Confirmed cast for Now You See Me: The Second Act

Dear Google+ers: Thank you so much for helping us to near the 50 million mile stone. I’m sorry I haven’t posted much recently but I have just started filming NOW YOU SEE ME: THE SECOND ACT,  which has already been a fantastic experience, working with an amazing cast and crew. I’d love to share some pictures but I’m pretty sure that’d get me in trouble with our producers. Suffice to say I’m excited for everyone to see the movie(in 2016!). Thanks again for your continued support! You’re the best (yes, all of you!) - Dan


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Respect Mark and Cyndago


Daniel’s obituary is out for the internet and fans to see now.

And listed on said obituary is the address of the funeral home.

I really hope our community respects this, and lets Mark and Cyndago, along with Daniel’s family, grieve in peace. They do not need a bunch of fans coming to the funeral. We can pay our respects at a distance, not be right up in their business.

Mark, Matt, and Ryan care for all of us, and we care for them. So let’s show them we’re here for them, while respecting them at the same time.

They would appreciate that greatly. So, let’s keep on keeping on.


😭😭 So apparently Got7 shot the MV for their comeback today😭😭😩😩


[x]: Because people were too lazy to watch the video, but instead, took [x] at face value.

honestly i think part of got7′s appeal is that they dont act and behave like theyre trying to be marketed? maybe that in it of itself is their marketing scheme, but really they just seem to all wear their heart on their sleeve and want to have fun and make music together as a group

Dear littles,

You don’t have to look or act a certain way to be a little. Little’s come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with different personalities and preferences. If you don’t want to wear diapers, use a sippy or a pacifier, that’s okay. You’re still a little and you’re still valid. If you have curves or aren’t the definition of skinny, if your skin isn’t perfect and has stretch marks, acne, ect. That’s okay. You’re still valid. You’re still a little. And you matter. Don’t let someone try to say that you’re not a little based on what your preferences are or what you look like.

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