do not let anyone fool you:

  • the 100 is not about bellarke
  • the 100 is not about any ship 
  • the 100 does not revolve around romance 
  • the 100 is a kickass show with kickass women, kickass poc characters, and kickass diversity for all
  • the 100 is a show about friendship, effects of war, politics, strength, survival, and most importantly morality
  • the 100 is a show you should be watching

family photos ft. lance

excluding coran bc i can’t do him any justice

ReZero ep. 8


“It’s been rough, hasn’t it?”


I’ll never get over the dialogue in this scene, the voice actors, the music, THE TEARS… and at the end how she holds him… guys guyssss i’m not ok 


“If we’re together, I’m sure we can go to all corners of the earth… “

Night Bugs on a Rainy Street
-Yonezu Kenshi

Tribute to @yoralim‘s AU– Echotale! I love the relationship between the characters, it’s like they’re best friends and lovers at the same time–and G is hilarious pffftt

Everything about this AU is amazingly beautiful so… Go read all her stuff!

I took my kids to the local community college today to play Pokémon GO!

We walked around catching Pokémon and checking in to PokéStops.

Anytime I saw people walking around looking at their phones I would shout, “Catch any good Pokémon?”

The reaction was always the same. At first they would look as if they had been caught doing something embarrassing, but then they quickly realized that we were obviously doing the same thing too.

So we made lots of new friends and compared good spots to catch rare Pokémon.

And if you don’t think that something really special is happening right now, then I’m afraid you’re missing out, my friend.