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Someday someone will stumble into your life they will look at you the way you look at the ocean. They will admire how strong and deep you are. How you could take any sailor down with just one mere wave. She will look at you as if you were one of the seven wonders of the world. So mysterious, dark and unexplored. She will realize that things like you are not meant to be soft and delicate but redefine the idea of beauty. She will make sure that you know that you weren't put here to be disregarded.

this made my heart smile you are amazing

I once knew someone like you. Always smiling, always laughing. Always the one to stand up to help somebody in need. Always the one to say ‘I’ll do it’ with a charming grin, even though the task is meant to be done by 3.
   I always thought the people like you were amazing. You live life from a very different view that no one can truly understand. You live life carefree yet still cautious of the things around you.
   You never cry, too. I swear I have never seen the both of you cry in public. I, however, have seen people crying on both of your shoulders, leaning to your chest when they couldn’t stand, and you hugging them like it’s the only thing keeping them together – because maybe, it is.
   I once knew someone like you. Yes, you two were very much alike.
   I once knew someone like you, and that someone was me.
—  P.T. // The non-existent book #40 // People change, and sometimes we’re unable to know if it’s for the better or not
Project Runway Junior

Let me start by saying that these designers are all amazing, I would never be able to do what they do – make beautiful clothes and be in a tv competition.

However, if Samantha puts the same thing she has been putting down the runway this whole season and is in the top 3 I’m going to be irritated. I thought her jackets were amazing the first few challenges but literally that’s all she does, and this competition is meant to push you out of your design comfort zone. 

There were many other designers willing to take risks in this show that were sent home, while she was making the same jacket every week with raw edges and bad clothes underneath at times.

V-mun i.e. mama here, tentatively creeping back in…

hey guys, been gone for a little over a day, sorry, heh. most of you know why. My buddy Sole just came in and erased everything from the recent incident- good or bad- from my inbox, im gunna try and put everything behind me about this and move on. really… really sorry about causing drama and stirring things up, really never meant for any of it to happen.

been in contact with some of the artists. most of the old icons are gone. a couple really cool pals, @sans-unlimited and @ask-napstablooky have been awesome and are amazing as hell, so i do have some icons. examples…

really, really cool guys, right there, im telling you. i got a lot of followers during the incident, i assume people trying to be supportive, heh. all of you should really head over to those two and follow them, they’re awesome.

there were, of course, a lot of really cool people i can see in my activity that were really, really supportive, and i really want to thank all of you for that, be it the fun violent threats at the anons or the really nice ones that sent nicer things in my inbox- i wish i could say i went and read them, but, i really couldnt, im sorry. id list all of you, but, i think thered be too many, heh. just, you’re all really great, you know?

Im, uh, currently facing a question right now about my previous posts. about 98% of his blog’s 4000-odd posts have art that isnt mine/edited. i dont really know… i mean, thats all of my posts, so i cant really go through and just pull all the icons. i cant delete them or we’d lose all documentation of things that have happened and lose all sorts of headcanon material and other things… So… i mean, i think im leaving them up, and from hence forth never use those icons again. 

i dont know if thats acceptable? I just lost three other RP blogs because the same guy i got the icons from for Sayrus stiffed me on those ones, too, but those artists didnt care and reported my blogs immediately, heh. so Sayrus is really all i have left right now, and he’s always been my favorite, always. and i dont want to delete everything about him like that, cause thats basically just loosing the whole blog, and hes my last one, you know? heh.

“Soda becomes vodka. Kisses turn into sex. Remember when protection meant wearing a helmet? When the worst things you could get from boys were cooties? Dad’s shoulders were the highest place on earth and mum was your hero? When wearing a skirt didn’t make you a slut. The most pain you felt was when you skinned your knees, and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow?
And we couldn’t wait to grow up…”
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Actually, I didn't find your blog. You found mine! If you hadn't sent me a message telling me you were happy to find another Sneezy fan, who knows how long it might have taken me to follow you? I might not have ever gotten to know you as well as I do now. In the response to that message, I told you Sneezy meant a lot to me because a lot of amazing things happened in my life after I became a fan of his, and you should know you're one of those amazing things.

boy, i am so-so glad i stumbled upon your blog that day /)v(\ i was so glad to find someone else who’s just as in love with nose-boy as i am. frankly, i was afraid you’d find my message and my excitement very weird, but look how far we’ve come

long distance isn’t anyone’s idea of a relationship. there are hard times but there also a lot of good amazing times. you aren’t able to do the “normal” couples things. but my thing is, you get to appreciate that person even more. you learn to be there for them in a different way. show them trust on a whole different level. show them that you love and try to fight for them. sometimes things don’t work out but that’s for any relationship that you get into. sometimes you just aren’t meant to be together. they were your soul mate at that time, but in reality they weren’t. you can’t prevent what the future gives you. you just have to appreciate that person in that time. if you love them, tell them. you have to communicate, always! never give up. always try your best and put forth the effort. but if there isn’t trust or communication then it won’t work. people are going to get jealous and needy. give them the reassurance and attention they need. if you love them. tell them everyday. just be there for that person. this isn’t just for long distance. this is for any relationship.

love to me...

This one little story is from my memory book.

When I was a little girl I hadn’t have any sisters or brothers. I was the only child of my little family and most of the times I was alone at home. My childhood was amazing. I would probably choose the same one if I had to decide. Like every kid I had a huge imagination. In compare to my other friends I had a lot but in compare to the children who live in first world I had nothing. But the things I have owned, meant world to me. I didn’t have access to many toys, books and sweets because I lived in a little village and the only thing we had there was a little grocery store. You couldn’t buy toys, although there were times in summer that we could buy little things like a pipe or a cheap plastic ball. That happened only in summer because the owner of the store could only drive to the big city in the summer. Winters were cold and hard it was almost impossible to get there. The same thing for me. I maybe went once or twice a year to the big city and that wasn’t for fun. We went to the doctor or had to do some important paper work. It was actually just in case of emergencies. The big city always stayed a mystery to me and it still is. Funny thing though even after visiting it so many times I have never been able to discover it the way I wanted as a child. Maybe one day I will… Anyway. We couldn’t buy books. There wasn’t such a thing as “buying books”. In the school we had a tiny library. Back then I thought it was the biggest library in the world. We could lend books and read them at home. It was strictly forbidden to write anything in them or damage them otherwise we had to replace them. “Why would anyone want to hurt a book?”. When I was a child I believed that books had feelings too. And it always made me sad when I saw books that have been ripped off. I always tried to fix them because they were my only open windows to the outer world. When we had lunch break we could go home. I got home and tried to eat as fast as possible, so I could go to school before other kids. I loved school. It was the only place I could actually learn real things that were different from what I had in that village. I was the biggest nerd of the school. I think nobody else enjoyed school like I did. I wanted to participate everything that I have never done before. And still so many things I couldn’t do… The only thing I didn’t like about the school was physical education. I hated it because it always involved team-plays and flying balls which were terrible for me because I had glasses and I couldn’t break them. To avoid balls hitting my face I have never played with the kids. I really really wanted but the idea of not being able to see what was on the blackboard motivated me more not to play. But I could run very fast even faster then the boys in my class. They called me “cheetah”. It was the only thing I was proud of about physical education. So when I went early to school other kids played basketball or football in the yard and I was always in the library. There were huge encyclopaedias in the library. I loved to read the stuff in them. I felt like a professor when I was reading them. Our library had novels and fairytales too. Most of them were children books and world classics. It didn’t matter to me. I read a lot of books from that huge tiny library. I felt always peaceful in the library. No one could break in the world of words. I made my own kingdom in there and it was the nicest place on the earth. I thought like “When I am a grown up I will have a huge library at home”. My biggest dream was owning the biggest library on the earth someday… But back then I didn’t really know that the world was so much more bigger than I could ever imagine.

- eastern memories

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*puts url here cause why not*

▌&⋮ i. █ -   send me a url and I will tell you my favorite thing about that blog.    * @xwitchxbitch

my favorite thing:  oh kelci, to think we were meant to be twinnies forever…. i’d have to say ( since i always mention how AMAZING your portrayal of maddy bear is ) your acceptance of others is always such a good quality. you’re so nice and inviting and your ideas are so much fun. the amount of plots we have are incredible and i hope we have more and more. i know i’ll never be as good of a person as you but i luv you and i hope you know that you mean the world to me. i love talking to you. such a good friend. that’s your best quality.  your natural persona is warm and welcoming and everything people love!!!!! stay gold, ponyboy!!!!

You gotta go through some fucked up shit in order to get to where you need to be. No matter what anyone says, i of all people know where my heart is. I may not be the best person yet and still have old habits I need to break but I’m getting there fast and that’s what matters. Progress.

I used to be driven by anger and was compelled to prove people wrong and that just bred negative and hateful energy. I was doing the right things for the wrong reasons. Once I picked out every little thing and person that made me feel less than perfect, I began to see changes. It’s amazing how fast things turn around once you filter out all the shit that feeds your unhealthy addictions.

Now that I feel confident and sure of myself it’s almost as if the heavy black fog disappeared from my life and everything has been falling into place the way they were meant to. I’ve knocked the ball out of the park with every opportunity that’s come my way thus far, and to know that I am blessed to have found inner peace at such a young age has given me extra time to round the edges that make me sharp. I’m working on the final draft of my persona. I’m pretty fucking awesome. I feel great about myself. I have someone who loves me and treats me exactly the way I deserve to be and I would never trade that for anything. I’m ashamed to have wanted anything else, truthfully.

I’m in the final stages of closing the dark times in my life and allowing the new and happier energy to smother me. I have never been this happy and struggle-free before.. I have a clean conscience. Forgiving myself has been God’s greatest blessing to me.. I’m sure of it.

James Twyman Prayer Vigil Miracle 1st February 2016 - Syria

@JamesTwyman World Synchronized Meditation


Thank you for being part of history

The Rainbow, the Battle and the Wolves

Today millions of people joined together to claim the reality of peace for all those suffering in Syria, especially the children. Three amazing things happened that I want to share with you, miracles that show us the power of our shared, focused energy and prayers.

The Rainbow

As we drove to the overlook, someone on the bus said “Look at the sky.” We looked out the window and saw a brilliant rainbow that completely circled the sun. It felt like a sign of what was to come. In an hour millions of people would join us energetically, sending their light into the situation in Syria, without judgment. The rainbow meant we were not alone.

The Battle

Hours before we arrived a battle raged just beneath where we stood. Bombs exploded and guns fired at the bottom of the hill just beyond the security fence. It seemed that we were up against more than we anticipated, but then something incredible happened. It was as if the war stopped while we joined together as one. The battle simply ceased, and remained that way through the entire meditation.

The Wolves

Over 100 people from many spiritual paths sat in silence as we were joined by you and so many others. We held that space for 15 minutes, and when I looked at the clock to end the silence, before I said a word, the sound of a single wolf howling just below us echoed through the air, then more until there were dozens of wolves that howled for exactly one minute, and then stopped. It was one of the most incredible things we ever heard.

This is just the beginning…

In two days we will send out an email with the next step, one that will continue this incredible momentum. My goal is to gather 100,000 people into this tribe that will be ready at a moment’s notice to share their prayers of peace when a world crisis arises. Stay tuned. The fun, and the miracles, have just begun.

One Final Note

I want to thank a group of 11 individuals that showed tremendous courage, and without whom none of this would have happened. As you know, I invited a small group to join me on this adventure, becoming our “on the ground Light Team.” They were spectacular. I wish I had thanked them much more before now, but I want them to know how happy I was to have them with me. They are examples for us all.

James Twyman

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Thank you James for doing this and for every brave soul that took part. Bless you!

I hope you don’t mind me putting this on Tumblr. I want to let as many people know about this, via Twitter, as I have a good reach there. 

To all my friends and those globally who joined in, and Bea and David for telling me about this, thank you and yeehaa! What ELSE is possible? Love and peace to ALL! We are ONE!  ♥ ♥ ♥     

You once laughed at me when I tried sharing my amazement about your hands, but you never realised I meant those were the things I wanted grabbing my hair and touching me with tenderness and care. Let me tell you, next time you look at your hands, remember that I wanted that so bad.

Don’t hold grudges. Don’t be that person. See the silver lining within yourself. You are hurt right now but good things will come and soon enough you will be the happiest girl alive. You’re going to be thankful every moment of the day that it didn’t work out with anyone else. The moment you see him, it will all makes sense. The heartbreaks, the pain it will all be worth it. You were meant to love, to you it has always been about love and happiness. You are hurt right now but just because something amazing is about to happen. Soon enough, you will find the fairytale love you’ve been dreaming of ever since you were a kid. The pain was necessary for your etarnal happiness. This last couple of months disguised as your worst nightmare was actually the best thing that could ever happen to you.

Thanks to all participants.
Forever grateful.

i just wonder, have you missed me, what did you mean when you said that you “couldn’t get feelings again”, i wanna know about how you were back then, why you did the things you did, sitting here on my bed, while you’re probably on a beach, are you thinking of me?, i can’t sleep thinking of you, wondering when we met, what it meant when i stared into your eyes, and literally time stopped around me and you, wondering why you’re so persistent on having me in your life unlike the others, maybe that moment when time stopped was a sign that we were meant to be in each others lives, or we’re meant to be together, it’s amazing how you took my rejection, and yet i come back opening the door and you take it, it makes me wonder if you did love me in that moment in time, so many questions that need answers, and i can’t wait to see you after you get back, i wanna show you what the hell you’re missing, show you who i really am, since both of us didn’t know who we were 8 years ago, and i wish i had the guts to say i miss you, cause i know i do, and i’m done denying it, but i’m trying not to get my hopes up for anything, cause god knows what will happen, and god would i kill to feel your kiss again, that last one was heaven, i’ll be here.