lmao honestly i just love literally any incarnation of lexa.

extra nightgown-and-body-glitter wearing pretty hoe? i love her. ruthless commander of 12 nations dictator? i love her. soft gooey romantic lesbean? i love her. messy sloppy pillow princess bottom? i love her. hot af athlete with sweaty muscles? i love her. prim, perfectly pulled together and prissy businesswoman lexa? i love her. service top lexa who focuses all her energy on her partner and her partner’s pleasure? I love her. fine stud lexa who is modest but also sexy and confident af and knows it? i love her. steely modern lexa who wears soft soft sweaters and is soft and gentle inside? i love her.

anonymous asked:

i have the feeling that i'm just a big burden to her , even though we're close friends , i love her with all my heart and she doesn't seem to give a s*** . I'm always texting her first , trying to hang out . It's always me and it's wearing me out ~ c

Trust me you’re not a burden coffee anon. I’m the same way with being the one who puts all the effort in. It sucks but I hope your crush starts putting that energy into you. (Sorry I didn’t post this sooner! I’ve been busy since it’s my birth week)~❤︎


taylorswift this is Kassy! aka cherrylips-redlipclassic aka wondrlandswift on Twitter. Kassy is one of the most genuine, kind, compassionate, funny, sweet people I have ever met and had the pleasure to know. Kassy is an absolute sweetheart who puts others before herself all the time and is always cheering others up. Kassy has been there for me through difficult times in my life and I’m so grateful for her friendship. Whenever she sees someone upset or having a hard time online, she reaches out to them out of the goodness of her heart. Kassy is seeing the 1989 tour for the third time today in Colombus (9/18) and she deserves to meet you, Tay, more than anything. Meeting you is her dream and would mean absolutely everything to her. Kassy will be on floor 6, row C with her my mom wearing what she’s wearing in the second to last picture and holding the poster that’s shown in the last picture. Please meet this beautiful girl and make all of her wildest dreams come true. We’re all rooting for her xoxo