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1 What was the last movie you saw? Pretty sure it was Enchanted

2 What was the last song you listened to? Uh, I think it was Laundry Girl by Ludo

3 What was the last show you watched? New Venture Bro episode

4 What was the last book you read? Hell if I remember. Last book I bought was Night Vale though

5 What was the last thing you ate? Buffalo chicken pizza

6 If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be? ORLANDOOOOOOOOO

7 If you could pick a decade to travel back to in time, what would it be? Probs the 80′s so I can see my favorite movie when it comes out in theaters.

8 If you won the lotto & millions in cash, what would be the first thing you would do? Savings account for a while, only take out what’s needed. Get a small apartment with a cat. Be okay for a little while as I look for a job.

9 Which fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day? Kevin Price, hella. 

10 What was the last fandom you joined? Venture Bros

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letmechoosetosaveyou asked:

Hi :) I saw you've been posting some Miraculous Ladybug and I'd like to start watching, so I was wondering what language you recommend? Thanks!

oh, Oh, OH! Do I sense another miraculer?

Well, there’s only 3 languages available until now: french, korean and english. It has aired 18 episodes in France, 9 in english (if I’m not mistaken) although, I”m not sure how many in Korea. 

I’d actually recommend french since it’s the one with more episodes and because, in my opinion, it has the best voice acting (Chat Noir’s voice in english is just… ugh). Plus, it’s a way to try and learn a new language (that’s what I’m doing, lol). Either way you’ll need some links:

KissCartoon ~ here you can watch the episodes in english.

Miraculousubs ~ ohh, this precious blog provides us with subbed episodes and new info about the show.

Hope I could help, @letmechoosetosaveyou :D