off limits | 02 (m)

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings: smut, dirty talk, dom! Jin 
words: 7,520
summary: you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

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a/n: if you squint, you can see the beginnings of a plot haha!

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- dark and mysterious 

- cocky as hell 

- sweetheart, kitten, baby doll, baby girl, the list goes on

- “i bet you taste as good as you look” 

- “shut up asshole” 

- you want to hate him

- but you like him

- alot

- pretends he doesn’t care, but actually does

- he would beat up your ex boyfriend for breaking your heart 

- secretly inlove with you

- wont admit it tho


- artistic 

- maybe even writes poetry from time to time

- knows how to take care of someone properly 

- always wants to make sure you’re safe

- “i care about you.. alot actually..”

- princess, flower, pumpkin

- sweetest little munchkin 

- cuddles galore 

- always wants to be around you

- he has so much love to give 

- all for you

- and no one else


- shy

- slightly awkwardly 

- stutters a lot 

- blushes a lot 

- casually likes to watch you, but not in a creepy way

- adores you so much

- a flower everyday 

- honey, princess, sweetie, darling

- he likes to bake you things

- always wants to hold your hand

- forehead kisses

- mostly for him

Onsra | Part IV

(v.) – to love for the last time; a bittersweet feeling of knowing a love won’t last

Read: Part 1 | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

Words: 12K

Genre: Demon au (no smut yet lul… not really anyways…)

A/N: Enjoy~! Longest chapter yet, I think :)


Even better… come fuck me then.”

A shudder erupted through your body and you swore your eyes were going to pop out of your skull and your jaw would be slack permanently. Did he seriously just suggest to fuck him?

“I’ll take good care of you, Y/N.” You were in a complete daze, still in shock that he had so straight forwardly suggested you to fuck him.

You couldn’t process it with Jungkook so close to you. You could feel his hot breath on your face as he whispers quietly in your ear. Your knees were going to buckle any moment and your body felt like it was on fire.

“God I can just imagine what it would be like to touch that body of yours. Y/N, I’d treat you right and treasure every part of you. I’ll make you feel so good. Plus… I’ve always wanted to try it in a classroom…” He snickered.

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Love-Hate (Yugyeom)

request:  Hi can i please have a smut scenario for yugyeom of got7, where you both don’t like eachother and you visit their dorm room and things escalate (cuz I mean them thighs how can you not.) and the other members hear and tease afterwards…. I know this is wordy sorry 😅

genre: smut

author’s note: i suck at posting i know :(((( hopefully this yugyeom smut will be good for you pervy people ;) i hope you all like it

**nsfw under the cut! also, i got a bit carried away and made it super long??

warnings: dry humping, multiple orgasms, oral (female receiving), more stuff i’m leaving out

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Ties ( Stiles Stilinski x reader)

Request: 2 & 17 and smut please!! I love your writing.

Prompts: 2- “ Is that my shirt?” , 17- “Tie me up, baby”

Warnings: dom!stiles, rough (unprotected- wrap it up!) sex, oral-female receiving, bondage, swearing.

A/n: I feel like I am really bad at writing smut so feedback is much appreciated!

Originally posted by its50shadesofgrey

Stiles harshly slammed the door of his jeep whilst he bitterly mumbled under his breath. Theo had been everywhere today, interrupting him, antagonizing Stiles every chance he got. Today was not the day to piss of Stiles Stilinski.

However, there was something that really made your stomach clench when he was like that. It wasn’t frightening, it was intoxicating. You knew you shouldn’t make it worse, but you wanted to.

“ I fucking hate him,” He roared, you flinched but you couldn’t help the clench of your pussy. Stiles had always been so, how to put it, vanilla in the bedroom. It was times like this where you wanted him to bend you over a table and fuck your brains out.

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His Girl

Originally posted by morefabthanfab

You strolled into the dimly lighted bar, just back from a quick recon mission for the General. Fairly easy, you were back in one piece. Success. 

You smiled at the off duty pilot behind the bar and ordered a drink before settling on a stool. You stretched out your arms to the side and let out a deep breath. It felt good to  be relaxing, even if it was just for a night.

“Thanks, Marcus.” You winked at the bar keep before taking a sip of the drink he handed off to you.

“Good flight, today?”

“You bet, the General was happy. When’s your next mission?”

Marcus leaned his elbows on the counter, “Tomorrow. Dameron’s taking a few of us with him.”

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Hate to Love You (Part Two)

Story Summary: You hate Castiel. Or at least, you tell yourself you do. In turn, Castiel feels the same about you. Exactly the same.

A/N: Sorry I forgot to say this last time but there’s not going to be a separate tag list for this since it’s only three parts!! <3

Part Three will be up tomorrow!!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warning: language, again- the reader and Cas are a little rough with each other, some sexy stuff, some dirty talk

Word Count: 1.4k


Originally posted by canonspngifs

You began prying at his hand with your free one the second you recognized him, ignoring the need to pull the bottom of your dress down. Cas had you in a back hallway with no one else around before he let you go, only to change the positioning of his hands, now grabbing both of your wrists and throwing you against the wall. The hallway was equally as dark as the dance floor and the music was still loud, so your chances of getting help went out the window.

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Hit me.”

“What?” Part of Harry’s brain - the rational part - was telling him that this was completely nuts and that he should get out of there. Something else, however, was sparking hot and bright in his mind, and he found himself licking his own lip before he could stop himself.

“You heard me well and good, Potter. I’ve been keeping my head down, and you hate it. I can see it all over your face.” He came an inch closer, and a hint of a smile curled his lip. It wasn’t friendly, but it wasn’t threatening, either. “You’ve been fighting for so long that you don’t know how to not fight.”

“I’m tired of fighting, Malfoy,” he snapped, but it lacked the conviction he’d meant it to have.

“You were tired of risking your life. You were tired of dealing with You-Know-Who.”


Malfoy cringed, then straightened up again. “Yeah, him. You were tired of all that bollocks… and I don’t blame you.” He squared his shoulders. “So was I.”

Slowly, Harry nodded. He’d known that for a while. “You hated him, too.”

Something twisted in Malfoy’s expression. “By the end of it… I would have killed him myself if I could have. Why do you think I didn’t rat you out to him?”

“I wasn’t sure,” Harry admitted.

“Simple, Potter… I might have wanted to fight you, but I didn’t want you dead. I hated him, and I needed you.”

“You needed…?” Harry’s voice trailed off with the question, but Malfoy shook his head.

“It was hell, Potter, and it was shame, and it was nothing like what I’d been promised. There was nothing safe in being a Pureblood, and I was trapped, and there was nothing I could do. And then… you were trapped, too.”

“There was no way out for either of us, so you let me out.”

Malfoy nodded. “There was no way for me to fight.”

“You needed the fight,” Harry said in understanding.

“I still do. So do you.” Malfoy took one small, measured, definitive step backwards, as if daring Harry to come after him. “So… go on… hit me.
—  Echo of a War by Mijan
An Encounter, Daveed Diggs x Reader

Prompt: You see your ex-boyfriend at a hotel, and now you can’t feel your chest. 

Word-count: 1,306

Warnings: None apart from like, sADNESS. 

Note: Hello there.

So. Um. Yeah. Angst once again. Ha ha. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO STOP ME. 

First time I’m posting something with Daveed, although this is far from the first time I’ve wrote for the man. It’s not angst, really. Well, it is. I guess, angst with an ambiguously happy ending?? Does that work??? 

Speaking of angst, Circumstance part two will be coming up in the following days, and the last Perks and the sequel to Chase next week. 

Anyway, I love you all, enjoy. 

Much, much love. xx

You know how these things go.

There will be quiet moment that lasts for maybe a second, and then the tide rushes in.

You feel a tug right behind her chest, and it seems to break you open until the hook catches onto one of your ribs. Your heart stays, though, and it remains, beating traitorously fast against the heel of your palm, which you have pressed to your sternum in an effort to somehow stop your pulse from rising any further through external force. It isn’t working.

All he’s doing is standing there, nothing more. He’s there, just there. His there-ness shouldn’t be affecting you the way that it did.

You should have moved on by now, leaving him in the dust and effectively cutting him away like a stubborn weed.

You realize somewhat belatedly how you must look, standing there with such a wretched expression on your face, glasses askew, your heart in the soles of your shoes. Pathetic.

God, what is he doing here? Why is he here? How is he here?

“Miss?” someone asks and the dam breaks and you are out of the mystic realm. You stutter a response and turn away, half-dumb. It’s fine, you try to tell yourself, mostly failing. “Your room key,” the poor receptionist says, looking at you with obvious concern. You take the room key, hands numb and trembling. You’re praying that he doesn’t see you.You’re praying that he passes by without so much as a glance in your direction. You’re praying—


Damn it. Damn it all to hell.

The key is a sharp sting in your hand as you face him, and the twist in your stomach nearly makes you bowl over.

He’s still beautiful. As stunning and as unreachable as you remembered.

“Hi,” you say, and you inwardly curses at the crack of emotion so obvious so noticeable so very much there—

“It’s been a while,” he says with a breeze of a laugh. He smiles and you know that if you were standing any closer, that smile could easily kill you. You want to scream, or yell, or screech. All three.

“It has,” you say instead, managing a smile of your own. “How are you?” You hate this. Hate this. Absolutely. He shouldn’t be standing there all beautiful and put-together while you’re a crumbling disaster.

“I’m doing great, yeah,” he says, scratches the back of his neck, the gesture so routine and so familiar that it sends you back, forcing a finger down your memory’s throat.

You’re back to two years ago, and he’s standing next to you on this small little hill in your small little hometown, holding your hand, and the weather was so humid you could feel it in the back of your throat. He’s saying something to you, you can’t quite remember anymore.

You’re back to one year ago, and you’ve been yelling for hours now, fighting for what seems like years. You’re tired and sorry and angry and you just want to get this over with. You both do.

“Why do we keep doing this?” you can’t help but ask into the silence of your dimly lit den. Out of the corner of your eye, you can see him turn and look at you.

“What?” he says. “Keep doing what?”

You don’t speak, because for all this show of confusion, you know he knows what you’re talking about.

He moves out of the house within the next month.

It wasn’t the most painful breakup of your memory (heaven knows you’ve had worse), and if you were being entirely honest, the split was entirely peaceful. But they always said that it was often the little things that kept haunting you. (Your breakup wasn’t a little thing. God no. But it was a lot less than the others. Less shouting. Less fuss. Less. And yet here you were, torn completely asunder with barely five sentences.)

“Anyway,” he says, and it breaks you out of your stupor. “How have you been?” Belatedly, you realize that you’ve been quiet for some time, only staring at him like some depressing fool.

“Oh, you know,” shriveled up, scattered, scrambled, et cetera, “the usual.”

“That’s great.” He sounds so sincere. It makes you want to hate him, but it only makes you love him more. “It’s been such a long time…”

There is a moment of silence that you mourn and revel in. You’re too emotionally confused to take in anything else. If you had your head on straight, you’d feel awkward. You don’t, but that was neither here nor there.

“Have you been seeing someone else?”

The question was so sudden, so out of bounds that it renders you mute for a solid second.

“E-Excuse me?”

He’s sheepish now, embarrassed by his own bald honesty. “You heard me,” he says at last. It was somehow comforting to know that he was still himself after all this time, still too confident for his own good.

“No,” you say after forever. “N-No. I’m not—seeing anyone at the moment.”

He lights up, and then maybe realizes that he should not be, dimming. “Sorry,” he says. “That was terrible of me.”

You don’t know what to say, so you keep silent. You just now notice that you’ve moved. You’re near the lobby now, instead of the receptionist desk. There is traction on your feet now as you drag it, the floor going from tile to carpet.

“Why’d you ask?” you say, feeling something burning in your body, just below your trachea. Your stomach’s twisting so badly it’s a miracle you haven’t vomited yet. Your heart was a battering ram against your uvula.

“Look,” he says, breathes, “I know that it’s crappy of me to bring this up now, and here of all places,”

“Daveed, we’re in a hotel,”

Exactly. Like, what kind of guy talks up to his ex-girlfriend in a hotel? But it’s been a year since I last saw you and you were there and prettier than I remembered and—“


“Let me finish, please.” He inhales through his nose, lets the air out sharply. “Y/N, I miss you.” And then your world stops, and you’re struck dumb in the wake of whatever this is. “I miss you. Present tense. I don’t even know what happened to us, Y/N. We were so good and then we weren’t and I can’t wrap my head around it.”

You want to walk away. You want to scream ‘No’ until you’re hoarse. But you couldn’t be yourself unless you were an idiot. So you stay.  

“I want you back, Y/N. I want us back. And it is a one heck of an assumption, because who knows, you might have some other guy there in your heart, but I’m not leaving here not knowing. I’m not walking away from this place knowing I could have had a chance with you and not taken it. Please, just let me know.”

He turns and starts to walk away, and you’re struck by how unfair it all is. You’re the one who’s supposed to be walking away. Not him.

“I don’t,” you say, louder than you would have usually. He stops in his tracks. “I don’t have anyone else in my heart.” You hate how truthful you’re being.

He faces you, smile so wide and so bright that it makes your eyes hurt. He looks like he wants to reach out to you but thinks better of it, which was all the best. You couldn’t take it if he held you now. Instead he opts for the next best thing; he cocks his head to the side and gestures for you to follow him. You do.

You’re swerving back into his lane now, and you could only hope that the collision doesn’t hurt too much this time around.

Crash. Bang. Smoke.

Back to the Past (Hamilton x Reader) 6

Words: 3000+

Warnings: none

A/N: the tags are now at the end of the story because they’ve gotten hefty (HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY) okay anywho enjoy i guess. OH YEA FYI i gave your best friend a name so have fun with that yall

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part 5 Part 7

Tu te fous de ma gueule! (You’re kidding me)” Lafayette said, widening his eyes.

“She’s my best friend, Lafayette. I know her.” You grew furious, tightening your hands. Laurens looked at your stance, and stood in front of you blocking your view. You tried looking around him, but he followed your movements. “Laurens, move. We have to make sure she doesn’t do anything to him.”

“You’re too angry right now. I think we should bring you back to the camp.” Laurens said, still standing there. You sighed in frustration, shaking your head. Your best friend was the witch. She’s the one that sent you here, that cursed your friends, Hamilton. But, why?

This is making less and less sense.

“Laurens, I need to confront her, I need to find out what’s going on.” You began walking to them, but you felt an arm grab your wrist. You turned back quickly, glaring. Mulligan held your arm, preventing you from going further. “Herc, let me go. Now.”

“No, I cannot do that. I cannot let you risk your life.” He said, looking at his friends. They all nodded, turning to you. “Like you said before, we have to watch and see. Do not make any more commotion than we already have.” He tilted his head, making your gaze look around. The men and women were looking at the four of you, questioning in your eyes. You frowned.

“But Herc, she’s my friend. I need to know.”

“Not now. Let’s go to the table and just watch.” You bit your lip, but nodded, letting them guide you back. You kept your eyes on her, watching her talk to Hamilton. He was giving her a polite smile, looking even more uneasy than before. You tapped your foot on the floor, glaring at her. She did not even glance at you, enjoying herself. Laurens placed his hand on your shoulder, smiling at you sadly.

You wanted to go over there and kill her yourself. But the three men around you would stop you before you could even stand. So you continued to stare, at least until their gazes turned to your table. Hamilton was the first to look, raising his eyebrow at your stare. You glanced down at your empty plate.

Mon amis, they are coming here.”

They walked toward us, Hamilton wearing a hesitant look on his face. Your best friend held her arm in his, her eyes only focused on you. You were about to get up, but Herc gave you a warning look, making you sit down.

“Lads, this is Miss Erin Greenwood. She requested that I showed her my friends.” He glanced over at you once, then looked back at his friends.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Greenwood.” Lafayette said, the first to stand. She held out her hand, and he froze. Usually, he would not hesitate to kiss a woman’s hand, but the situation called for a different tactic. He pretended to not see her outstretched hand at all, bowing to her once. Laurens and Mulligan greeted her, their calm demeanor confusing you. How could they just act this way towards the woman who erased their memories?

“And who is she?” She said innocently, looking at you. You glared at her, causing a nudge from Laurens. You were still sitting down, refusing to be polite to this woman.

“Ahh, this is Y/N Y/L/N. She is not from around here, but it seems like she cannot leave.” You frowned at his passive-aggressive behavior. Again, you had to remind yourself that this was not him.

Erin greeted you, curtsied once. You did nothing, staring at her. She smirked at your lack of common courtesy. “Hmm, Y/N. You are a very interesting woman.”

“That’s what everyone seems to say these days.” You replied.

“Would you like to talk? The men here seem like they have something to discuss.” You glanced at the four of them, and they all looked at you. Herc seemed the most worried, shaking his head at the suggestion. You gave him a sympathetic look, turning back to Erin.

“Sure.” You replied, and walked away with her. You could hear the four of them arguing as you walked away with Erin. It was quiet for a little, until you finally spoke up. “Why the hell did you do this? Why would you bring me back in time? What is going on and why shouldn’t I just punch you right now?” You hissed, following her to the refreshments table. She offered you a drink, buy you refused. You did not need more curses in your life.

“Y/N, I only did this because you did the same to me.”

“You keep on saying that, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She laughed, sitting at a table nearby, you sat across from her, waiting for her to say something, anything. Instead, she just sipped on her drink. “Come on now, Erin! Say something!”

“You cannot force me to say anything, Y/N. Remember the one who is in control here.” She said, an edge to her voice. “Besides, Hamilton seems to have taken a liking to me. It’s entertaining to see him hate the love of his life.” She giggled, placing her drink to the side.

What was she talking about?

“You see, Y/N, we have gone through this, multiple times. You and I like Alexander, there’s some sort of love square instead of a triangle, and he always picks you. Every. Single. Time.” She held on to her glass tightly, and you noticed cracks appearing.

“You’re not making any sense, what are you even saying?”

She shrugged, looking over at Hamilton. The boys were talking casually now, glancing at the two of you ever so often. You saw Mulligan looking at you, concern in his eyes. You smiled, not wanting him to worry.

“I don’t even know anymore. It’s tiresome that I am the only one who remembers everything. Why can’t you just wake up in another life, knowing that you are going to meet me soon enough? And that you’re going to take Alexander from me again.” She sighed, stirring her drink with her finger.

“Are you talking about reincarnation?” You asked, and she nodded.


“For fucks sake, Erin, just-“ She stopped stirring, looking up at you. There was an evil gleam in her eyes, so you decided to rephrase your words. “Erin, we were best friends. Can you just tell me what’s going on?”

“You see, you and I were friends in Athens,” you widened your eyes, “Yes, stop staring at me like that, it is in fact Ancient Greece. Can I continue?” You nodded.

“We were servants, maids of some man who I care not to talk about now. We grew to be friends, agreeing that we should escape from the job. It was not easy, you, see, we were to pleasure the man. He had a wife, of course, but sometimes he wanted to mix it up a little.” You saw the fear in Erin’s eyes, and you grew sympathetic towards her. “We ran out, one day, and stumbled across a group of men. I knew you were terrified, since it was my idea to run away in the first place. They noticed that we were dirty and barely had on any clothing, so they brought us to their home.”

“Long story short, they were the boys; Lafayette, Mulligan, Hamilton and Laurens. Although that wasn’t their names back then. I liked Alexander, and you knew, so you avoided him. He was a flirt, but he seemed to gravitate towards you, always talking about how amazing Y/N was. It was frustrating, and I appreciated how you ignored his advances. Mulligan liked you, though, and you never noticed, taking his flirts as just kindness. It was really sad seeing him like you and you not like him. Eventually, though, he asked for you to be his bride. You agreed.”

“Why would I agree to marrying someone I wasn’t in love with?”

“That’s how it was back then, Y/N. You were glad to be with a man of his stature. Hamilton was furious, but of course he didn’t tell his friend that.”

“It was horrible. Alexander ignored me the whole time, and if he did talk, he would ask about you. He crashed the wedding, by the way. Drama and more drama, and by the end, it was the two of you who were married. It’s funny, how things ended. I wanted to be with him, I deserved to be with him. I talked to a local priestess and she convinced me to learn magic. I thought I put on a curse to separate the two of you. I didn’t think this would happen, I didn’t know we would be stuck in this loop. I was being a stupid girl, in love with a man who would never love me. I still love him,” She said, now playing with her fingers, “All of us. The boys, me and you, we’ll be stuck in this loop forever, until you figure out how to break it.”

You were quiet, absorbing all the information. Alexander and you, you were supposed to be together, you were meant to be together. You looked at the table of friends, smiling at the laughing Hamilton. He looked towards you, and his smile dropped, he looked away. You looked back at Erin.

“Why did you make him hate me? You were never a bad friend to me. But you made him hate even looking at me. Why did you even send me here?” You were indeed hurt. She made this whole curse happen, and now, she made the one person who would make this bearable despise you. She was not as much of a villain that you made her out to be, but she still made this happen.

Erin sighed. “I did it because I hated just standing in the background the whole time. You don’t know how it feels to see the one you love, love someone else. I wanted you to see him hate you, Y/N. I needed to see you hate him too.”

“You do realize that I don’t love him, right?” You said, and she laughed, rolling her eyes.

“Right. You don’t, but you will. If you haven’t already been lying to yourself. I’ve seen this dozens of times, Y/N, trust me.”

She was frustrating. It hurt for Hamilton to hate you without any reason, but you only liked him. You took another look at him, noticing that your friends were gone. You stood up quickly, looking around frantically. Then you noticed something.

Everyone was gone. You looked back at Erin, and she smiled, putting her legs on a chair next to her.

“What are you doing-”

“I don’t need anyone overhearing our conversations. Especially those friends of yours,” She scoffed, “but then again, they were mine too, on multiple occasions.” She nodded her head to herself, pursing her lips.

“Why did you send me here?” You asked, and she laughed.

“Actually, you did that to yourself.”


“Remember when I told you about the musical?” You nodded, and she continued, “Well, you were researching about Alexander Hamilton, you clicked on some link. I have no idea how that sent you back here, but it did. And it sent me as well.”

“If we’re reincarnated, then what happened to us? Our selves in this time?”

“Well, your name was Margarita Schuyler van Rensselaer, the sister of Hamilton’s future wife. You died in this timeline early, and you weren’t supposed to, by the way. Since you died, I ended up dying as well. My name was, hmm, it doesn’t really matter. I’m not important.” You heard the tang of sadness in her voice. “This is probably why Alexander dies early as well.”

“He dies?” Your heart dropped. She raised her eyebrows.

“Wow, you really are an uncultured swine. You were much more interesting in London, by the way. Being a spy and all,” You raised your eyebrows, “Did you not listen to the soundtrack? Aaron Burr shot Hamilton? His friend turned enemy? Wow, you really don’t know.” You thought of Alexander being killed, and your felt your heart jump.

It’s funny, you did not love the man, and it’s already hurting because of him. You tried not to worry about it.

Emphasis on tried.

“How do I get the curse taken off Hamilton?” You asked her, and she smiled. You were thinking that this woman was more like infatuated with Hamilton instead of being in love with him. Talking about someone you love dying is not an easy subject, and no one would want the person they loved to be manipulated like this.

“I knew I was forgetting something! You must fall in love with him, or, the other way around. Either way, it does not really matter. It will work, you just have to make him like you. The curse will wear off each time you play one of his heartstrings, until it completely goes away. ” She glanced at the nonexistent watch on her wrist. “Oh, look at the time! Have fun, Y/N! I’ll see you on the other side!" 

“Wait, Erin, how do I get back-”

She snapped her fingers, and you blinked.

The music was no longer playing, and the place was completely empty. Erin was gone, and you were sitting alone at the table. You felt a hand on your shoulder, and turned to see Lafayette standing there. He smiled down at you.

Mon ami, are you alright?“ You nodded. "We were looking for you, the witch that calls herself Erin and yourself were gone. It is, how you say, worrisome. Mulligan is outside, and Laurens is checking the room with water bowls.”

“The restroom, Lafayette?”

“Ahh, yes, mon ami. I apologize for my English.” He said, blushing. He took his arm off your shoulder, and you stood up. “Hamilton is looking as well, Y/N. He seemed very nervous.” You bit your lip.

Hamilton was nervous? Why was he nervous? Shouldn’t he hate you?

“Thanks for telling me.” He nodded, smiling at you once. The two of you decided to wait for them to come back to the room instead of chasing after them. Hamilton was the first to come in, and you saw relief in his eyes. That emotion quickly turned to annoyance, and he bothered you on his much chaos you caused. Laurens came after, a smile almost breaking his freckled cheeks. He touched you hand, squeezing it.

Mulligan came in last, desperation on his face. His eyes met yours, and he walked over to you quickly. You were surprised that he pulled you in his arms, hugging you tightly. You haven’t had the comfort of a hug in a while, so it was refreshing, you wrapping your arms around him. You heard someone clear their throat, and Mulligan let go, smiling down at you. “I’m glad you are safe.” He said, a small blush on his cheeks.

“Thank you. Thank you all for looking out for me. But I need to speak to Hamilton.” They all looked at Hamilton, and he had the most shocked look on his face. They waited for you to continue, and you looked at them expectantly. “Alone.” Lafayette and Laurens nodded, walking away. Mulligan stayed behind, refusing to move from his spot. “Herc…”

“Is this about the curse? Shouldn’t we all listen?” You rubbed your head. You were going to tell them, but you needed to speak to Alexander first. He was the one most involved in it.

“Yes, and I’ll tell you, but just give me a few minutes.”


“Go, Mulligan.” You replied sternly, and he was taken aback by your change of tone. He turned around and walked away, closing the door behind him. You turned to Hamilton, and his mouth was in a line, showing no emotions. He stood tall, his arms behind his back. His stance was very unwelcoming, but you could deal with it for now. You sat at a nearby table, gesturing for him to sit as well. He hesitated, but sat, saying nothing.

You began explaining the whole situation to him, and he was unpredictably calm, at least until you got to the part about how you needed to break the curse. He snickered, leaning back in the chair. “I do not even like you, how would I fall in love with you? The way of ridding of this curse makes no sense. There is no slither of hope.”

“I know, trust me, I know.” You did not want to argue with him, it was too exasperating. Instead, you touched his hand. He flinched, moving away quickly.

“Do not touch me.” He stated, and you nodded.

“Fine, Hamilton. I’m just stunned that you fear a woman’s touch.” 

He sneered, and before he could reply with a snide remark, you stood up, opening the door for the three musketeers to come in. “You can come in now.” The three of them walked through the door, nervous.

You told them the predicament as well, and they all nodded. Hercules was the most distraught though, you could see it written on his face. Since your impromptu visit here, you noticed that he rarely showed how he felt. But the veins swelling on his hands and the tightening of his jaw showed you that he did not like this one bit. “So, you and Hamilton are meant to be together, no matter what may happen?” You nodded, and Hamilton laughed behind you.

“I know, it’s quite preposterous. Can you imagine Y/N and I together? That will be the day.” You rolled your eyes at him, and Mulligan could not help but notice the interaction between the two of you.

You and Hamilton did not realize it yet, but there was no more tension in the room. Hamilton still disliked Y/N, but not as much as before. He could stand next to you without frowning in distaste. And you were smiling. Mulligan saw the potential when the two of your first met, and he could still see it now. He hoped that you would come to like him instead, but you told him you could not. And now he knew why.

“Mulligan? Are you ready to go?” Laurens asked, touching his friend’s shoulder. Mulligan nodded, giving him a tight smile.

He knew that he would get the short end of the stick. It always seemed to end that way.

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◠ the tulip dress ◡

Originally posted by visual-17

a/n: thank u bun!! this is such an ancient request asxnajis imma try to get better at writing them pls pray for me. also when will svt do an angsty concept its so hard finding gifs tht fit;;

» word count: 1,264

» includes: angst + minor drinking + minor fluff

The sole thing Soonyoung could remember from that day was screaming. Well, it was the most apparent thing he could remember, the thing most precedent in his mind as he sat slouched over his drink at the bar. There were little things he could remember too, like how tight his fists were clenched when you slapped the vase of flowers off the dinner table, leaving faded yellow tulips to solemnly decorate the floorboards.

Soonyoung still felt his lips tingle with the curses he spat. The words were ringed with such venom and potent misery that clear droplets began spilling from your eyes, rolling to your chin so they could glisten for just one more second before falling. You were screaming at each other from opposite sides of the dinner table, faces leaning in closer and closer until you both hissed the fatal bullet, let’s break up.

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Request game :: Wonho + Intimate (with a little angst if you can) 

Note: This was so hard to write because Wonho is so sweet and he’s really not in this. Please note that this drabble includes sexual content and swearing. Read at your own risks!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Originally posted by garisanee

Your body felt so worn, but it was not, and you gasps were still sounding between Wonho’s lowly moans and cursing as his hip movements became loose and lazy, but still gave you a head spinning pleasure, your hips meeting his halfway even though you were seeing stars and your body felt ready to collapse.

He stopped, his face falling into the crook of your neck as he lay comfortably in your embrace; intertwined. He brushed his lips against your shoulder, pressing a light kiss. He’s not much of a talker after having intimate time. In fact, he’s not much of a talker altogether; in some respects.

It hadn’t always been like this, and to be honest, you can barely remember how it came up. But you do remember the agreement before it started; the typical ‘no strings or feelings.’ You knew it was a bad idea from the beginning, with your growing, vulnerable heart, but you were stupid enough to fall into his game, and it was fated to end in tears and hurt from the moment it started.

He shifted his body, moving off you and taking to his feet. You sat up, rubbing your sleepy eyes as he reached for his clothes. “You’re leaving?”

He turned back, looking somewhat taken aback from your question. “Yes? Is that a problem?”

You swallowed, looking away from his eyes. “No.”

Is this what your life had come to now? You felt tearful, why had you been so stupid to trade his smiles and friendship for something that caused you so much pain and want. You wished you could run to him, pull him in by the locks of his air and kiss him until his lips turn pink, then blue.

“You’ve been acting weird lately,” he observed, pulling on his boxers, “You seem like… I don’t know, you don’t tell me anything anymore. You know we’re still best friends right? The sex doesn’t change anything.”

The sex changes everything.

“I know, that’s what we agreed, right?” You felt worse saying it aloud. It brought reality to your brain; and that’s the last thing that you want.

“Right,” he nodded, “Except, I know something’s still wrong. I also overheard Kihyun and Changkyun talking. Kihyun is under the impression you like someone. Is this making it awkward for you? I won’t be annoyed if you want something more serious with someone.”

Your heart dropped to the floor. There was no trace of regret or sadness, he was so quick to let you go; so easy to dismiss like you were nothing at all. How was it that you were holding on for dear life, yet he finds to so easy to push you over the edge and let you fall.

“Kihyun’s an idiot, and Changkyun’s even more so.” You state, finally pulling your clothes onto your body. You feel agitated now, and sad, and you feel like screaming.

“You didn’t answer my question.. Well, statement. Is this what you want, or do you want something else.”

Something snapped inside of you. You closed your eyes, trying to concentrate on breathing as you pull your skirt over your waist. “I want something else Wonho, but I can’t have it, so I settle for what I can get. Does that answer your statement?”

Wonho stared at you for a long moment, and for a split second, you thought he was going to fire something back. Instead, he shook his head and muttered “unbelievable.”

“What do you mean, unbelievable?”

“For fucks sake, {y/n} you’re being ridiculous! I should have known this would happen.” He hissed at you, and it seemed to rid of your anger and replace with sadness. Did he really not care at all how you felt? Did he not see how much he was torturing you already without the harsh words.

He must have sensed your upset, because he sighed, placing his hands on his hips and let his head drop. He stayed like that, his hair hanging over his eyes. You couldn’t do anything but watch. Even in this moment, your heart thudded for him. You hated it. You wanted to hate him. You couldn’t.

“We promised we’d end this if one of us started getting feelings for the other.” Wonho looked up, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I’m selfish.” You told him, “If I couldn’t have you, then I didn’t want anyone else to either.”

He sighed again, clearly in conflict with himself. “It needs to end. You need to move on and get over me before you fall too deep.”

“Can’t you see that I already have?” You asked him, your eyes watering now. You were finally seeing the regret in his eyes.

Like the blade of a knife, his words had cut you. He didn’t reply, but he reached for his bag, and wordlessly turned towards your bedroom door.

“If you leave right now, everything will be ruined.” You shakily tell him.

He turned back. “It already is.”

And then he was gone.

Let Me Know

Pairing: Yoongi/Suga x Reader

Genre: Angst, Sad but keep reading it gets better

Summary: When you and your idol boyfriend, Yoongi, know the relationship doesn’t work as it used to be, but you can’t let each other go.

Warning: Language

Keep in mind: English is not my first language so if you see grammar mistakes and things like that feel free to let me know. Also, EVERYONE THIS IS MY FIRST SCENARIO!! Let me know if you like it or not! I really want to keep writing so requests are open and welcome. 

Another keep in mind: I used some BTS lyrics in sentences and add”*” sign to them. If you want to know what’s the song you can just read it in the very ending. It just felt right with the meanings of those lyrics. They were actually the inspiration behind the story. 

Word count: 3.532

Originally posted by sugaglos

You were exhausted. You were really tired as fuck. Not just because of your damn work at the beauty company but because of your damn life. It’s been seven days, you thought. Seven days since your loving boyfriend of yours were in the home. Home. You laughed how the way this word sounded in your head. Can you describe this cold, lonely place home if you can’t share it with the man you love with all your heart?

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sick days

pairing: polyhamilsquad x reader

You had just gotten out of your last class at Colombia. You couldn’t stop coughing and your head was spinning. Clumsily, you reached for your phone in your pocket. You tiredly scrolled through your contacts and finally landed on one.The only boy you knew that would be home would be Lafayette so you called his phone and headed out towards the front of the college.

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Defence Against the Dark Arts (Reader x Sirius Black)

Fandom: Harry Potter, Marauders Era

Pairing: Reader x Sirius black

Request: Remus and Sirius’ wife (who is also a marauder, like a fox or something) they both take on the role of Defense Against The Dark Arts professor, could you in the shrieking shack scene and have Sirius and Y/N reunite and Harry finds out that it wasn’t Sirius who betrayed his parents and that Sirius and Y/N are his god parents. I’m so sorry I know this is really confusing, I can see it in my head but I’m having a hard time explaining it ❤

Warnings: None just Angst

Word Count: 1k

After Hogwarts had gone through a few too many defense against the darks art teachers they decided this year to split the job between two teachers, dividing the curriculum and not that they admitted it, but having a backup in case one died, not that that would ever happen…

When you accepted the position you didn’t even know who your job was split with but when you walked into the classroom and saw Remus you couldn’t help but run up and hug him, he was slightly shocked until he realized who you were and hugged you back tightly.

You knew Remus from when you went to Hogwarts, and afterwards. You were married to Sirius, well you still are technically but since everything happened with the war and Sirius going to Azkaban you shut yourself out from everyone including Remus. You were so mad at yourself because you knew he needed you, especially during the full moons.

You were basically a marauder, you were always with the boys, you helped them with pranks and you helped them during the full moon too, it does help to have another Animagi to help and Sirius never let you get too badly hurt.

You hadn’t talked to Sirius since the morning he left, you wanted to hate him for what he did but you still couldn’t believe he actually was guilty, not your Sirius.

Remus pulled away from the hug “I guess we are the new defense against the dark arts teachers, I’m so glad to be paired with you.” You laughed and placed your books down on the desk “what Remus, you don’t want to be paired with Snape?” Remus just glared at you “There is the sense of humor I missed so much”

You stopped organizing your books “Remus I’m sorry it’s been so long, I just-” he interrupted you, “it’s okay Y/N I understand, we both have been through hell and back, but you do know who one of our students are right?” you looked at Remus with a questioning expression on your face “Remus what are you talking about?”

Remus walked towards you and starting fumbling with some of his things on your shared desk “Your god son, Harry Potter” You froze, you hated yourself for shutting everyone out and when Lily and James died, you being Harry’s other god parent you should have taken him in and raised him but you couldn’t, he reminded you too much of your dead friends and the fact that Sirius was the reason for their deaths, you went a little crazy for a while, you convinced yourself you weren’t fit to take care of the child anyways.

Remus noticed you were conflicted so he changed the topic and you discussed how to divide the work and classes, some were taught by the both of you at once, some topics were divided and you would take the class full on around the full moon for Remus.

The year went on like this and it was nice to be there for Remus during the full moons as Remus also comforted you knowing Sirius had escaped, but he hadn’t tried to see you at all.

You were sitting in the classroom near the end of class when you over heard some students talking about “the dangerous Sirius Black” and how terrible he was, you couldn’t help but get a bit upset and Remus could tell “Y/N? you still love him don’t you?” he asked this in a comforting tone, no hint of anger or judgment, you just looked over to him and nodded “and I hate myself for it” Remus put his hand over yours and sighed “as much as I hate him too, I have to admit I do miss him”.

Class went on like this until the night Remus made you come with him to the shrieking shack, the night everything went down with Sirius and Remus. When you saw Sirius you were filled with joy, until all the thoughts came rushing into your mind and you raised your wand along with Remus deciding you trusted him over everyone, you didn’t interrupt and stayed close to Remus, you tried not to get too involved.

You weren’t really that present once you found out Sirius was innocent and Peter was the one who actually killed your friends and betrayed all of you. You stared at Sirius wanting nothing more than to run up to him and hug him.

When everyone had gotten outside, you stayed back and let Sirius and Harry talk until you butted in trying not to ruin the moment, you awkwardly stepped towards them, “and of course they made lovely professor Y/N your god mother too” he said motioning towards you and harry looked at you questioningly, you had asked Remus not to tell harry about that part. Sirius spoke again “If you wanted we could all live together, that is if my beautiful wife hasn’t moved on yet” you smiled “never”.

The pleasant moment was interrupted when Hermione had noticed the full moon and the fact that Remus was right behind you about to change, you ran to him with Sirius pleading at your friend to remember who he was, but there was no stopping him. You changed into your animagi form which was a fox, you didn’t know if you could take Remus alone and you hoped Sirius would come to and help you after being pushed down by Remus. You were relieved when he finally did and focused on protecting the kids behind you while Sirius tried to get Remus away.

Later that night you finally got to see Sirius and hold him, something you hadn’t been able to do in twelve years, through the millions of “I love you’s” and telling him all about teaching with Remus you were so happy to have him back, completely unknowing that he would be taken away yet again.

Enemies Pt. 3 (Jungkook smut)

Words: 2357

Slight appearance of Jimin.

Reader x jungkook 

Part 1 | Part 2

A/N: I know I said I’d post it tomorrow but I finished it before. Thank you for +700 followers!

 Stupid! You thought. How could you have let that happen once again? How could you let Jungkook mess up with your head once again? Damn it.
You avoided Jungkook the way you could that week. You didn’t look at him, you didn’t walk on the same road he walked, and you didn’t even want to hear your friends talking about him. Despite the fact you were in the same class, you did everything you could to pretend he wasn’t there. And he noticed that. You had to let that go. You couldn’t keep doing that because you were starting to forget your hatred, which means that all that was left was your liking. You couldn’t like him. If he knew about it, he would certainly ruin your life. Why did all this happen at all? Why he decided to fuck with you? Just because you slapped his cheek? No way. He wouldn’t have tried to fuck you once again or even made that promise: “I’m gonna fuck this pretty little pussy of yours once more”


“Wait, what? You and Jungkook? Asshole Jungkook, the one you hate?” Your friend asked you, shocked. You understood her. She was your best friend and she knew your feelings about Jungkook. And there you were, telling her what you and he had done.
“Yes. This Jungkook” you said. She stared at you, not saying a word, “and the worst…I don’t feel like I hate him anymore” Did I just say that?
“I knew it. Where there is hatred, there is love” she said.
“That’s not correct” you tried to change the subject. Yeah, she always said you liked him but you couldn’t admit it to yourself because it was just half-truth. 
“I don’t wanna it for me. I don’t wanna like him. I just want him to leave me alone because he’s starting to mess with my mind” You said seriously.
“Calm down. Let me think” she said and stopped talking for a while. “The prom is coming. You used to have a crush on Jimin, didn’t you? So, invite him. I heard he still does not have a pair” she said. No way. Park Jimin? He was not a crush; he was just a pretty guy who you wouldn’t mind to fuck with. “Why not? The worst thing that can happen is him saying no. If you hang around with him you might forget about Jungkook” she said.
“I’m gonna think about it” You said.

There he was. Park Jimin. Leaning against his locker and talking to his friend. You decided to invite him. You were just waiting for his friend to get out. You hadn’t seen Jungkook yet, but the class hadn’t even started, so it was a matter of time. 
You walked towards Jimin when his friend got out and said hi. 
“Oh, hi, Y/N right?” he asked, smiling at you. 
“Yes” you smiled back. “Well, I’ll be direct with you. I don’t have a match to go to the prom with me and I heard you don’t either. So I was wondering-” You started saying but were cut off when you saw Jungkook standing in the end of the hall, surrounded by some friends, his eyes meeting yours the moment you looked at him. His eyes widened with the sight of you and Jimin and furrowed his eyebrows.
“Y/N? Are you okay?” Jimin asked, his voice distracting you from Jungkook. 
“Yeah, sorry. Hm, I was wondering if…Hm…Would you like to go to the prom with me?” you asked him, blushing. “I mean, we can know each other better and stuff”
“Yeah, that sounds fun” he said, “So, do you want me to pick you up?”

“Hm, yeah it would be great! I’ll tell you my address later” you said.

“Ok. See you later”. You laughed at him, saying ‘ok’ before he turning around and leaving. Shit, your heart almost stopped. He said yes. You leaned against the lockers, dreaming for a sec when suddenly you felt hands grabbing your arms. 
“Why are you avoiding me, baby girl?” There he was, the guy you were trying to avoid for so long “I still want to keep that promise” he said, leaning in. 
His touch sent you shivers, but you could not let that keep going. You pushed him away, using all your self-control.
“Jungkook, leave me alone. Fuck, can’t you just forget about my existence? That is not gonna happen again. Don’t talk to me anymore. Don’t tease me anymore, I’m serious” you said, anger noticeably in your voice. You hated the way he was making you feel. You hated how he made you want him once more. You hated him! He raised his eyebrows at your answer.

“What were you talking about with Jimin?” he asked. Why was he asking you that?

 “Not your business. Now fuck off, I’ve class, and so do you” you stated. He smirked at you cynically and breathed in.

 You started walking away when he pulled you back to him, pressing you against the locker, people around looking at both of you.

“Jungkook stop it!” you told him.

 “I made you a question. I want an answer” he said, looking into your eyes.

 What harm could it make to tell him? There was nothing he could do, probably he wouldn’t even care.

 “I invited him to the prom. We are going together” you said and his gaze widened immediately. He didn’t say anything; his grip on your arm was tightening as the seconds flew. “Y-you should do the same. Go find some slut to go with you and maybe you can fuck her around, like you always do. And like you’ve been tried to do to me. I’m not a whore, Jungkook. Leave me alone, I’m tired of your jokes.” you said and went away. You turned around to look at him one last time before entering into the classroom, only to see a standing still and speechless Jungkook.

  You woke up, the ringing of your cell phone filling the silence of your room. You looked at the clock. 02:49 a.m. Who the fuck could be calling you at that time? You grabbed your cell phone, the light blinding you momentarily. Unknown number.

Fuck it, if it was someone I cared about, I would have the number saved.

 You rejected the call and closed your eyes again, trying to go back to sleep. You were almost sleeping again when your phone started ringing again, making you jump. Unknown number. What the fuck? It better be something really important.

“Hello?” you asked harshly.

“Y/N…?” The other voice asked. It was sounding so…lost. Maybe the person was drunk or something. Who was it? It was a man, and he knew you.

 “Who the fuck is it? Why are you calling me? I’m trying to sleep here!” you screamed. The other voice laughed, and your heart stopped beating. You would know that stupid laughing in any place. Jungkook.

“J-Jungkook?” you asked, unbeliever.

“Ding ding! That is me, baby girl” he said. It became more apparent that he was drunk as he spoke. That explained why he was calling, but didn’t explain why he was calling you. You were speechless; he had never called you before. How did he even have your number?

 “Ah, baby girl, I’m fucking mad. I’m gonna fuck you senseless when I see you, I’ll punish you for what you did” he said, voice sounding pathetic. What had you done? You didn’t do anything, what the fuck was he talking about?

“Jungkook, I’ll hang up. Leave me alone you drunk asshole!” you said and hang up. He didn’t try to call you again. You tried to sleep, but couldn’t. What had you done to him? Why did he call you?

 The days were passing and Jungkook hadn’t talked to you anymore. He didn’t go talk to you about why he called you. He didn’t tell you what you’ve done, but honestly, you didn’t wanna know. Somehow, you were getting to avoid him and that was all you wanted. That shit to end up. No more fingering, no more fucking. That had finally gone.  You usually talked with Jimin, getting to know him better.

 It was the prom day and you were freaking out. Your friend had gone with you to a store, to help you buying a new dress. It was black, lacy, short but not enough to say “I’m a slut”. You had tidied your hair, letting it fall freely on your shoulders. You had to admit, you were amazing.  

 Ding dong. The bell rang. Jimin. Fuck fuck fuck. You looked yourself at the mirror one last time and opened the door for him. He was absolutely gorgeous. You felt the needing to kiss him there, but controlled yourself. Somehow.

 “Let’s go, milady?” he asked playfully. You smiled at him and grabbed the hand he was offering you. There was a limousine there. You lost your breath.

 “Oh my God, Jimin, this was not necessary” you whispered, eyes widening.

 “This is nothing. I want this night to be perfect for both of us” he said. Ah, Jimin, always so well. The road there was awesome; he didn’t let the talking die. But at a certain moment, you stopped hearing what he was saying at the thought about last night. Why Jungkook called you?

   Wow, the students really had decorated the place. There was even a light globe. The sound was loud and there were a lot of people already dancing. You greeted your friends and Jimin’s. It was going perfectly well. And then, you saw him. Jungkook, at the dance floor. With some other girl. He was grinding his hips against her. She obviously wanted something else to happen. And for sure he would give it to her later. You rolled your eyes at the sight, focusing on your partner. A couple minutes later, he asked you to dance. You happily agreed, because fuck you loved to dance.

 You started moving, shyly at first, but his hands started touching your hips, pulling you against him.

 “Relax, Y/N, just feel the beat” he whispered into your ear. Shit. He turned you so your back was against his chest. You started rubbing yourself against him, your head resting on his shoulder. You felt yourself getting hot, your warm bodies fitting perfectly against each other. You grabbed the back of his neck, trying to get more of him. You could feel his lips brushing ghostly against your neck and then, he kissed you. You stopped moving immediately. He pulled away and turned you to face him. He leaned in and whispered,

“I’m sorry’. But you were not. You pulled him for one more kiss, he answered it immediately. His hands started lowering, squeezing your ass harshly. His touch was feeling so good you didn’t even think about the people around. You felt his erection against your stomach and gasped. He smirked at your reaction. You pulled away to take a breath and your gaze found Jungkook’s. He was still on the dance floor, dancing with the girl but his look was totally at you. Why is he looking at me? Had he seen you and Jimin?

 “Hey, is there any problem? You got serious suddenly” Jimin whispered on your ear.

 “I’m fine, I just need to use the bathroom” you said and he nodded. You pecked his lips and turned around to go to the bathroom, your body completely sweated. Of course, the hallway was completely empty since everybody was at the gymnasium. God, Jimin felt so good. You entered there and washed your face, fixing your hair and your make up. You left the room and walked back towards the party, but froze as you saw Jungkook coming towards you from the opposite side.

 He grabbed your arms and pushed you roughly against the wall, making you groan a little. You had seen that before. You wouldn’t let that happen again.

 “No! Not again!” you started saying “Do not touch me! You’re not doing anything to me, Jeon Jungkook! I’m with Jimin right now and he is waiting for me, so please let me go” you yelled at him already angry, “Go back to that girl you were grind-“

 “Shut the fuck up! Why are you with him?” he asked, cutting you. The question made your head spin. What?

  “Because I invited him, I already told you that” you said in confusion. “Why did you call me?” you asked and you noticed he tensed up.

 “I was drunk” He said.

“This is obvious” you rolled your eyes.

 He didn’t say anything for a little longer, just staring at you.

 “I was in pain” he whispered.

You furrowed your eyebrows to him. Ok and what does this have to do with me?

 “I didn’t like to know that you were coming with Jimin, Y/N. I didn’t like to see him kissing you that way, feeling your body the way I did.”

 That moment the world stopped. If he didn’t like, it meant he cared. He cared about you. No, this can’t be serious. You waited for him to say that he was joking as always, but he didn’t.

 “Oh yeah? I don’t care. And you don’t either. Why are you doing this to me?” you said and started feeling tears coming up. You were so tired. You had always ignored him, but that was getting impossible. You were starting to feel really pained. “Why? Please let me go, that was just a mistake, sorry I slapped your cheek, but please, stop messing up my mind” you said, holding back the tears the best way you could. Why couldn’t he just let you go back to Jimin?

 “I’m not messing up with you. I’m not kidding, damn it, I actually didn’t like that” he whispered.

 ’Well, there’s nothing I can do about it, Jungkook. I’m not yours” you said and tried to break free from him.

 He pulled you back, holding your hands against his chest as he pressed his body against yours and looked into your eyes.

 “Would you want to be?” he asked.


Hate That I Love You

Anon:  use this request to post some scenario that you’re dying to write!

A/N: thanks! even though i do this all the time anyways thanks for the ask! <3 This is pretty depressing not gonna lie so read if you like angst!

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Loyalty. Something everyone says they cherish. People live by it and never hesitate to label themselves as someone owning such a trait. It’s easy to believe they do. But of course, people lie whither they know it or not.

Everything started out blissfully. Life had so quickly become brighter and happier. All because of one person. You hadn’t been looking for anyone but still, he appeared. He was a friend of a friend but before you knew it you were each other’s obsession. You quickly became familiar with late night texts, adventures around the city, kisses that made your heart flutter, and days spent inside doing anything to spend time together. It was never boring and the first “I love you” was nothing but perfect.

Remembering the day you moved in together, you never missed that old apartment you used to live in. Wherever Jimin was, home was. It wasn’t long before the two of you had real fights but you always made up. You never felt as if one of you wavered no matter how loud the shouting got. Having more positive moments than negative made all the difference. Of course, the two of you had your work lives separate but it was good.

Everyone was jealous of what you had together. They all grumbled about how disgustingly cute the both of you were. It made you smile, you weren’t going to lie. No one is ever upset to have something that others wish they had.

There was always something though. If something felt or seemed perfect, there was always something hiding beneath the surface.

You knew nothing about this something. There was no way you would know since it was deliberately hidden. From you especially.

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I Won’t Hurt (3 - M)

yoongi (& taehyung), 8.2k, yoongi us a rich kid and only knows about getting his own way 

warning: smut, mentions of death and murder, mention of drugs, mention of family problems, adultery 

one | two | three | tbc

“You! Lying to me again and again! I always fall for it so it’s my fault, but I won’t let you do it any longer! I know why you’re here, it’s so obvious that I want to send myself to prison for being stupid enough to believe your sob story about how you’re going to change for me!”

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Glass of Hearts ~ Pete Dunne Imagine

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The phone rings and you glance at it debating weather to answer it or not. He has been calling you nonstop since the last time he saw you. You didn’t expect anything less from him. After all he didn’t care about relationship or feelings. It was tough being his friend and being in love with him. He doesn’t know how to tell you how he feels. He’s never felt like this before. He only knows how to show with action.

But you don’t want anything to do with him. You wanted to hate him for how he makes you feel. You wanted to forget him. But it wasn’t as easy at is sounds. He was a heartbreaker. 

Pete Dunne.

The way his name rolled off your tongue felt like a bad taste in your mouth. God, you wanted nothing more but to yell at him and express how much you cared about him. Instead you ran at the sight of him. Terrified of what he was going to say. 

Staring at the phone filled with messages and texts from him. There was about 30 of each. He was trying to reach you and trying his hardest not to loose you. But he already has. Your sitting here with your legs crossed on the bed, phone in front of you and your tears falling down your cheeks. 

You had enough of this pain and heartbreak. He didn’t need you. Your phone rings again. This time it’s not him. It’s Tyler. Wiping your tears, you pick up your phone answering.

“ Hello?” you sniff as you greeted him. 

“ Y/N? Are yeh okay? Where are yeh?” He asks, worry behind his voice. 

“ At the hotel. I’m fine” you answer. 

“ Doesn’t seem like yeh are. ‘m comin’ t’ see yeh” He hangs up the phone.You sniff, wiping your tears from your eyes but once again they run down your cheeks like a waterfall. It hurts.

Thirty minutes later, you are still sitting in the same place with tears running down your cheeks but this time your looking through the pictures on your phone of you and Pete. 

A knock on the door interrupts what you were doing. Wiping your nose and eyes as you slide off your bed heading to the door. Turning the knob you throw it open to reveal Tyler and Trent standing there with worry and sadness in their eyes. The two frown seeing the tears and your red nose as they embrace you together in a sandwich hug. 

Trent’s hand is on your back as he rubs it up and down and kisses on top your head while Tyler as a hand wrapped around your waist rubbing circles on your hips and has he places a kiss on your wet tear cheek. 

Your shoulder shake as you cry between them letting everything out. They have never seen you cry before and it hurts them to see you like this. They already yelled at Pete for being an asshole. 

Pete was left in shock and struggling to find what to say but he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t understand how you could love someone like him. But you did, you loved all of him with his temper and his aggressiveness. All of it.

“ Shhh luv, it’s goin’ t’ be okay” Trent whispers to you trying to calm you down. But you can’t help it but cry more. Was it really going to be okay? Are you going to move on from this? 

You pulled away from them, wiping your eyes once more before giving them what looked like a I’m okay smile. 

“ Maybe yeh should get some rest luv, a nap should make yeh feel better” 

You sighed but agreed.

When you woke up from your nap, the boys were no where near in sight but an arm held you tight to a chest. You freeze looking down at the hand, slowly turning around to look into the man that broke your heart eyes. What was he doing here? Why did they let him in? 

He had already been looking at you when you turned around in his arms. 

“ Hi” he said retreating his arm and instead putting a hand on your cheek. As if his touch was fire, you pulled back not wanting him to touch you. He frowned before sitting up on the bed looking at his lap.

“ ‘m sorry for hurtin’ yeh Y/N. I didn’t know tha’ yeh loved me. I didn’ know what t’ say” 

“ I could care less anymore” you lied. He turned his head glancing down at you as you sat up in bed running a hand through your messy hair getting the knots out. Your back was turned to him, right now you didn’t want to see him or hear him. 

“ That’s a lie luv and yeh know it” you scoffed continue getting the knots out. He moved on the bed moving so he was behind you wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you flush to his chest. He leaned down whispering in your war, “ I didn’t know how t’ feel until I met yeh. I mean yeh made me feel somethin’ I never felt before. Luv. It took me t’ realize when yeh left for me t’ see I need yeh in my life. I want yeh in my life” 

“ Tough shit” you muttered pulling away from his embrace as you stood up. 

“ What do I have t’ do to make things right?” He ask slipping off the bed as he made his way around you so he could face you. 

“ Nothing. Not anymore. I’m done with you and your bullshit” you spatted at him pushing at his chest as you slipped on your shoes and grabbed your jacket.

“ Yeh don’t mean tha’ “ he mutters, sadness behind his voice. 

“ I do. I don’t care what you do anymore. Go find someone who can swallow your bullshit Pete” 

“ Yeh luv me!” He yells pointing to his chest.

“ I wish I didn’t” you say as you walk out the door. 

Rewriting the Past - four

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Pairing: ReaderxBaekhyun

Word count: 2.2k

Summary: Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. Now, you’re twenty-six years old and still reeling from the relationship when suddenly, Baekhyun shows up on your doorstep.

One | Two | Three | Four

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