  • “Well aren’t you excited, where do you want to go first?”
  • “Of course I’m excited!! Where have you been during the whole time we’ve dated??” you say making a face jokingly
  • then your eye catches on something
  • “Theres an elephant show! Let’s hurry it looks like it’s about to start!!”
  • all throughout the show
  • Minghao would just look at you while you smile at the tricks the elephants were doing
  • and would just, smile
  • you would catch him every once and a while
  • gazes meeting
  • you immediately looking away as redness takes over your cheeks
  • he would also hold your hand when he gets a chance
  • “Are you even watching?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “I never knew your eyes can see things sideways”
  • “i’m watching though”
  • “Doesnt seem like it.”
  • “That’s because I’m watching you” He smirks
  • “Yah. Stop it.” You playfully hit him
  • after the show, you guys decided to walk through different enclosures
  • seeing a lot of animals really making you happy
  • you love them to bits and being able to see them with someone you like is like a bonus
  • you walked through the different enclosures with both of your hands intertwined
  • and you guys being dorks
  • you name every single animal you see
  • “I think that lion is more of a Michael. He looks like a Michael.” he points to the lion
  • “Minghao. It’s a lioness.”
  • “Then Michaela.”
  • “How about the tiger over there?” you point
  • “Minghao.” He answers immediately
  • “okay just why.”
  • “Because Im a tiger.” he winks
  • “.. I need you to go away”
  • you guys explored the zoo all day
  • even getting a chance to name a baby panda officially
  • “Okay. This is a big decision. What will we name it.” you ask
  • “How about Oreo since he is black and white?” He suggests
  • “Babe are you hungry?” you ask laughing
  • “Pffft no not at all”
  • you stare at him, a smirk growing on your face
  • “Okay yes love I am”
  • a thought flashes through your head
  • “Ai, I want to name him Ai” you grin
  • he smiles softly at you,
  • the look in his eyes showing how deeply touched he is
  • “Ai it is, now Iet’s go eat my love”
  • him wrapping his arm around your shoulder sweetly
  • the whole day was filled with moments like this
  • you two would be holding hands and talking about random things
  • him throwing his jacket around your shoulders when a cold breeze hits
  • riding his skateboard around the zoo with his arms tight around your waste and hands intertwined
  • and just times where the two of you arent talking and you would catch him looking at you with a soft smile
  • sadly, the day eventually had to end
  • and the two of you were walking
  • since you missed the bus
  • you were holding Minghao’s hand as you were riding his skateboard
  • with your hands out, trying to balance yourself and the other being held by Minghao as he guides you
  • “Did you enjoy the date?” him breaking the silence
  • “I had so much fun” you smile
  • “So theres a possibility that I can take you out again?” he asks
  • “After today? no of course not” you joke
  • “Heyyyy” he whines
  • “Just kidding babe” you grin
  • he replies simply with a kiss on your forehead

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MASTERLIST (where the other date scenarios can be found)

Young!Sirius Black imagine - I'm in love?, part 2

‘I’m i-what?’ Y/N asked her best friend.

‘You’re in love’ lily replied, ‘how did you not know?’

'I guess the thought never really came to my mind’ Y/N whispered, still shocked at the new information brought to her by her best friend.

'Come on, it’s dinner’ said lily, walking out of her dorm room.

'Coming’ Y/N replied, following her best friend out of the dorm and to the dining hall. (Is that what it’s called?¿)


Y/N sat down in her usual place by lily and the marauders. She was facing Remus and Sirius with lily and peter at her side.

She was sitting in her seat, wide eyed and still in shock, Remus had noticed and asked her a couple times, so had peter, if she was OK. Y/N barely replied each time, thought if Sirius flooding her mind. She stood up, rather abruptly and urged Remus to follow her, she had to talk to someone and lily was too busy 'hating’ Potter.

'What’s wrong?’ Remus asked.

'Imsortakindainlovewithyourbestfriend’ she replied, talking quick.

'What?’ Remus asked, giving Y/N a confused look.

'I’m in love with Sirius’ she said.

But you hate him’

'Hated. I hated him, until lily told me the reason I was upset that I saw Sirius with another girl was because I’m in love with him.’

'Wow, that’s erm I-I have no idea how to respond to that.’ He replied honestly.

'You don’t have to, tell the others that I went to the library to study or something’

Remus nodded and headed back inside, as Y/N walked down to the library. Thoughts of Sirius clouded her brain, tackling her every thought. She tried to not think about him, but failed rather miserably as her mind constantly made its way back to Sirius.

Y/N sat in the library using her time to study, in order to take her mind off a certain someone. She got up to take some books back to the shelves, however, she dropped one on her foot. Cursing under her breath, she bent down to pick up the book. Y/N shot up when she heard the door to the library open.

Looking around, Y/N walked back to her seat after putting away the books. Walking back, she tripped on a book that must have been left out, pushing her hands out she braced for impact with the hard floor, but instead came into contact with a hard chest and a strong pair of arms.

'You have got to stop bumping into me’ laughed Sirius, helping her steady herself.

'I’m not in the mood black’ Y/N muttered, not expecting him to care, which explains why she was taken back when she heard him reply in a rather sincere tone.

'What’s wrong love?’


She shivered upon hearing the nickname he used for her.

'Nothing’s wrong Sirius, why don’t you go snog Marlene or some other girl’ She snapped.

'Woah what’s got your knickers in a twist’ he chuckled.

'Sirius, leave me alone’ she barked (aye see what I did there)

'I don’t want to’ he said, smirking at the Y/H/C haired girl.

'I’m serious’ (see what I did there ;)

'No you’re Y/N, I’m Sirius’ he laughed.

'Oh my merlin, will you leave me alone’ she shouted.

'Shhhhh’ hissed madam prince.

Y/N collected her stuff and walked out the library, Sirius following her like a lost puppy (I’m sorry I really am ill stop).

'Why are you shouting at me?!’ Sirius asked





At this point tears were building up in Y/N’s eyes, threatening to escape. Y/N blinked and decided shouting was not the way to go about this.

'You have snogged every girl in our year’ Y/N said, closing her eyes for a second.

'That’s not true, I haven’t snogged you or lily’ he barked (didn’t I say I would stop? Oops)

'That isn’t the point sirius’ she sighed.

'Ok then, why would me snogging someone make you upset’ he asked, raising his arms in exasperation.

'Because it just does’ Y/N said, clutching on to her books.

'That makes no sense’ he replied, cocking an eyebrow, ’ at least tell me why it makes you upset’

Y/N sighed loudly, clearly annoyed by his obliviousness. ~I may as well tell him, she thought, then I could avoid him and these stupid feelings will go away.~ (sorry italics won’t work for me)

'Because is in love with you’ she shouted, running her free hand through her hair.

'Y-you’re what?’ Sirius asked, dumbfounded by her confession.

'I’m in love with you, and it hurts to see you with a different girl everyday, and it sucks. I never knew that I felt this way, I always thought I hated you, but I don’t. I love you and you know what the worst thing about falling in love with you is? I actually thought I might have a chance, but you would never give me a chance.’ She cried, not caring about the tears, she’d already lost her dignity and broke her heart, what’s a few tears compared to that?

'Y-Y/N, I-’ Sirius stammered.

'Please spare me the 'I only like you as a friend’ speech, you’ll never like me back, I know that. So please just leave me alone’ she shouted, tears falling from her cheeks, turning on her heal, she ran. As far away from Sirius as she could.


A/N: you’re probably thinking 'I hate this writer, why dOES SHE DO THIS?’ Because I sure am. I don’t know why I left it on a cliffhanger but I’ll post part 3 tomorrow and yeah. Also what was with the Sirius jokes? I’m weird but that’s OK.

-Erin /*

cambienne  asked:

top 5 horrible things that sasuke has said to gaara in full sincerity

see ange u understand me

1) “im an abuse victim gaara you wouldnt understand”

2) “awww dont be insecure about your looks. im not super into the twink on twink scene but id hit that”

3) “is that like…. a muslim thing??”

4) “hey gaara just wondering but do you ever jack off bc i heard that can help with some of your….. issues”

5) “is this like part of your…… mommy issues thing?”