Dont lie to me...

‘Cum for me gorgeous’ michael growled into your ear, he had your wrists pinned above your head, pounding into you roughly, biting your neck and earlobe, his hair sticking to his forehead from the clammy heat. You where, well, totally unaroused and just not in the mood, so much stress with your mum and with exams had your mind somewhere else. You had warned him you wernt in the mood but he gets grumpy when you turn him down.
‘Fuck mikey, im gonna cum’ you lied, gripping onto his shoulders and arching your back, moaning loudly to make it convincing. He contined for a few more thrusts and reached his high.
You lay wrapped in your bedsheets as he cleaned himself up and got himself dressed. ‘Im going home, i’ll call you tomorrow’ he fake smiled and walked out of the door. He was angry at you and he was making sure you knew it.
It had been 22 hours since you last spoke or saw michael and you had text him several times saying you were sorry for whatever it was you had done. But nothing, no reply, no call. Nothing.
You went downstairs to make yourself a drink, placing your phone on the countertop, you took out a glass just as you recieved a message, it was michael…
I need you to come to mine. Now.
Oh, he was still clearly mad. You made you drink and drank it quickly, changed into your clothes from your pajamas and pulled on your shoes.
Michael lived three streets away so it only took you a couple of minutes before you were standing on his doorstep and ringing the bell.
He opened the door wearing his tight black jeans and black top, with a blank look on his face.
‘Hey baby you ok?’ You smiled at him sweetly. ‘Go to my bedroom y/n’ he said sternly, stepping aside for you to come inside the house and up the stairs. Once your eached his room you sat ont he bed, twirling a stand of your hair around your finger in anticipation.
Michaelw alked over to you stopping centimeters from your face, ‘clothes off y/n’ he said steadily, the expression on his face never changing. You burst out laughing, he must be joking, why would he want your clothes off, he was in a modd with you, how could he possibly want you naked if he was so mad?
Michael reached his hand around to the back of your head, grabbing a fistful of your hair and leaning your head back, exposing your neck, ‘i said take your fucking clothes off, im not joking y/n and i expect you to do what i have asked you’ he growled, taking a bite at your neck and leaving his mark on your skin. He had never spoken to you like that before and it stirred something inside you, you were becoming turned on at him being mad at you, he was rough and angry and you had never wanted him more.
You removed your clothes and underwear and stood next to the bed, waiting for his next demand. ‘On the bed, arms and legs spread’ he spoke agressivley.
You did as you were told, already wet from his dominating voice. You spread yourself out wondering what he was about to do. He walked over to his chest of draws and took out two of his old school ties, running the fabric through his long fingers as he walked towards you on the bed. Taking your wrists one by one he tied them tightly to the bars of his headboard, then running his fingertip down your cheek and along your neck, licking his lips as he watched you react to the tiniest of touches.
‘I want to know why you lied’ he said knitting his eyebrows together. ‘What? I didnt lie michael, what did i lie about?’ You asked him, shocked by his accusations.
‘Oh michael im going to cum’ he mimiked, ‘if i cant make you cum, why fake it?’ He snapped at you. ‘I….im sorry baby, i just, there is so much going on my mind was other places, it wasnt you it was me’ you promised, he rolled his eyes, biting on his bottom lip.
Michael knelt on the bed next to you and leant down towards your ear, ‘i think i need to see you cum properly then, im think several times since you faked it, i know whats real and what is fake, i know you inside and out, and i know how hard i can make you cum’ he smirked.
Sitting back on the bed. His finger traced down your breast and over your nipple, it hardening under his touch, you let out a shaky breath, he could make you fall apart so easily and he knew it. He leant forward taking your nipple in his mouth and flicking his tounge against it roughly, nibbling on it ever so often, you hands fought at the ties around your wrists, you wanted to run your fingers through his haid and tug of it, like you know he loved.
He moved down your body, placing kisses along your stomach which he loved. You had a tummy and he loved it, he loved your curves, he didnt care that you had strechmarks or a wobbly bum, he loved you for everything that you were.
He concentrated on your stomach and hips for a while, tickling his fingers along your skin and teasing them up and down your thighs. You where a mess, you needed him and he was killing you with all the teasing. He stood up removing his top, revealing his milky skin. You licked your lips as you watched him undress. He climbed back on the bed, placing himself between your knees. Grabbing them roughly spreading them apart and exposing your wetness, His eyes darkened as he watched your muscles react to the cold air. He began to run his fingers along the edge of your pussy as you writhed around ont he bed and began to beg him to do anything.
He laughed under his breath, as this finger stroked over your swolen clit and towards your hole, he took two of his fingers and pushed them into you slowly, curling them upwards and stroking your gspot. You thrashed against your restraints and you moaned his name over and over, his eyes fixed on your face watching you fall apart under his touch. He moved his thumb to your clit and began to rub roughly against it, ‘tell me when you are about to cum’ he told you. You nodded your head weakly as you whimpered from the waves of pleasure running through your body, you looked up at michaels face, dark eyes, bottom lip between his teeth just watching you, watching your body, watching what he could do to you.
‘Michael im going to cum, oh my fucking god’ you panted causing him to stop abruptly. ‘This is what you get for faking it’ he smirked. Climbing off the bed and taking out his hard cock. ‘So now you are one edge, you can watch me for a minute and i think you need to beg for me’ he said as he began to stroke himself, his fingers wrapped around his throbbing cock, his other hand gripped into a tight fist, grunts escaping from his mouth fromt he pleasure he was giving himself.
You couldnt watch this any longer, you need his cock inside you and the only way to get it was to beg ‘mikey please, i need you, i need your cock’ you pleaded. He cocked his eyebrows at you, wanting for you to continue begging ‘i love when you fuck me, i love how you can make me scream, i love when you mark me and make me yours’ you spluttered. You were a pathetic, horny mess and the wet patch on the bed made this obvious to him.
Letting his hand fall from his body, he ran his fingers through his hair and along the back of his neck, he placed himself between your thighs and teased the tip of his cock against your clit. ‘Tell me you wont ever fake it again, tell me im the only one who can drive you this crazy’ he insisted.
‘You’re the only one michael, please, i wont ever fake it again, you make me cum so hard, please fuck me please’ you begged him. He continued rubbing the tip of his cock againt your core until he pushed in slowly, your wrists tugging at the ties and your back arching fromt he pleasure. He pushed deeply inside you and slid his hands up to your hips, grasping onto them with his rough fingers, holding on as tight as he could. ‘I hope you are ready for this’ he said darkly as he pulled out from your body, slamming himself back into you, you screamed loudly as he continued the assault against your pussy. Your wrists pulling so much that you would be leaving marks on them, along with the brusies you would be getting on your hips and the pounding from his cock, you were going to be sore tomorrow. You moaned his name over and over feeling yourself becoming close to cumming. Michael felt your body reacting underneath him, knowing your telltale signs of when you were about to reach your high, ‘dont cum yet, wait for me’ he told you, speeding up his movements, his grip tight on your hips, his cock hitting the most mind blowing places inside you. He moved himself down towards your body so he was lying ontop of you, attatching his mouth to your neck and biting down as he fucked into you.
‘Please michael, i need to cum’ you screamed, you couldnt hold off any longer. His fingers tangled into your hair as he tugged at the strands with each thrust, he was grunting with every movement he made his release closing in on him. He placed his nose against yours and bit against your bottom lip. ‘Cum for me gorgeous’ he growled, youw asted no time in coming undone, your orgasm hitting you hard, you shook under him has he fucked you a couple more times, before he came, his body pressing against yours heavily as he came down from his release. You both lay for a while panting and waiting for your heartbeats to steady.
He pulled himself from you and removed the ties, ‘dont ever fake it again’ he smirked.

i love when people send me asks saying “just because you wernt born in the right body doesnt give u the right to say rude things about people who were” like

yes…it does…

Imagine instead of having to jump around ledges to get to Shards, your companions just got on eachothers shoulders and you clambored up them.

“Did I ever tell you dwarves are bad with heights? Makes us queasy.”

“Varric I swear if-”

“Not the time seeker!”

“Swaying precariously. Theres too much air, pressure almost as bad as the Deep Roads. Long way down if we fall.”

“Not helping, kid.”

“Everyone I can almost reach the shard! Stop moving.”

“Would be easier if you wernt standing on my face.”

Disgusted noise.

'Stressed out' Part 3 Nate Maloley Au

“Yes Nate, you can unzip me” i turn around and give him access to my back.

His hands come up and grip my arms lightly. He starts massaging by my biceps and slowly moves to the base of my neck and i visibly relax under his hands.

“Your too tense lil mama, you really need to relax.” he whispers in my ear and his hot breath on my neck sends shivers down my spine as he kisses the spot behind my ear.

His hand stops massaging and i wine his name like a toddler. He chuckles and says “dont worry baby, this isn’t the end.” his smirk is evident on his face.

He starts to unzip my dress and i realize he hasn’t even rolled my joint yet. “Wernt you supposed to be rolling me something?” i ask him with a playful attitude.

“Ah yes! I am getting to that. Thats why it didnt take me so long to come back. You see everytime i roll when the squad is over you always stare at me and lick your lips. I dont even think you realize you do it but i thought i would give you a little treat and roll in front of you.” he has a big grin on his face and i realise he just getting a ego boost as i just stand here in my bra and thong looking at him stunned.

I watch him when he rolls, thats true. Its how I’ve become so good. Ive goten all my tips and tricks from watching him roll. But do i really lick my lips? At this point it wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve wanted to fuck him since the day i met him in the club, but i would never give him the satisfaction of knowing that.

I turn around in front of him and instruct him to unclasp my bra and he does. I walk toward the tub with my back still towards him and shimmy out of my thong sexually before sinking down into the hot water. I sit back against the back of the tub and look at Nate and laugh because he looks like he just saw a ghost.

“Stop staring at me and roll my joint so you can get in with me.” i tell him as i lean back in the water till only my head is out.

Nate turns around and proceeds to roll. I don’t watch him as much as i normally would because the jets and the hot water have me hypnotized.

After a few minutes of daydreaming Nate is calling my name to get my attention. “Don’t fall asleep on me baby, sit up.” he says and taps my shoulder. I do as he says and he pulls the towel from around his waist and slips in the tub behind me. I stay facing forward hiding the blush on my checks.

Nate pulls me back into his chest and i lay my head back on his shoulder and look up at him. He really is beautiful.

He places the joint in my mouth and holds up a lighter. “Inhale.” he instructs as he puts the flame to it.

I take my first hit too big and i cough, Nate patting my back to sooth me. I catch my breath and take another hit. Having more control over this one i do a French inhale and pass it to Nate. “That was hot lil mama but mine is better.” he says and does a French inhale. I watch him closely as he does a few more smoke tricks and passes it back to me.

We continue like this for a few more minutes trying to see who can do better tricks and of course Nate wins because he has lungs of steal. His arms are wrapped tightly around my waist and i am leaning back in his chest. We are both laughing at a stupid joke that i said.

Nate sets the joint in the ashtray putting it out as he does. “I think you’ve had enough of that. Your jokes are horrible.” he says laughing at me.

“So y/n tell me what possessed you to seduce me tonight.?” he asked me, bringing his hands up to my neck massaging like he was before. His hands distract me and i forget he even asked me a question.

“Are you going to answer my question?” he brings his hands down and places them flat on my stomach dragging them to my sides and squeezing gently. The feeling goes straight to my core and i squeeze my thighs together.

“I think its more like you are seducing me Maloley.”

“Maybe i am but you started it may i say.”

He continues messaging my sides and theigs, placing small kisses on my shoulder as he does. Distracting me once again i remember his question from earlier. Gaining some confidence i answer it.

“Im tired of sleeping with guys who don’t even care if i finish or not. I remember you once told me if i needed someone who could satisfy me to call you and well i did.” i tell him

Nate grabs my knees and spreads my legs. He pulls his legs up so i cant move mine. He kisses the spot behind my ear and says. “Let me show you how a real man can make you feel.”

The hot water hits my core and i shiver from the intense feeling. Nates hand come up to cup my breast and he rolls my nipples between his fingers. My head falls back against his chest i moan loudly. Finally getting some sort of relief.

He continues his assault on my nipples with one hand and brings the other slowly down my body to my center. He circles me with his finger. Ignoring the spot i need him to pay attention to the most.

When his rough fingers come in contact with my clit and rub harshly it doesn’t take Nate long to have me shaking under his touch.

“Are you gonna cum baby?” Nate breaths in my ear not once stoping the pleasure on my clit. “Yes Nate!” i moan loudly and just as im about to cum his hand is removed and my orgasm is ruined.

Cliff hanger😏
Part 4 up next. Sorry its so long lol

part 4

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