When people ask me why Morrowind is my favorite game ever I just show them this.


Personally I think that the Morrowind theme song is the greatest song ever created in the history of gaming for this reason and nobody can tell me otherwise. 

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What's your top 10 blogs on tunblr?

This is a hard one Lol I have a lot of mutual with nice blogs

@amycupcakes  @hoyimreyy  @superxdavid       @thebukkakehokage @pogiii @ohfcksndy @bxmeto @isaiahhhhhhhhhh @ayeitskam @crispywing @dawntogone @itslu-kay @wils0nj @asianry416 @brandyallisaa @y0nich @ayeeethomas @kahikii @krstnaxo @ouuaustin @thatsbryanwithay @schoolboytroy @gianni-says

Okayy so this is more than 10 and i can keep going on with this list but yeah check these blogs out !!! 


“If we’re together, I’m sure we can go to all corners of the earth… “

Night Bugs on a Rainy Street
-Yonezu Kenshi

Tribute to @yoralim‘s AU– Echotale! I love the relationship between the characters, it’s like they’re best friends and lovers at the same time–and G is hilarious pffftt

Everything about this AU is amazingly beautiful so… Go read all her stuff!

Just for the record, as an absolutely legitimate statement. Three people can vouch for me, even if I told only one of them.

Just saw Logan. Weeped over Caliban.

Just as we are about to step down to the parking lot, the restaurant beside us is blaring Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). Manage to suppress laughter.

Stephen Merchant, you ARE a gem.

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emma!!! have you read the new captive prince short story? it's out today and i just finished it i'm dying omg 😭 laurent!!! that's all i'm going to say 🙊

I READ IT LAST NIGHT AND DIED it was so funny and cute (all of Damen’s and Laurent’s lines are solid gold) and my sons are so in love and happy together and good, I just. I was so happy. It was everything I wanted and more.

Hey guys, so @dancelikeandrewscott is missing one teeny tiny follower to reach 1000. Let me just run through all quick what’s waiting for you over in her corner:

Dorky sense of humour? Sure, but she will make you laugh until your cheeks hurt. Sheriarty and mormor fics? She’s got both the angst, fluff and the smut. Infuriating habit of throwing gifs at you? Check! Will talk to you incessantly about Jim Moriarty. But probably best of all; she’s so fucking, over the top, batshit crazy in love with Andrew Scott that she will not stop posting edits and pics of him, not even if WW III descends upon us (and who are we kidding, it might just).

So I mean, run, crawl, stumble over there and follow her and that train wreck of a blog asap.