My god you cunt. You honestly are the one person I hate most in this world. Look what you’re doing. As what you’ve done. I hate you I seriously hate you. She deserves so much better than youm someone who can actually make her happy, someone who doesn’t treat her and make her feel like shit. I honestly hope to god she breaks up with you. Shed be so much better off. And I don’t know if I have ever wanted you to die so much. And the thoughts… Oh those thoughts. You where thinking deeply about it wernt you. Any sorry fucker that actually cares fornyou would be worried with how seriously you where thinking about it. My god you wernt thinking like that since year 9… LISTEN. STOP MAKIMG HE PROBLEMS YOURS

Im not… I don’t mean to

SHES REAL. SHE NEEDS SOMEONE BETTER THAN YOU I TRULY BELIEVE IT. AND YOUR NOT REAL. YOUR AN ATTENTION SEEKER. Fuck off and die please just die fuck off I hate you fuck off fucking die please just die fucking please

  • I just wish you were here, things pile up and its not fair. You can do so much for one person and theyll never care and today I truly realised that. I couldnt have anymore anger towards you at the moment. I hope your happy because I'm not but you probably wouldnt care. I dunno how you could of even done that. Did you stop to think. I dont even want to see you again. But youll be here tomorrow and mondsy and the next day and i wish you wernt, its not fair on anyone.

You fucked up. Just like you knew you would

Fuck off this is her time not mine. She’s the one with a problem not me

I know… and now once again its about you. Fucking pathetic cunt. She needs you. Or needed. And you wernt there. You fucked up. Like you knew you would

Nononono please I’m sorry please stay with me

Please don’t… Run before he hurts you further. Please… For your own good.

Please I’m sorry

Ohhhh fuck off please go go goaway fuck off