I have a Rob. Rob is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

His plane arrived at 8.05 am. I met him late at the airport because somehow I managed to lose my keys between my bedroom and my front door and spent ages looking for them. We ran to each other in the airport, we said “I love you” again and again. He is here. He is here. Rob is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

On the train back from the airport a drunk man was on the train (I’m guessing from the fact he was drunk before nine that he was an alcoholic. I hope things get better in his life.) He was very friendly, talking to us, told us we were “love-doves” and askign questions, was amazed that we’d met on the internet and said we were “obviously meant to be” and said maybe he would start using the internet. He was very sweet. I hope he’s okay, eventually. He said “You must really love her, that’s amazing, that you came here.” He was right. Rob is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

The world is full of people having hard lives, like that man. Or worse. Sometimes it feels wrong to think about anything else. But Rob is here. Rob is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Every time we see each other, it’s thousands of miles and hundreds of pounds. It costs a lot, in literal and metaphorical senses. But we can buy happiness. It is an enormous privilege to be able to buy happiness. Most people can buy pleasure. Lots of people, even if they had the money, couldn’t buy feeling as good as we always feel meeting in the airport. Rob is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

We came into my room, and we held one another, and we were safe and everything is beautiful. Rob has a lovely way of talking when he is tired - he asked me to shut the blinds and when I said that I’d never actually shut the blinds in this room and was worried about breaking them he said “I’m sure it won’t have a malign enchantment.” Other people get monosyllabic when they are tired, Rob gets more robnosty. Rob is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

He had so much coffee that he wasn’t able to sleep despite having been awake on the plane all night. But he is sleeping now. He is in my bed, snoring softly because he’s caught a cold. He is just HERE, touchably close, and even though he’s just sleeping it is amazing. Rob is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I drew you. Yeah. I hope everything appears the way they were meant to. I knew I’d never be able to do you justice, you’re way to beautiful, but I tried. You’re such an amazing person as well and I’m so glad I decided to click that follow button as you’ve definitely improved my life quite greatly, not to speak of my tumblr experience, so thank you

ps, it’s transparent, I hope. It was meant to be transparent, and it’s the thought that counts…


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i'm sure that your friends acknowledge your presence and would miss you because of the great memories and relationships you've built. there's many things about you that are amazing and that i admire, and i love to see you around. even if it's the words of a quiet follower, i'm confident that you have a valid, precious presence because of how you care for your friends.

Were I to have read this a while ago, I probably would’ve taken those words for granted and imagined them as words meant only to make me feel better. But now that I’m feeling a bit better about myself after taking some time away, this just makes me feel a lot better and more confident. 

I know now that even when things are really, really rough my friends are still going to be there for me to hold me up. And the fact that I have them at all means that I must be someone special.

this is for you jordan!!
im gonna start it off by saying since i (still) can’t get you a physical card, this is gonna have to do, sorry. but ANYWAYS, i still can’t believe we’re friends. i decided to start talking to you during a brief period in my life when i quite literally had no one, and you came along and really made everything so much better. you’re such a kind soul, an all around amazing person, and probably the president of the beakie fan club. you are always, always there for me–or for anyone, really. you always brighten my days and i really wish things were better right now for you because you deserve all the happiness in the world. i would start walking right now, from florida to colorado, if it meant that you’d have a good day. you are so giving, so welcoming, and so kind. and i think, above all, you are one of the strongest, bravest people i know. i love you so much, jordan, and i hope you have a fantastic birthday!! 💞💞

2. Single, Taken, Heartbroken, Confused?


3. What if I told you that you were pretty?

i would thank you and congratulate you on your amazing powers of observation

5. Are you interested in anyone right now?

yeah, my boyfriend

7. Do you want to be single?


11. Last three things you had to drink?

water, dr pepper, peach cobbler milkshake

13. Told someone you loved them and not meant it?


17. What were you doing at 12:30 this afternoon?


19. Could you go the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?

i could, 

23. Did your last kiss take place in/on a bed?

in front of my house

29. What is the last thing you said out loud?

“that is so unnecessary, you dick” to my cat who walked across my chest

31. Do you wear the hood on your hoodie?


37. Did you do something bad today?

no? i havent finished unpacking which my dad probably thinks is bad though…

41. Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but didn’t?


43. Have you ever been taken to the emergency room in an ambulance?


47. Where did you get the shirt/sweatshirt you’re wearing?


53. Ever been on a golf cart?


59. Do you have a little sister?


61. Think of the last person that said I Love You, did they mean it?


67. Have you kissed anyone in the last five days?


Lantern Lunchtime || Silas and Peri

It had taken the duo long enough to decide to go the Lantern Tavern, much less actually travel there, and so when they arrived, they did so at the odd in-between hours. Fortunately, it meant there was little traffic and they were seated quickly, menus in hand; Silas didn’t bother to open his. 

“Here we are,” he finally said, belatedly. “You said you liked steak and things with tomato sauce, didn’t you? They serve amazing spaghetti here.”

If there’s one thing I learned this year, it’s this:

Please, stop living for others.

You’re here on this Earth to live your life. Don’t let others obstruct you from finding your own happiness. No matter how hard you try to please everyone with your decisions, there will always be someone who disapproves.

That is life.

So why not do the things you’ve always wanted to do since there’ll always be people who disapprove anyways? You’re here to discover your own purpose. No one should or even could ever tell you the amazing things that you were meant to do or be on this planet. Don’t give someone else the power to steer your life in the direction they want if you know for a fact it’ll make you miserable. 

Do what makes YOU happy and what YOU feel in your heart is right. 

vulpinemom replied to your post:Zootopia Fiction: Special Assignment Part 1

Good start! My only comment is to be careful of switching voice throughout the story. Earlier on when you started using 1st person, I wondered if this was being told from the perspective of a third character we would be introduced to. Not sure if this was the case or if you meant it from your POV as the narrator, but be sure to remove the “I” when you’re narrating in the third person. Other than that, your descriptions were amazing and very visual! Update soon!

Oh thank you for the commentary!

Actually, the whole thing is in 1st person perspective, but I’ve yet to reveal who the narrator is on purpose. Stay tuned!

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peach parfait

甘いもの (sweet things) question set ♡

  • peach parfait ー name a song/album that you associate with a period time in your life & why

[ x ] 

The song is linked if you want to listen to it. But a few months ago I fell inlove with a the most amazing and beautiful girl I have ever seen or meant. For a long time I never had a chance with her even. There were hard times between us to where I thought if running away would be best for her and me but at the end of the day I cant live with out her. I was never one of those people to think about family and kids and shit till she came around in my life. If its not with her then I don’t want it. I am crazy in love with her and I don’t think that will ever be changed. Shes my best friend and my heart and I am so luck to have her in my life because even though she thinks shes a poopy head I think she the poopy head of my world. 

I understand.
I loved Clexa too. I really felt like they were meant to be. And to everyone in the LGBTQ community that was excited that they were finally being represented, I can’t imagine how amazing that is. And things like that should definitely be more common. Saying you guys are underrepresented is a HUGE understatement.
But let’s make one thing very clear right now. Just because Bellarke is canon in the books and you don’t like that and you’re upset about Lexa’s death doesn’t give you the right to be an absolute asshole to Kass Morgan. You harassing her over Twitter does absolutely nothing. Stop defacing her book. Stop sending her hate. It’s pointless and so disrespectful. She probably had no say in Lexa’s death anyway considering it wasn’t even her character.

Look at all these salty people who are bashing on Ukraine and Jamala lmao.

If ya’ll are bashing so much on Ukraine so I’m just gonna say this ,the Russian song was like a copy of Swedens last year song. The guy even looked the same. It’s a generic eurovision song that to me ,was boring among others. The only inpressing thing about it were the visual effects but that’s all. But that’s just my opinion.

While Ukraine ,Australia and others had original songs not the typical “glitter glitter love sarkles :)))” kind of thing.

And maybe before saying “everyone voted out of pity” think about this. Because of Stalin so many people were exiled and killed and to many people this song really meant a lot. Not to mention if you’d looked at this song without knowing what it’s about it’s also very powerful because the words are amazing and very meaningful.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

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External image
“Stop using curse words!” This is a recurrent statement in the Avengers. I wonder who this theme of struggling with four letter words is appealing to? Perhaps the fountain of youth is in cursing? Are the youth who this movie is written for the most happy? I have to say, I appreciate a more seasoned focus in a movie that can be enjoyed by 46 year olds as well as those around 8. They still exist do they not? I hardly ever curse and when I do, I don’t feel I have to join a 12 step program. The Avengers is fun and it has amazing effects but you might to a four letter word review in the way its focus is scattered and plot long,

If a movie is going to be long, let it have killer special effects I say. This film dragged on at times, over developing things that were obvious. Beyond that, the side dramas meant to show the humanity of the Avengers were predictable and out of place. For example, why do Nat and Banner have to get into romantic jabber? If I had to take a pee it would have been during those scenes. Those items aside, there are some amazing effects and it’s cool to watch the Avengers once again bring down the hammer.

It seems these days that these Marvel movies are wont to pour millions into movies that lack the simple ingredients of good movies. They make money on 3D goers primarily who have low expectations for a story. I’m afraid there was a bit of this here. The movie had several settings and several plots. I would have given a higher score if it had chosen one. Tony Stark had way too much screen time. I don’t know if kids these days know Robert Downey Jr. is 5’5″ and has spent time in jail. He’s a B rate actor that gets too much screen time on the Avengers. The suit is cooler than him yet you’ll get lots of him in Ultron. It was too long but I did have fun with my family. I don’t think I’ll see the next one but many others will, I respect that. I won’t call you a four letter word. There is indeed a fountain of youth and I like to think I live in it. It’s the place where you have your own mind on things and t’s never too far away. I guess in a weird way, this product-placement/formulaic film made me remember that. It comes streaming on Netflix next month.

This post is partly in response to Stream of Consciousness Sunday.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.”

Avengers: Age of Ultron was originally published on Riley on Film

“We must always welcome the end of all things. For sometimes, knowing nothing lasts forever, is the only way we can learn to fall in love with all the moments and all the people that are meant to take our breath away.” Hong Kong, you were everything I had hoped for and so much more. Thank you for the endless adventures, the most amazing friends, and the best extra 15 pounds of my life😆 I hope to see you again soon!
#AlamaetakesHK by alameamae

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You ever miss anyone?

honestly? besides Sean, who has passed and was like a father to me, I don’t really miss anyone. I’ve lost touch with a lot of people but if they were meant to be a larger part of my life then they would be. sometimes - not always - things happen for a reason and I have to learn to accept that and appreciate the amazing people I have now instead of looking back on things that didn’t work

It’s been two months to the day now. I guess I’ve given up hope on you coming back to me. I thought what we had was amazing and would have meant more to you than being able to call it quits an leave it at that. Being apart has shown me so many different things, most of all what I could do differently and see things in a different light. I still think we were amazing together, but you don’t want me. Of course with my new annual pass I have free downloads of my Disney pictures. So I have access to all of the pictures I wanted to buy but didn’t because they were expensive. Figures.

Welcome to Miami (Bienvenido a Miami)

Remember that Will Smith song from the 90s?

Few things are as important to our CEO than rewarding hard work. If you scroll through this OLN Inc Team Bulletin, it’s fair to say that it’s jam-packed with anecdotes of our top performers earning cool things, right?

The Miami trip was a hot ticket. First of all, who doesn’t love Miami. But, second of all, the opportunity to join our CEO on this trip meant spending significant one-on-one time with one of the most successful business consultants we know. Can you say invaluable?

We were psyched for Michele when she hit a huge goal that our CEO set for her. She hopped on a cross-country flight to Florida and had a busy week filled with amazing opportunities. She attended a state-wide conference, where she heard our CEO speak on the subject of millennials in the work place. She also visited the office of one of our mentors, where she was able to share her knowledge about training new employees. She enjoyed delicious meals, time with industry heavy hitters, and of course the Miami sunshine. It was all around a great trip.

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