There Are Now 2 LGBT Characters On Disney

In case you missed it, last friday, June 23rd, was a huge night for LGBT representation. Two shows currently airing on Disney Channel, one in the UK and one in the US, featured scenes with characters revealed as LGBT. Josh played by Joshua Sinclair-Evans on The Lodge and Cyrus Goodman played by Joshua Rush on Andi Mack.  Spoilers for the shows and my thoughts below.

On The Lodge Josh is talking to a friend and when the conversation turns to girls, well one girl in particular, Josh casually states that she’s not his type and then clarifies later that he’s not interested in any girls because “girls aren’t really my type.”  It was refreshing to see him come out in such a casual way.  I must admit I’ve never seen The Lodge before so I don’t know too much about his character or the show but I’m certainly going to be checking it out.

On Andi Mack we’ve seen Cyrus interacting with his friend Jonah for a whole season and it seemed obvious that he’s had a crush on him. We also knew from an article in the New York Times that there would be a story line involving a boy coming to terms with his sexuality. Unlike The Lodge, Cyrus hasn’t said out loud who he is interested in yet but with a very simple action our suspicions were confirmed.  In the finale, while Jonah was talking with Amber about Andi she said “if she turns to look back at you it means that she likes you and not just as a friend.” Jonah leaves before he sees that Andi looks back and then a few seconds later so does Cyrus. Cyrus likes Jonah!  (There’s even a video of the cast watching this scene together and cheering ecstatically when Cyrus looks back.)  This was a very intentional moment and I appreciate how they executed this scene.  Andi looks back and that clearly implies that she likes Jonah it makes sense she’s the lead of the show, she’s said many times that she likes him, the viewer easily accepts that she looked back because she likes him.  Then we see Cyrus do the exact same thing are we supposed to come to a different conclusion because he’s a boy and looked back.  Absolutely not. The show has already been renewed so this story line will continue and develop next season.

I’m really happy to see Disney taking these steps to bring representation to their network. Everyone who watches Disney needs role models and characters they can relate to and that’s been lacking for a long time!  If you aren’t watching already I’d recommend you check them out and spread the word so these shows can stay on the air!

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One of my favorite things about canon Hazel is that she swears. Strongly. Like in SoN when she summons the schist and the Karpoi hiss at it, she says that her teacher once washed out her mouth with lye soap for "saying something similar" and I just love the idea of Percy and Hazel on a quest and just openly swearing all the time. Hazel swearing.

Hazel’s such a badass, like yeah she needs to adjust a little to modern times but you’re totally right that she’s always had a potty mouth and I love it.

“Oh come on! This shit isn’t funny anymore!” Annabeth growls when they see yet more monsters on the horizon.

“Annabeth, watch your language!” Percy admonishes in a whisper as Hazel approaches.

“What’s going on?” Hazel asks, following their gaze to the new threat. Her shoulders drop. “Oh, for fuck’s sake, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!”

Percy gapes while Annabeth bursts out laughing and tells her, “I know, right.”


If everything is honey, I am what I eat. 

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c’mon Sans, gotta carry ‘em for SCIENCE (and friendship)

New romantics (Prologue)

A/N: Okay peeps, this is the prologue of my new series. I loved writing the PT Diaries so much that I decided that I wanted to write a new series. This one is going to be based on Charlotte Reed, Mitch’s best friend (yup, expect a loot of Leafs making appearances). Please, let me know what you think of this!

Word count: 949

Warnings: none, I think.

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“Hello Mariam –” I hear my best friend’s voice from my room upstairs and smile.  “– where is she?”

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i would just like to remind everyone that raoul de chagny is not a villain, is not stopping ‘the real story’, and really doesn’t deserve to be demonised 

he is a soft emotional boy who loves and wants to protect christine and i would literally die for him

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Heeeyy, in regards to your serial killer David au, what do you think would happen if Max's DNA was accidentally left at the scene of one of David's many crimes and the police traced it back to Max and accused him of the murder? btw i'm a huge fan or your killer!david au and camper!david au so uh... keep up the great work!

who gave you the right.
seriously though, this is such a good idea and let me just!! think it through!
tbh i don’t think the police would accuse max as a culprit - he’s 10 -, but finding a link to him would def make things more complicated for both him, his family and just people in general he’s in any connection with. not at all excluding good ole david.

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You are stealing tho lol, did you make those videos yourself? Did you put a link to the owners? You didn't do anything yourself except downloading the videos and then post it on your blog

Hey love,

We don’t mean to be passing off anything as our own content. If something is ours then we will state that it is our own creation. We are not saying any content that we repost is ours. If you looked at the posts, some of them have links to the owner. If they don’t it doesn’t mean we are claiming it as ours. We clearly leave any watermarks or logos or usernames on each thing we post. If we have offended anyone we apologize but let me make it clear that we do not take credit for other people’s work. 

Thank you - Alex