“I’m being torn apart. I want to be free of this pain. I know what I have to do, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?” – Kylo to Han

“You don’t have to do this. I feel the conflict in you. It’s tearing you apart. Ben, when we touched hands, I saw your future. Just the shape of it, but solid and clear. You will not bow before Snoke. You’ll turn. I’ll help you.” – Rey to Ben

I was at Ben Platt’s last show !!?

So uh, I’ve been super privileged with DEH stuff. I have one of the casts, I have a signed egg costume, some other signed stuff, and y’know just?? But recently I got to go to Ben Platt’s last show and here’s some things I noticed!!

- During sincerely me, when Ben does the little taps at “I’m just glad to be your friend,” this time he full on put his hand on Mike’s shoulder and briefly stroked his hair. It was super quick but super cute??

- Also in sincerly me, when Jared was kinda mocking Evan and stuff,, without looking Ben reached back and slowly shoved Will’s face away. Like full palm to the face-

- When Evan said the “why would you write that thing,” he said it like a classic valley girl and?? I don’t know if it was intentional but there was a pose and everything-

- I’m skipping back a bit, but in the very beginning of the show, no one would stop cheering. There was a solid 1-2 minutes of clapping when the lights came up, and it actually made Ben start to laugh. You could see the boys nose crinkle !!

- all of his poses were super exaggerated this time,, so like whilst talking about how he likes jazz but not all jazz mostly jazz band jazz, he did a few snazzy velociraptor motions,

- all the way to ‘To break in a glove,’ and Michael park is having trouble getting his words out. Sniffling and trying his best not to cry :0

- I’m skipping around so much because my memory is already fogging up but during if I could tell her Laura looked so wistful and she kept having to wipe her cheeks

- in so big so small during the hug, Rachel was kinda struggling with her words it seemed, and during this little pause, her and Ben had this cute little chuckle and everyone in the audience was driven to gentle laughs through their tears

- I realized that Heidi might be talking to her husband in gooD for you!?

- at the bows, you could literally see bens lip quivering. The poor boy was trying super hard not to cry too much! No one would stop clapping, and they brought him back to stage for two other bows!!

I have a low quality audio boot of the first act, and two videos of bens bows if anyone wants em. Notify me!

The really bad part 2 is up!!


Request: Can I request one where Tony Starks little sister is in a failing relationship? They were at the tower arguing and Tony came in the room just as the guy was hitting her? But before Tony could do anything Bucky storms over and knocks the guy through the wall. She tells him it’s been going on for a while and she was scared to say anything about it.

Note: for anyone in an abusive relationship or family, I hope you know you’re strong enough to get out. reach out to someone that can help. without further ado, thanks for the request, darlin! I hope it doesn’t suck, omg. leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! .c

You weren’t sure how it happened; what changed. Everything was going smoothly, you were happy. Your world felt perfect. The honeymoon phase had gone and passed, and it still felt like a fairy-tale relationship. He was a gentleman - the type that opened your car door for you and made sure your seat-belt was tight enough before he drove off. The type that held open doors and pulled your chair out, took care of you when you were sick and rubbed your feet after working all day. Your relationship was one of which little girls dream to have when they get older - full of love, loyalty, and everlasting happiness.

Sadly, not everything is as it seems. Behind closed doors, that gentleman you fell in love with, along with those eyes and that shining smile that made you feel fireworks in your belly, turned cold and everything went wrong. Three words kept your feet planted. 

Your feet always did become tired after being on them for too long.

The team had left for a mission, one you were able to get out of so you could spend your three year anniversary with your boyfriend while they were gone. It felt normal again, like the worst was over with and you could let go of what has happened. You made dinner for the both of you; his favorite dish. You wanted to stay in and have a more intimate evening than be in the eye of a crowd on such a special occasion.

Everything was perfect for a few hours. And then it wasn’t. He complained about his job while eating, which you listened to because you care, then he started talking about moving away, getting out of this place. You noticed the way his eyes darted around the large kitchen in the Avengers Tower. You had a gut feeling he meant this place in particular.

Your life was here. A well paying job, saving people alongside your friends, your brother was here, your friends, and New York City was your home. There’s no way you were going to give this up. 

The loud clank of a fork dropping against the ceramic plate caused you to flinch in your seat after you spoke your mind. His hard stare bore into your eyelids as you stared down at your dinner with a fast beating heart. Your palms grew damp as his breathing became erratic. 

“Excuse me?” His voice was rough and low. You looked up and his fists were clenched, the skin pulled tight against his knuckles. Those of which you’ve had contact with more times than you could count. Sighing softly, you kept your cool. 

You avoided his eyes as you chose your words carefully. “My life is here.” Your voice didn’t come out as you had hoped, you sounded small. His nostrils flared and he jolted from the table, his thighs knocking against the edge, causing his glass to fall over and his drink to spill. Your body jerked at the action and you hoped he wouldn’t do anything. 

Even hope fails sometimes.

He stormed out of the room and your eyes followed his tensed body. You sighed and rest your elbows on the table, rubbing your temples for a few moments. It’s the night of your anniversary and spending it arguing was not in your plans, so you wanted to fix this now. Scooting your chair back, you left the mess as is and went to find him. 

You stepped into your bedroom and watched him pace back and forth, pulling at his hair. “Baby, can we just ta-” His head shot towards you and his eyebrows were creased together. “I don’t want you here anymore!” He yelled, the vein in his neck protruding. You stepped towards him and scoffed. “This-this is my life! I’m not throwing it away!” Your voice was louder and it surprised him. 

Anger started to overtake every emotion you had. “I’m sorry but if you don’t like it, then I don’t know what to tell you.” You shrugged and he laughed, deep and menacing. “What I say goes, sweetheart. You’re mine!” He said it as if you were his property and you stood silent. 

“You’re a fucking bitch, you know that!?” Your mouth fell open as he continued to yell at you. All of what he said was a lie, you do everything for him. For years you’ve been nothing but good to him.

“How am I a bitch? Because I don’t want to do what you want to do for once? I could be out with my team right now saving people but I chose to spend tonight with you!”

Your voice was just as loud as his but you didn’t care. You both knew you weren’t giving up your life here. What you didn’t know, was that the whole team was listening since they had all just arrived and heard you two in the quiet tower, and two men were making their way up to you.

He took a step towards you and gripped your arm, jerking you in place, his face mere inches from yours. You struggled in his grip and tried to pull it away but his grip was too tight. “You’re hurting me, stop it!” Your eyes filled with tears and your lip trembled. 

His jaw clenched as his grip got even tighter, causing you to yelp. Your fingers dug into his hand but it wouldn’t budge. “I don’t fucking care! You’re mine and we’re leaving! What I say goes!” You ignored the pain in your arm and shoved his chest with your other hand this time. He stumbled a tad then he gripped both of your arms so you couldn’t fight back.

“I grew up here, I’m not leaving just because you want me to!” Your words only angered him more. You were denying him what he wanted and he hated it. His face came even closer to yours and you cowered away as best you could. 

He let you go with a growl and you hissed at the pain, the throbbing in your arms was excruciating. He started pacing again, his fists clenched. You couldn’t take this anymore. The only thing you were leaving is him and this is the moment you’ve been waiting for deep down. Your eyes spilled tears as you gathered the courage to speak.

“We’re done.” Your voice shook and you wiped at your cheeks. 

Suddenly, he turned around and lifted his hand in the air, but before he could strike, a large body ran into him, both of them going straight through the wall and into the room beside yours. You screamed and jerked away as you felt a hand rest on your shoulder. Your brother was standing there, his eyes wide with shock and anger.

He pulled you into his chest and the reality of what could’ve happened, yet again, settled in. You sobbed into his chest and he pulled you out of the room. Before you were out all the way, you looked inside and saw Bucky punch your boyfriend - ex boyfriend - in the face, yelling something you couldn’t make out. 

Steve met you and Tony in the hallway, his eyes falling on Tony’s for a split second. Steve clenched his jaw as his eyes landed on your sobbing figure. “What happened? Are you okay?” He made to reach out to touch you but Tony wouldn’t let him. “Get Barnes.” Your brother rasped and Steve gave him a curt nod. Bucky’s yells were still coming from your room, seemingly getting louder as the seconds passed.

Tony took you into the common room and sat you down on the couch. You were shaking and crying as he held you in his arms. The tower was so silent, you could hear Steve yelling below at Bucky. 

“You’re going to kill him!” 

“He deserves it!”

“Buck, STOP!”

“You fucking piece of shit! How dare you!”

“Bucky, he’s out cold!” 

“I don’t fucking care! He hurt her!”

Tony reached for a remote on the coffee table and turned on his stereo, keeping it loud enough to drown out their yells. You always loved classical music and you felt yourself starting to calm down as the minutes passed. Your breathing slowed but you were still shaken up. 

Tony turned to you and you avoided his eyes. “Y/N…” He gulped, trying to figure out how to ask this. You wiped your nose and sighed. “I didn’t know what to do, Tony.” Your voice cracked and Tony pulled you back into his arms, rubbing your back. He lightly shushed you as you sobbed loudly. 

“Never again. Never. Again.” He repeated his words as a promise to you. He wanted to go down to your room and take care of your ex but he knew Bucky had done enough damage already. You needed him more anyways. 

You pulled away from Tony and was about to say something until Bruce came in. He had a few cuts on his face and you knew the mission must’ve been tough since he was fighting along with them. Guilt surfaced.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but do you need… Did he.. Are you-” It was hard for him to ask if you were hurt or needed help, so you just nodded. Tony and Bruce then escorted you to the medical room. You remained quiet and so did they. The atmosphere was too fragile for speaking. But you knew you’d have to sooner or later.

Bruce checked out your arms, applying gentle pressure until you winced at the pain. He told you there was bruising but thankfully nothing was broken from what he felt. After that, he set you up to take some x-rays. He jotted everything down on your clipboard. He has one for everybody; saving the world and its people comes with broken bones and wounds. 

You could detect a change in Bruce as you walked out from behind the machine. “You have a broken rib on your left side.” He walked you over to the photos of your x-rays. He pointed it out and your stomach sank as you bowed your head and bit the inside of your lips. 

He looked at you, sighing. “So, two weeks ago, on the mission when you-” You nodded your head. You were arguing with your boyfriend about some guy hitting on you at a bar that night. It wasn’t your fault yet you suffered the consequences by being slammed into your dresser. Your excuse was a guard kicking you during a mission the next day.

“It was him.” He breathed out, looking back at your x-rays. The sound of the door slamming shut made you flinch - though nearly everything did. You thought it was him coming after you, but you saw Tony marching away through the glass doors. He was still angry, probably blaming himself for not noticing this before.

“I’m gonna go talk to him.” You quietly excused yourself and Bruce nodded, giving you a tight lipped smile. Your mind was racing with thoughts as you followed after your brother. Where would your ex go? Is Bucky okay? Did Steve get him away before he killed your ex? Will everyone judge you for staying when they find out?

Your thoughts were silenced when you arrived at the common room. Tony and Bucky were talking and you stood in your spot, eavesdropping. “He’s definitely getting locked up. I don’t want him anywhere near her ever again.” Bucky was breathing heavily and Tony hummed in agreement. 

“I wish she would’ve come to me. I could’ve stopped this.” Tony sounded sad now, his anger leaving his body as he thought about it. Bucky sighed and you peeked around, seeing him lay his hand on Tony’s shoulder. “Look, none of us would’ve known. It’s not your fault or hers.”

Your eyes burned with tears and you left before you were seen. You didn’t feel guilty for not telling them, they knew you couldn’t. In a situation like that, nobody could really know what would happen if you tried to leave. The first time you did, you had to pack on make-up to hide a black eye. You thought staying was the safest option - you were wrong. But leaving wasn’t so easily done.

You asked Friday to let everyone know you needed to be alone for a few hours to clear your mind. As you entered your room, your eyes went straight to the huge hole in the wall. It would need to be replaced but that was the least of your worries right now.

Taking a deep breath, you walked out onto your balcony. It was slightly windy and you looked out across the area, the sound of the city below calmed your nerves only slightly. The sun was setting and you felt a small wave of peace. You were finally free from him and the torment. But not entirely. 

The door opened suddenly and you were immediately alert, the hair on your arms standing up straight. “It’s me.” Bucky could see your tensed muscles and he kicked himself for it. Had your ex not done those things to you, you wouldn’t be so scared with someone enters a room, or when you hear someone yelling or slamming something. Noises like that terrified you.

Bucky walked up beside you, watching the city bustle with cars and people. He looked down at his hands, all clean from the blood from earlier, some from the mission and some from your ex. You could hear his breathing, it was ragged and shallow. He looked back out towards the city and everything was blurry now from his tears.

“How long?” His whisper mixed with the wind but you caught it. You swallowed thickly. “Two years.” Your voice was barely over a whisper and you could see Bucky slump his shoulders from your peripheral. “Why?” His voice shook and your eyes filled with tears yet again. 

“He said he loved me.” Your lip trembled and you shook your head, not seeing how untrue those words were until now. Bucky clenched his jaw, glancing at your face. Oh how he wished he hadn’t because it made him want to have his hands around your ex’s neck again. It took everything in him not to leave and go finish it.

“I was so scared to say anything. I thought that…that maybe the first time was just an accident.” Your voice cracked and Bucky pulled you into his body and held you close. He was shaking with anger, his eyes shut tightly as he imagined the things your ex did to you. Holding you was his anchor right now.

Bucky pressed his lips to your head and you leaned further into him. “Y/N, you’ll never have to see him again. That was not love. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.” He whispered in your ear, his voice full of certainty and sadness.

You nodded against his chest and sighed. “I feel so stupid, Bucky. He-he wanted me to leave and I didn’t want to, I couldn’t. Then like every time we argue, he just lost it. I feel so weak.” You sniffled and gripped Bucky’s shirt tightly, as if he’d disappear and you were just dreaming and you’d wake up next to your ex, trapped in fear.

Bucky pulled away and let his flesh hand hold your cheek as softly as he could. “God, Y/N, no. No, you are not weak. Don’t say that, not around me, not ever. H-he could’ve killed you.” His voice cracked this time, his blue eyes pooling with tears. The longer Bucky stared into your eyes, he realized just how much he wanted to show you what love really is. But not yet. He could only protect you for now. 

“Dammit, I could kill him. You deserve so much more, Y/N. If you’ll let me, I’ll protect you with my life. I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again.” Bucky’s thumb caressed your skin and a tear fell down his cheek. You nodded, letting out a sob as you pulled Bucky in for a hug. His arms held you close and tight, blocking you from everything.

 For once in your life, you actually felt safe. 

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Stardust || JJK

Group: BTS
Member: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Soulmate AU! Red string of fate au

Word count: 3.3 k


You didn’t believe in soulmates until you lay your eyes on Jeon Jeongguk, the younger brother of your best friend’s husband. That is when you see the red string which begins encircled around your pinky and ends in his.

A/N: This is my thank you for 2k+ followers. It is inspired by the Chinese folklore of red string of fate (read it, if you haven’t. Its cute). Lang Leav is also an inspiration behind this imagine (points to ‘soulmates’ and ‘stardust’). Enjoy reading!

“Why do I have to go?” you whine to your best friend So Rim who is trying to convince you to go to Seokjin’s celebratory party.  She gives you an incredulous look through the mirror before resuming running the make up brush in full circles on her cheeks to fill up any gaps left in her make up. You sigh and fall onto her bed head first, pulling the blue covers over your face.

“ You have to go because it will be a good opportunity for you to meet men, and maybe one of these men will be your soulmate” she doesn’t stop in her motions but keeps her eyes trained on your covered figure.

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jungkook scenario | black and white christmas

Originally posted by bane-niki

❝ The black and white decor of your office is exceptionally drab, but Jungkook brings a splash of colour to your otherwise boring existence 

prompt: You and I are coworkers, but we barely know each other. Now we have to work through the holidays together, and it’s only us in this office…

pairing: jungkook x reader

requested by anon | 4.5k words | fluff, office au

When you first walked into your new office, ready to impress with the dress suit your mum taught you to iron carefully, and your files clutched close to your chest, you were overwhelmed by the sparseness of the building. The only colours to be seen were white and black. The desks and chairs, the drab modern art on the walls, the suits and ties of your co-workers - all black. Boring. That was what hit you first. The office was boring.

Even the coffees were black, you noted, as you sat down at your new desk to have a paper cup pushed towards you, the smell of caffeine rising from inside.

You looked up at the body attached to the hand that offered the cup, seeing a young man looking down at you, and all of a sudden, the sparse room felt splashed with colour as red rose to your cheeks. His strong brows, sharp jaw and dark eyes were the opposite of boring.

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“What should I buy Steve for Christmas?” Tony asked, barging into Natasha’s room.

“I could kill you right now,” Natasha said mildly, not pausing from where she was rubbing lotion into her leg. “I’m only wearing a towel, but -“

“I know, I know, you always have a knife hidden on you somewhere,” Tony interrupted, waving a hand. “Please. You don’t care if we see you naked. You just pretend you do to troll Steve and Bruce.”

Natasha smirked. “It’s so easy,” she said. “It shouldn’t be as much fun as it is.”

“It is fun,” Tony agreed. “Seriously. Steve. Christmas.”

She considered the question, moving on to her other leg. “What did the others suggest?”

“What makes you think I asked them?”

“I just returned from my mission two hours ago,” Natasha said. “And you’re desperate.”

Tony conceded her point with a nod. “Bruce just stared at me blankly and then muttered something about food. Clint suggested I lay on the bed and wrap a bow around my dick. Thor went off on a spiel; I left the room when he started talking about how he was a fertility god. He was either seconding Clint’s suggestion or blessing Steve and I with a child, I couldn’t tell.”

Natasha smothered a smile. “Sounds about right. Pepper and Rhodey? Coulson?”

“Rhodey’s on a mission and Pepper is mad at me for ducking out on a board meeting. And if I ask Coulson he’ll give me that “don’t ruin Captain America’s sanctity” lecture again, and I’ve heard it so often I’ve got it memorized.” Tony was definitely pouting now. “I’m throwing myself at your mercy. Help?”

“You know Steve best,” Natasha said. She sat on the bed and loosened her towel. Clutching it to her breasts with one hand, she wiggles the lotion bottle at Tony with the other. “Do my back. I’ll kill you if your hands are cold.”

“You know, your threats stopped being effective after the first hundred times.”

Natasha snorted and swept her hair aside. Without looking, she said, “Liar. You’re rubbing your hands together to warm them up.”

“I am not,” Tony lied, grabbing the bottle. “I’ve been wracking my brain. Steve has everything he wants. And what he doesn’t have, I can’t give him. I can’t bring Peggy back or make Bucky come to the tower.”

“Is there anything else Steve has mentioned?” Natasha asked , closing her eyes as his hands touched her skin. Tony gave the best massages.

“Everything he does, I buy,” Tony said helplessly.

Natasha was quiet for a moment, reflecting. She understood Tony’s dilemma. Steve lived in the nicest building in New York. He had a billionaire boyfriend and all the fame a guy could ask for. Plus, Steve wasn’t big on material things to start with.

“Have you considered putting a bow above your ass?” she said finally.

Tony groaned. “I am the worst boyfriend and you guys are the worst friends,” he lamented like the dramatic baby he was, sliding off the bed and skulking towards the door.

“Steve loves your ass! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!” Natasha yelled after him. She was answered by the door slamming.

Come Christmas morning, she still wasn’t sure what Tony had decided on. Natasha had picked up small gifts during one of her missions. She was pleased that everyone liked her gifts, and even more pleased that they had all given her a gift in return. Steve’s gift in particular, a lovely portrait of Natasha, Tony and Bruce cuddling on the couch watching television, would be something she’d treasure.

As the sound of shredding paper died away, they all turned to stare at Tony. He reddened, looking away, and stood up. He walked out of the room.

“Tony?” Steve called after him, looking confused.

Clint glanced at Natasha, raising his eyebrows in silent query. She frowned. Perhaps this was more serious than she’d realized. They should’ve been more supportive. She regretted her flippant remark now, and was getting ready to follow Tony when Tony returned.

“Um, this is for you,” he said nervously, then whistled.

Claws clicked on the floor. Something barked. Natasha’s eyes widened. Steve’s jaw dropped as a golden retriever puppy with a red bow around its neck raced into the room and made a beeline for Steve. Looking dazed, Steve knelt to pet it.

“A puppy?” he said. “But Tony, we’re Avengers. We agreed. No pets.”

“I know. But I have Happy, Pepper, Sharon and Coulson all lined up as baby-sitters. And if they’re all busy, I’m paying the best puppy spa in town an exorbitant monthly fee to remain on standby. She’ll have someone to care for her if we have to leave unexpectedly.” Tony wrung his hands as he babbled. “I just thought - you love dogs, and you’re always talking about how you wish you could’ve had one as a kid.”

Steve was starting to smile. “It’s a girl? Hey girl,” he crooned to the puppy, scooping her up. The puppy yelped excitedly and began licking Steve’s face.

“Yeah. I picked her out from the pound this morning,” Tony said. The dopey smile on his face as he watched Steve and the puppy was as cute as it was sickening.

“Thank you, honey. I love her,” Steve said. He stepped closer and dropped a kiss on Tony’s mouth.

“You’ll love her until you have a 3am surprise you step in,” Clint muttered. Natasha elbowed him.

“You’re welcome,” Tony said, still a little flushed. “She’s probably hungry. I haven’t fed her yet.”

“I’ll do that right now. What’s her name?”

“She doesn’t have one. You can pick one out,” Tony said. He turned to follow Steve. Immediately Natasha spotted the bright red bow nestled in the dip of his spine, right over his tailbone. It matched the puppy’s. She burst out laughing.

Tony looked back at her and winked. “Plan B.”

Dec. 1st | Tree Topper 🎄

Synopsis: When everyone else leaves you to decorate the Christmas tree, Loki steps up.

A/N: Today begins the 25 Days of Christmas series! I’ve been so excited to share these one-shots with you guys, and I just want to thank you for all the support (and 800+ followers!!)! I was really unsure when I started writing again, especially since I’d never written about Loki before, but the love and support I’ve seen has been overwhelming in the best ways. So here’s to you! 

Words: 1294 (these were supposed to be short)

Warnings: None

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🇰🇷Curiosities about Korean Culture 🇰🇷

●⊙Annyeong!낭녕! Today I’m here with a new blog about some curiosities about Korean Colture! Hope you’ll like it! So, let’s start!⊙●

•Valentine’s Day in South Korea is celebrated with a twist. It is a day where women show their love for their men by giving chocolates and gifts to their husbands or boyfriends. On March 14, Koreans celebrate White Day, where men buy gifts for their ladies―but they are supposed to spend three times the amount they received on Valentine’s Day. In fact, the 14th of every month is a romantically themed holiday in the country, including Kiss Day (June) and Hug Day (December). The saddest of all days is April 14, which is known as Black Day, and single Koreans mourn their lack of love by eating sticky, black noodles called jajangmyeon.


•The number four is considered unlucky in South Korea. In much the same way that you won’t find a hospital bed in the UK numbered 13 for example, you won’t find the ‘fourth floor’ in South Korea and houses won’t be numbered ‘4’.


•There are quite a few rules regarding table etiquette in Korea which is why I wrote this post. But a few quick pointers are:

– Don’t blow your nose at the table

– Don’t stick your chopsticks upright in your rice

– Don’t point with your chopsticks

– Don’t start eating until the most senior person at the table has started

– Don’t hold your spoon and chopsticks at the same time


•Bowing is something you’ll do quite a bit in Korea (it’s like shaking hands amongst Westerners). A good rule of thumb to follow whenever you aren’t sure whether or not you should bow is to either bow if the other person bows or if you are addressing a senior or someone older than you. Typically, men keep their hands a their sides while they bow whereas woman clasp their hands in front of their bodies while they bow.


•Most restaurants, including McDonald’s, will deliver food straight to homes in South Korea.


•South Koreans are obsessed with feces, and everything from turd-shaped cookies, phone charms, and an entire museum devoted to poop can be found in the country. Toilets across the country also feature pleasant flushing sounds, background music, and colored water.


•In Korea, babies are considered one year old at birth.


•Only 3.2% of South Koreans are overweight, which ties the country of Japan for the lowest percentage in the world.


•When a Korean’s name is written in red ink, this indicates that that person is about to die or is already dead.


•South Korea is famous for its practice of “crime re-creation.” Citizens suspected of crimes such as rape or murder are led by the police in handcuffs to the scene of the crime and ordered to publically reenact the crime. To make the reenactment even more humiliating, the media is also invited to take pictures and publish details about the crime.


•South Koreans love shopping, and the country has some of the biggest shopping malls in the world. The stores are open until 4:00 in the morning, while most restaurants, bars, and cafes are open only until 11:00 p.m.


•Baseball in South Korea is called yagu, and teams are named after corporations like Samsung and KIA. The Korean Baseball Organization was established in 1981 as a way for people to let off steam by Dictator General Chun Doo Hwan, who tried to improve his image by throwing out the first pitch at every game.


•Taxis in South Korea are color coded according to the level of service offered. A gray or white taxi is a basic car with a qualified but potentially inexperienced driver, while the black cabs are luxury cars with experienced drivers.


•All South Korean roofs are curved at the ends giving the appearance of a smile


•South Korea’s national dish is kimchi, which is a combination of vegetables and spices that have been fermented underground for months. It is served with almost everything. The first written description of making kimchi dates to about AD 1250 and there are about 170 varieties of the dish.


•Koreans have two legends about their country’s founding. The first tells of a god-like figure called Dangun, or Tangun, who established an ancient state in North Korea around 2333 BC. The other, supported by Chinese texts, states that a Manchu tribal chief named Kija led a band of his followers to Joseon after the fall of the Chinese Shang Dynasty around 1100 BC.


•For three weeks after a baby’s birth in South Korea, a straw rope of chili peppers or pine needles known as kumjul is hung across the door of the house to frighten away evil spirits and warn people not to enter. Seaweed soup and rice are also offered to Samsin Halmeoni, the Korean grandmother spirit, every morning and evening for a week. These foods are also given to the new mother to speed her recovery.

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I am so glad you share my opinions on compound bows. It's cheating, if you can't draw the weight of the bow you don't deserve to shoot it. Start with a different, easier to draw bow and work up to it. It's not impossible. I am a tiny skinny person and back when i regularly did archery, I could draw up to 45. Sadly I'm out of practice, so I've gone down to 35 now

Like. Honestly. 


A Thousand Years

Originally posted by lokitty

Author: hela-avenger

Word Count: 2,734

Pairing: Loki x Reader

A/N: Based on the song A Thousand Years Pt. 2

 Also, believe it or not, this is my first one-shot written. 

The day we met

Frozen I held my breath

Right from the start

I knew that I’d found a home for my heart

From the first moment you met Loki, you knew. You knew he would be the only one to hold your heart. While Thor would tug you braids and beg for your attention, Loki did not. Instead, he was quiet and waited for you to come to him. It wasn’t hard for you to be lured by Loki. Not when he was showing you his green flares of magic that he was just learning how to control.

You were in every word enchanted by him. You were just a child at the time, but you realized the severity of the deep connection you felt you shared with him.

As a child, you described your relationship as a friendship.

Growing up, you realized it meant more than that.

Heart beats fast

Colors and promises

How to be brave?

How can I love when I’m afraid to fall?

The streets of Asgard were decorated in green and gold. Songs were being sung and stories were being told about the mischief that the Trickster God was known for. You couldn’t help but smile as young children ran past you wearing replicas of the dark prince’s renown gold helmet.

Though he refused to admit it to you, Loki loved his birthday celebration. It was the day everyone in the city overlooked his dangerous behavior and instead, celebrated it. Pranks, tricks, and mischief were celebrated on his name day and chaos erupted everywhere because of it.

You knew all of the tell signs of the pranks that covered the street. You made sure to avoid each and every one of them on your journey to the castle gates. You greeted the guards stationed with a simple nod before making your way through the open courtyard.

The servants were busy with the preparations for Loki’s birthday banquet and you watched them hurry past you with concern laced on their faces. They knew the severity of this banquet. Not only was it meant to appease the younger and more menacing prince, but it was his 1,000th birthday, a milestone for every god. Because of this, it had to be perfect.

You made your way through the corridors of the castle allowing the angry shouts to lead you to your destined location. You had to restrain the smile on your lips as his designated servants were running out of the room because the prince was throwing a tantrum.

“Your majesty,” you call out as you walk into his room.

At the sight of you, Loki’s anger seems to dissipate enough for his servants to place the last of his armor on.

“Everyone out,” he orders with a wave of his hand.

You couldn’t help but shake your head as you watched the last of his men slip out of his room and closing the door behind them. His armor was on but it hung loosely as he had yet to tighten the buckles to keep it in place.

“You should have waited to scare them away after they finished getting you dressed,” you chastised him as you set the wrapped gift onto the nearby desk.

Loki scoffed at you but said nothing else as he attempted to fasten the buckles himself. You wait to hear him curse under his breath before moving towards him and finally aiding him. He lets out a huff of air as you slapped his hands away from the buckles and tightened them yourself.

“1,000 years have gone by and you have yet to learn how to dress yourself,” you jest as you moved his chest plate into place.

“Why should I waste my time learning this if I have you here to do it for me?”

You roll your eyes at this and a smile finally graces his face.

“A thousand years,” you whisper as your fingers trace the gold lining of his uniform. “Time has certainly passed by.”

“Not fast enough,” Loki comments as he brushes his raven black hair back so he could place his helmet on.

The smile on your face falters a bit at this.

“So keen on growing old, aren’t you?” you ask him as you make your way back to his desk.

“I just want to gain the respect I rightfully deserve,” Loki responds as he doesn’t notice the frown on your face. Instead, he places his helmet on and brushes his hair back the way he likes it.

He finally turns to look at you and you quickly place a smile on your face.

“I respect you,” you tell him. “Others do as well.”

“Others fear me,” Loki replies with a roll of his eyes as he makes his way towards you. “You are still naive enough to deem me as honorable as my brother.”

“You may not be as honorable as your brother, but you are much smarter than him. That I can assure you,” you argue. Loki scoffs at this idea and you shake your head as you grew frustrated at his reaction. “I really don’t want to get into this with you on your name day so just shut up and ask for your gift.”

“How rude,” Loki comments with a sly grin as he noticed the green box beside her. “Now show me what you’ve got me.”

You roll your eyes and pick up the box. You quickly untie the bow, but before you could lift the lid, you look up at him in warning.

“I understand that your favorite colors are gold and green,” you start to tell him in which he agrees with a simple nod. “But I saw this and I had to purchase it for you…”

You lift the lid and reveal the silver pin. It depicted two snakes wrapped around one another and their eyes were two green emerald stones that shone brightly in the light.

“I mean, they do call you silver tongue for a reason and you probably won’t ever wear this but it reminded me of you and…”

“Stop your rambling,” Loki sneers, though the smile on his face reduced the sting in his words. “I like it.”

He picks up the pin and is quick to place it on his shirt.

“How does it look?” he asks you with a small smile.

“It clashes terribly with the rest of your ensemble,” you answer honestly as a soft giggle passed your lips. “Just take it off. You don’t have to wear it.”

Your hand moves to unpin it, but he catches your wrist before you’re able to.

“I know I don’t have to wear it,” Loki responds. “But I want to.”

You can’t help the way your heart flutters at this. Even more so as he places a soft kiss on the inside of your wrist before letting you go. The way he was looking down at you this moment almost convinced you that he could share the same feelings that you had for him. His eyes flicker down to your lips and you believe he’s about to place a kiss there too, but you don’t get the chance to find that out as the doors of his chambers slam open.

“Brother!” Thor shouts causing Loki to quickly leap away from you. “We must go now unless you wish to be late.”

“The people are waiting,” Fandral comments behind him.

“And the feast as well,” Volstagg adds in.

They all stop speaking as they notice your presence among them.

“Lady Y/N,” Hogun greets with a small tilt of his head. “Pardon us for the intrusion.”

“Will you be joining us at our table today?” Thor asks with a beaming smile.

You open your mouth to respond, but Loki interrupts you before you are able to accept his invitation.

“No, she will not.”

You close your mouth quickly and try to hide the hurt from your face.

“She has better things to do than to listen to your war stories again,” Loki states. “Now if you’ll excuse me…”

He turns towards you and bows slightly. His green eyes meeting yours briefly with an unreadable emotion.

“Lady Y/N,” he whispers. “Thank you for the lovely gift.”

“It was nothing, my prince,” you respond with a curt bow.

A smile erupts on his face at the sound of his title on your lips, but it disappears as quickly as it arrived. He offers you a quick nod before turning away from you and following after his brother and the Warriors Three.

You watch him leave and once he’s out of sight, you let out a heavy sigh. If only he knew of the things he did to you. You wondered if things would change for the best or for the worse.

I have died every day waiting for you

Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I’ll love you for a thousand more

After all of the celebrations were done with, the songs and dance performances presented to the young prince, the reenactments of his famous battles and festivities, the nobles who tried to outdo each other with their gifts, the awaited banquet had finally arrived. Mead and wine were distributed everywhere while the first courses were slowly being served.

Queen Frigga had immediately sought you to sit next to her as King Odin sat at the head of the table speaking to other high nobles. She told you it was because she was in need of familial conversation instead of political peace treaties and whatnot.

You knew better.

You weren’t the close friend of the God of Lies without being able to spot a few of them on your own.

You knew Queen Frigga suspected of your emotions towards her younger son. It wasn’t like you were even attempting to hide them anymore. If one looked close enough, they would easily see the admiration you held for the dark prince.

Even now, your attention strayed from the conversation. Your eyes were focused on Loki who was currently sporting a smile on his face though his eyes looked bored with Thor’s storytelling.

You could see Thor, who’s already had enough to drink, boasting about some war story. At some point, he over exaggerates an important detail and Loki’s eyes light up at the chance to correct and embarrass his brother. You couldn’t help the smile on your face as you shared his amusement from afar.

“It is clear as day how much you love him.”

You didn’t even have to glance at her to know that Queen Frigga was smiling at this revelation.  

“You should tell him how you feel.”

The smile on your face slowly slips away as the contempt quickly turns to fear.

“I cannot do that to him,” she tells him. “Burden him with my emotions… Our friendship means so much to him and myself. I couldn’t bear losing him with this revelation.

“But what if instead of losing a friend, you gain a lover?”

You shake your head refusing to answer her question.

“I have loved him for a thousand years,” you confess to her. “I will love him for a thousand more… even if I must remain a simple friend to him.”

I have died every day waiting for you

Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I’ll love you for a thousand more

You had had enough mead and food after the fifth course. You were tired and the conversation at the table continued to revolve around the same political mishaps of other nearby kingdoms. Queen Frigga had noticed your attention wavering more often than not and was kind enough to make up an excuse for you to leave the banquet overall.

You walk out of the hall merely keeping your sight on the floor as you tried to ignore the emptiness of your soul.

You wished Loki would have been more interested in spending his birthday with you or at least come and spoken to you at some point in the meal, but he didn’t. He merely stayed seated at his table, enjoying the company of his brother and friends. He didn’t even offer a spare glance in your direction.

With a sigh, you are sadly ready to return home.

“Leaving so soon?”

You quickly look up and turn around to find Loki heading towards you. You quickly place a smile on your face at the sight of him.

“Though the company was pleasing, the conversation grew boring,” you responded with a shrug.

“You could have always joined my side,” Loki offered to her.

“I did not realize that was an option,” you state as you looked away from him. “You seemed disturbed by the idea of me spending dinner at your table.”

“I wasn’t…” Loki sighs out annoyed. “I wasn’t disturbed by you per say… more like the idea of you spending time with my brother. His intentions towards you are as clear as water and I did not intend to waste my birthday seeing my brother’s attempt to woo you.”

You couldn’t help the thought that crossed your mind. The thought that he could possibly be jealous at this moment.

“I was saving you in a sense… saving you from a night of awkward, loud advances,” Loki states with a shrug. “No need to thank me.”

“I was not going to thank you,” you replied as your arms crossed over your chest. “I was in no need of a savior.”

Loki’s face expressed alarm before it quickly shifted to a confused scowl.

“Does that mean… Are you interested in Thor?” Loki interprets your statement.

“No!” you exclaim with a shake of your head. “By the norns, Loki…”

“I apologize,” Loki replies with a shake of his head. “You made it sound like you didn’t want me to intervene between you two.”

You shake your head at him.

“I simply meant that I could defend myself from unwanted advances,” you correct Loki. “Whether it’s the prince of Asgard or a drunken man in the streets.”

Loki hums in understanding and hints of mischief flickers in his eyes. He’s quick to grab a hold of your arms and pushes you onto one of the nearby columns. A gasp escapes your mouth and you’re unable to speak as you feel how closely Loki is pressed against you.

“And what if it’s both?”

“What?” you ask breathlessly as his mouth was dangerously close to touching yours.

“What if the advances came from a drunk prince of Asgard?” Loki asks with a grin.

You didn’t know how to respond. Perhaps it was because you were so close to gaining what you always wanted, or because you certainly drank more than enough mead to gain some courage for this confession, or maybe it was both. Either way, it was now or never.

“If the drunken advances come from the prince I have for so long sought for, I would accept them gratefully,” you whisper to him as you find a way to move even closer to him.

Loki was taken back by your response and simply stared at you with a blank expression. Uneasiness quickly settles into your being and you fear you have revealed too much.

“You’re not lying?” Loki asks you as he searched your face for an answer.

“Why would I lie?”

“Because this could be a trick,” he answers. “A prank you pull on the birthday of the Trickster God.”

“It is not a lie,” you assure him. “I truly do love you, Loki.”  

That was all he needed to hear before he pulled you in for a kiss. A kiss he’s been dying to place the moment you came into his life. You tug him closer, never wanting him to pull away, but the lack of air steers both of you to breathe.

You wonder if this is all a dream, but the feel of his heart beating rapidly under your hand was proof enough that it wasn’t. You slowly look up at his eyes and find them already focused on you.

“I love you, Y/N,” he whispers. “I have loved you for a thousand years.”

And all along I believed I would find you

Time has brought your heart to me

I have loved you for a thousand years

I’ll love you for a thousand more

First I Love You~BTS Scenario

Cute fluff with some angst id you tilit your head and omg I can’t even with myself.

Originally posted by bwiseoks


You were sitting on the couch, a book in hand and glasses on to the tip of your nose. You eyes reading the words when the front door opened. Looking up you couldn’t help but smile at your boyfriend, his black hair was swept over his eyes and a bag over his shoulder as he shut the door behind him. The keys you’d given him hitting the wooden table, the sound making him wince as he kicks his shoes off. 

“Hey, babe.” You called as you flip the pages, you hear him mumble something as his feet shuffle against the floor. “How was the studio?” Looking up you see his head bowed as he sits down on the opposite end of the couch. His long body moved to lay down, lifting your hands his head rest on your lap as you chuckle. “That bad?”

“Horrible.” He mumbles, his nose buried in your stomach as he takes a deep breath.

“What happened?” You ask placing the book on the table next to you. You hand falling into his hair as you run it through his hair.

“The children are evil.” His words made you giggle as he pulls his head back and looks up at you. “This is not funny. Not at all.” He grumbles with a glare, you look at him and bend down your lips touch his. He let out a soft sigh as they move with yours. His are soft and plump, and move perfectly with your own, a hand on your cheek and another at the nape of your neck. Pulling slowly, you open your eyes and look at him. His eyes already on you as he smiles his thumb running down the side of your face. “God I love you.” His words were a whisper, his eyes watching you as if one wrong move and you’d leave. Eye wide, and mouth parted you couldn’t help but giggle as you lean done and peck his cheek.

“I love you too.”

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It was another long night for him and you, his ‘Genius Lab’ is the one place of peace and quiet for you both. He sat at his computer, and you on the couch. Books and paper scattered out in front of you, school kicking your ass. Dark circles under your eyes and a very messy bun on top of your head as you bare face look at the papers.

“Fuck this shit.” You mumble slamming a book close causing the Blueish Grey Hair mans attention. His eyes look at you so see your body thrown on the couch, and eyes closed. His smile grew as he lets out a chuckle. “What you want?” You mumble making him shake his head as he turned back to the screen.

“I..I just love you.” The words made you snap up, his body stiffening when you went quiet. So he let his eyes go back to the music, his lips rolling between his teeth. He lets out a small yelp when your arms wrap around his neck.

“I love you too….can you do my math homework? Mr. Genius.” He glares at you, as a pencil goes flying at your head.

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Mr. Happy pants for once in his life was having a very gloomy day. He woke up with a feeling in his chest, so he wrapped himself around you. His head nuzzling into your neck as his legs drape over your waist. The feeling of his body weight on you making your eyes flutter open, his fading reddish haired in your sight. You let out a sigh as your hand reaches up to run through his hair, the soft locks threading through your fingers. His arms tightening the hold he had on you, making you slightly gasp for air as You look down at him.

“You okay?” Your voice was raspy as he lets out a loud huff of air, his breath making you shiver at the warmth.

“I don’t know, just woke up sad I guess.” His words made your heart speed up as your mind raced with ideas to make him happy.

“Bad movie marathon?”

“Please.” He mumbled as his lips brush against the base of your neck, the feeling making you giggle as you pull away from him.

“But first breakfast.” You mumble with a small smile on your face, throwing the covers off of your body he lets out a wine as he grabs your waist and shakes his head.

“Baby, please don’t go.” He whispers as he looks at you, smiling down at him you cup his cheek as you shake your head.

“You need food, come with me to make some.” Your words made him nod as he flows you out of bed, his arms wrapping around your waist as he stood behind you. His clinginess making you smile lightly as you two waddle into the kitchen. “Pancakes?” Felling his head nod int your shoulders you begin to reach for his things, his hands staying with you the entire time. As you flip the final pancakes his face nuzzles into your neck as he lets out a soft sigh.

“I love you.” His words making your heart flutter as you put the pancake on the plate. Heat rising up your neck as you smile brightly.

“I love you too, Hoseok. I love you so much.”


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Waking up to the annoying buzzing of your phone was not the wake-up plan you wanted, especially at four in the morning. When his picture and name was a blur and you aggressive greeting before his voice enter the speakers was not the plan to talk to your panicking, unknown to you at the time, boyfriend. “What in the world do you fucking need?” You grumbled, running your hand through your hair, the tone was aggressive and full of annoyance.

“I-Umm..Sorry baby, I-I- just want..nevermind.” his voice was shaky as he spoke, making your heartbreak as your word vomiting left your lips.

“Baby, no wait what is it? Who do I need to kill? What do you need? What did you break? It wasn’t I body part was it?” Your words mad ea light airy laugh passed his lips, the knowledge of who he is you knew he was shaking his head as he runs his hand through his hair.

“N-none of that, just-t need you here. Please.”  His words made you jump out of bed and reach for his sweatpants, his sweatshirt as wells. “Baby are you still here?” His question made you humm as you pull your hair up into a bun.

“I’m putting my hair up in a bun,” You paused walking out of your bedroom as you slowly pulled on your shoes. “Now I’m trying to fal-fuck.” You grumble as you stumble down to the ground, Namjoon laughing at the sounds.


“Shut up, are you even panicking?” You tease as you grab your keys and walk out locking your door after you. 

“Shut up, just because my chest is tight doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at my girlfriend.” He mumbles taking a deep breath as you got into your car.

“I’m driving now, I’ll be there in like ten minutes.” You say making him hum into the phone as his breathing slows and picks up at the same time. Soon you pulled up to the dorms, as you got out you rushed inside and was greeted with a smiling Yoongi and a giggly J-hope.

“Looks like Joonie is being a baby again,” Yoongi says with a laugh at the end,, but his eyes held worry as you smile at him.”Take care of him. “ He said with a smile as you walk past him, walking into his studio/bedroom. There he was laying in his bed, his hands over his chest as you slowly climbing in next to him. His head turns to look at you as you lean up and push your lips against his. There were soft, plush but slightly dry, as you pulled away you saw how red they were and how raw the skin around his eyes was. 

“What’s wrong?” You mumble running your hand through his hair as he leans into your hands.

“Over thinking is evil.” He whispers making you giggle as he buries his head in your hair. “Thank you for coming here at four in the morning.

“Looks like your hyungs were still awake, other then Jin-oppa.” You whisper making him nod as he turns to face you.

“They worry too much.”

“And you don’t?” You say smiling at him as he shrugs, his dimples slowly popping onto his face.

“I love you.” The words made your heart skip a beat as you move the hair away from his eyes.

“I love you too.”


Originally posted by jjks

“Stop!” You giggle as you push his small hand that was on your sides as his laughs intertwine with yours. His lips nipping and trickling your neck at the same time. The simple movements making your eyes tear up as you try to move away from him. “S-stop, I’m gonna p-pee!” 

“I dare you, this is Gucci.” He says laughing as he pulls back, your legs wrapping around his waist as his hands end up on ether sides of your head.

“Who are you? Taehyung?”  You tease as he laughs his body falling on your yours as his head nuzzles its ways into your neck.

“I started it.”

“Did you?”

“Maybe?” His words ended up like a question as he giggles after you started to.  His lips brushing against your neck as he takes a deep breath, your sent filling his senses. 

“That’s what I thought, you dork.” You say with a smile as you kiss the top of his head.

“God I love you.”

“You what?” You tease making him snap his head up as he looks at you, his face red as he looks at you.

“I” Kiss. “Love” Kiss. “You.” Another kiss making you laugh very loudly as you pull his own and keep his lips to yours, moving them together making you laugh as you pull back.

“I love you as well.”


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“Can you please clean up after yourself, this isn’t the dorms Tae this is my home.” You snap throwing the empty pizza box into his lap, his brown eyes glaring at you as you scoff.“This could be ou-”

‘We’ve been together for four months Taehyung, don’t even start that.” You say rolling your eyes as you walk into the kitchen, hearing him groan as he walks in behind you throwing the box away as his arms wrap around you. His chin resting on your shoulder as he sighs.

“But we both love each-”

“Love?” You questions, a teasing tone behind your words making him pull back as you turn to face him. “Who said I loved you.” You say with a smile as he looks at you. His eyes playfully glaring at you as he shakes his head.

“Well, I do love you.”

“Okay, well I love you too.” 

“Sp does that me-”

“No, I am not moving in with you,nice try though..”


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Stop being an asshole!” You snap after another comment about your outfit, leggings, and a large sweatshirt, but all he saw was apparently slob like. His words hurt, and his overly cocky attitude was getting on your nerves. 

“It’s just we’re seeing the guys, Y/n, you could’ve tried to look nice.” He said walking out your open door as he turned to face you.

“They’ve seen me worse then this, and if you don’t want me to go just tell me so you asshat.” You grumble slamming the door in his face, letting out a loud groan you lock your door and shred yourself of the leggings. As you did you heard the deadbolt unlock as you put your earbud in and start to blast Halsey, Bad At Love play as you start to dance around knowing he was standing there watching you.

“Y/n.”You hear as your earphones were torn out of your ears, your eyes glare at him as you started to sing Love Myself, the words snapping at him every once in a while as he grabbed your arms. Screaming the song in his face he rolls his eyes as he puts his hand over your mouth, glaring at him you lick his hand making him laugh. “Nice try baby, nice try.” He says as you try to wiggle yourself away from him.

“I hate you.” You grumble making him laugh as he pulls you close to him.

“Love you too.”

“Wait, what?’ you say pulling back as he kissed you, his hands cupping your face as he smiles into it.

“I love you.”

“Love you too.”

BTS Reaction - You being really clumsy

Namjoon (RM)

You were happily skipping to the kitchen when you tripped a little over your own feet, causing the mug that was in your hands to come falling to the ground. Looking over to Namjoon who was leaning against the counter chuckled lightly as he witness your clumsy once again in action. 

“I don’t why people always say opposites attract, when you and I are the clumsiest people in world.” he said as he watched you pout at the smashed mug. 

“We are called the destruction couple for a reason.” the pout still evident as you’re reluctant to pick on the broken mug. 

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Seokjin (Jin)

Seokjin had cooked you a home cooked meal for the first time in week. You loved his cooking and couldn’t wait to gobble down everything he made. You held a big spoonful of perfectly cooked meat and some rice at the tip of your mouth ready to be eaten. However that big spoonful of food somehow fell and landed on the the edge of the table. 

“Why are you always like this. I already can’t trust you in the kitchen, now not even the dinner table.” He would lightly joke about your clumsy behavior.  

Originally posted by ksjknj

Yoongi (Suga)

When Yoongi saw how you accidentally smacked yourself with the fly squadder when you were trying to catch the fly, he broke out in his gummy smile laugh. It reminded him of the first time you guys met when your friends had set you two up on a blind date. 

Remembering that you made quite the first impression when you ran straight into the glass door, shocking the whole restaurant. When you greeted him, you had a massive red mark your forehead from the glass. He tried so hard not to laugh but couldn’t when you told him “The glass was really clean wasn’t it.” 

“Y/N, you’re still as clumsy as when I first met you.” Sudden;y your cheeks flushed pink as you always get embarrassed when Yoongi brings up what happened on the first date, regretting that was his first impression of you. But little did you know that was the reason he fell madly in love with you. 

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Hoseok (Jhope)

You and Hoseok was jokingly playing around in the dance studio, doing all the funny dances you could ever imagine without feeling any sort of embarrassment. You would be randomly shuffling then to a disorientated wave and Hoseok would be grasping for air from you making him laugh too hard. He would be somewhat worried since he would catch you occasionally stumbling but you would always somehow find your balance. 

But this time you couldn’t find your balance and actually fell flat on your bottom. “When I finally thought you wouldn’t fall, you fell.” He laughed at you while he kneel down to watch you on the floor but he still reaches out his hand to help you up. 

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You were just causally stolling through your phone. However when you went to sit on the arm of the couch, you slightly miss the arm and stumbled onto the floor. Embarrassed, you pretended that you were meant to do that and continued to sit innocently on the floor. Jimin who saw would smiled by your clumsy antics as it was nothing out of the ordinary but to him it was extremely cute. 

“Are you okay?” Jimin would ask while smiling at your clumsy antics, still stubborn you would still continue to sit on the floor. It wasn’t when Jimin pulled you off the floor and place on his lap, that your ears started to turn red. 

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Taehyung (V)

You had promised Taehyung that you would play his favorite game with him tonight and you guys have been non-stop playing ever since after dinner. It was surprisingly more fun than you had expected even though you didn’t play the game very well. Sometimes your clumsy personality would translate onto the game. 

You suddenly felt a sneeze coming and you couldn’t contain it. Your sneeze were usually soft and nearly silence but this one was as loud and as violent as Taehyung’s sneezes. It caused your leg to hit the bottom table really hard that even the stuff on the table jumped a little. 

“I hope you don’t get another bruise.” Taehyung say while quickly glancing to check on you and saw all the other bruises you got from your naturally clumsy personality. 

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You and Jungkook was having a chill night at home. Initially you guys were just watching TV but somehow you both started to joke around by doing some funny imitations. When you guys got really into the imitation, you got up to reenact the whole scene. You bow like the character in the movie but you misjudge the distance you and the table. With a loud thud, your head hit in the table, quickly covering your sore head and lightly groaning in pain. 

He wouldn’t say anything but softly laugh at how clumsy you are most of the time. Jungkook would gentle rub your sore head after he had finished laughing. 

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Author’s note: Its kind of funny that all of these things actually happens to be on a daily basis. I was actually didn’t know what to write for Taehyung’s part until I sneezed and hit my knee on the table but I also smashed my head on the table too so it went to Jungkook’s part as well. Another thing is I’ve tripped going up the stairs at school and literally face planted infront of everyone. But I don’t why I would always start laughing even though it hurts a lot, somehow my clumsiness is funny to me. 

The One (Part II)

Part I <- Part II –> Part III

Genre: Hybrid!Taehyung, Fluff, Angst, slight smut 

Paring: TaehyungXreader

Word-count: 5K

Warnings: Abuse, unjust, anxiety, forcing, animalistic feelings, panic-attacks, teasing, chasing, indication of mating, dominance

Summary: You’ve never liked the idea of hybrids, since it’s straight up abuse from a owner to a hybrid, they aren’t treated like humans. But what happens when your boss gave you a hybrid as a gift?

A/N: y’all, we’re on 1100 followers?? Where are you people coming from? Well, welcome to the family anyways lol xD. btw, should I add smut the next part? Or is it rushed idk. 


‘If you talk back to me, you will be punished. If you refuse to give me what I want, you will be punished. So watch what you do little kitten.’ The woman whispered into the hybrid’s ear, hissing every word out while she has a tight grip onto his jaw. He closes his eyes, scared till death that she will maybe hurt him if he accidentally makes a sound. He doesn’t know why she suddenly became so edgy, he hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary. He hadn’t broken anything in the house, he hadn’t complained. Nothing, literally nothing. But still, she was mad at him.

’Say it.’

‘Yes m’am.’ He says with a shaky voice. He now could feel the tears coming up and this time, he isn’t able to hold back. He just wants to cry, even in his little room for that matter. He doesn’t want to be close to her, but does he have a choice? No, not at all. If he doesn’t obey her, she will eventually send him back to the factory, where he got created. From there, they would give him therapy, everything to change him and to send him to another person.

‘Good kitten. now, go and lay on the bed and open your legs as far as you can manage. I will get the whip, because you need to be punished.’

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stronger ❖ jongin (7)

❝Say it, babygirl, say it❞

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fluff, smut (in this chapter/+future), daddy kink, dad!jongin au, ceo!jongin, age gap, if you don’t like, don’t read | velvet


As soon as you entered his room and closed the door behind your back you heard Junghwa’s voice screaming at his brother, yelling how gross and shameless he was walking naked around the house with his son and the babysitter around. Of course it took her less than three minutes to understand that the babysitter was the reason why Jongin was naked at the entrance of his penthouse.

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Cold-Hearted (m.) |pt. 1

;pairing — jungkook x reader

;warnings — smut | some namecalling | angst? (not really, though..just an angry jungkook)

;summary — why is it that whenever you’re around Jeon Jungkook, you’re a hot mess? And when you’re a hot mess, his heart turns cold as stone. When a drunken night forces you to spend a dark morning at the BTS frat house, Jungkook develops an avid hate for you which can only lead to worse things

;word count — 7,757

“Water,” you managed to let out in a raspy voice.You felt around in your bed, looking for your phone to light up the darkness in the room. You sat up and read the time in white; 3:44AM. You sat up and rubbed the sleep from your eyes, grateful you had somehow managed to get the contacts out before collapsing on your bed out of exhaustion the night before. You could feel the familiar ache in your head of being hungover and knew you were already going to dread the day ahead of you.

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Helping Hand

@lennparish requested:
id like to request something since i just love your fics and i need more steve in my life! ive had this idea like the readers with billy but he doesnt treat her right (typical billy stuff) and steve tries to help her and they fall for each other.. i dunno i just need steve fluff! haha so if you like that idea and it inspires you somehow id love to read it! have a lovely day ❤

Pairing: Steve x Reader, slight Billy x Reader

Warnings: Swears, Billy being a terrible person

A/N: I went a bit overboard… The title doesn’t fully make sense either but oh well..


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“What did you say you little shit?”

“Billy…” Y/N flinched, as he tightened his grip on her wrist.

“No one tells me what to do. You hear?” Billy yanked her close, searching her face angrily.

“Billy, please.” Y/N pleaded. 


Y/N held her face, clearly in pain from the slap.

No one.” Billy stalked off, leaving her there. Looking up, Y/N stared at the kids surrounding her now, in cautious concern. 

“You all should’ve left.” Y/N said weakly. 

“He hit you.” Max said furiously. 

“Max. Leave it. I can handle myself. Now listen. He leaves you guys alone already. Don’t go looking for more trouble with him. Okay?” Y/N raised her eyebrows at them, waiting for their reluctant nods.

“Thanks.” Mike added after a silence. But she walked away. Whether she heard him or not, they weren’t sure.

“Hey Nancy?”

Looking up from her homework, Nancy was startled to see her brother standing at her door. 

“Yeah? Mike, what is it?”

“Guys aren’t supposed to hit girls.. Right?” Mike slowly walked towards her bed awkwardly. 

“Well in my opinion, no one should be hitting anyone. Why? Mike, did something happen?” Nancy asked, concerned.

“I saw Billy hit Y/N today. We saw him picking on some kids and we tried to stop him. But he tried to turn to us and Y/N stood up for us. Then she got hit. Could you… Could you help her?” 

Nancy was surprised. “Help her?”


“Of course. I’ll help her. Don’t worry about it Mike.”

Nodding, Mike exited her room, leaving Nancy alone with her thoughts. 

What have I gotten myself into?

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