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Magnetic Bottle Holders

Free up some space and make your refrigerator cooler with the magnetic bottle holders! The holders are placed on the fridge’s ceiling and come equipped with small magnets designed to suspend your beer bottle by its metallic top.


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emilybrs97: It’s funny you say that, because I literally based my human design on being the evil version of Genie. And 99.99% of the time when I draw a character, I imagine they have a musical number to sing. So, yes, I totally imagine Bill singing Friend Like Me… just more chaotic evil.

missraven-c: Oh gosh, thank you! I’m really happy to hear you like him so much! I wanted that balance of cute and terrifying. I relate to that.

Of all the things you could ask me…

This is apparently what you want to know.


Also, I’m almost at 1,400 followers, somehow. Since I missed out on every other milestone, if the number creeps up to 1,400, I’ll do a special thing to celebrate (Because, 7 + 7 x 100 = 1400… It’s close enough, alright?)

It’ll probably be a contest, with proper prizes and everything. So if that interests you, keep an eye out for it.

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id like to take a moment to heavily appreciate how you drew mondo on the last page of that comic. he looks like he's trying to grab onto fujisaki like she's a shield

real men don’t fight their own battles


I LOVE YOU??? THIS IS SO WONDERFUL. These are the two who could actually achieve fluff, look at them. Sappily in love, so much mutual respect and they even had an inside joke within one second of meeting each other. 

My favourite is Sam/Steve marriage fic, so I love you. Big wedding with lots of flowers, Sam with his big family, Steve’s side being just the Avengers… The two of them trying to faceplant each other into the cake at the same time. Steve wearing a bridal garter because Bucky dared him and Sam taking it off with his teeth during their sexy, sexy honeymoon in some tropical paradise. (Natasha suggesting Steve take Sam to New Jersey for their honeymoon as a joke.)

And then children because I say so

They each loved each other
with every fiber of their being.
They chose love over fear,
not afraid of the other leaving.
They had spent years
searching for someone
to make them feel complete,
but only when they realized
they already were,
did they meet.
—  Two whole hearts can love more than two halves.